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Battle Stakes, New Crypto Ecosystem, Rewards Users with High Return by Utilizing RNN Trading Bot System

DALLAS, TX / ACCESSWIRE / September 30, 2022 / Takeda Shingen will be introducing an entirely new concept in DeFi (Decentralized Finance) crypto yield farming this October called Battle Stakes. Battle Stakes is an open source, decentralized protocol founded in 2022 by a collective of financial and security experts. Privacy and security were key objectives for the project and it is spearheaded by Shingen (a pseudonym). Shingen is a data scientist and network security consultant with experience in the finance and crypto spaces. His vision will allow users to gain consistent returns on their cryptocurrency by utilizing a cutting-edge trading bot system backed by Recursive Neural Network machine learning mechanisms. The public pre-sale and project launch will be done as part of the Battle Stakes Eco-System.

The front-end interface was built to make the experience fun and engaging. The core logic of the smart contract is written in such a way that the long-term holder is rewarded, and the short-term holder is penalized. Different strategies can be applied based on the user's risk level and crypto lock-up period. A summary of the development and testing results can be found below. (Insert table of results here)

The project started out as an experiment back during the start of the pandemic. With the crypto market in its infancy, it was decided to apply different data science techniques and see the results. With most trading bots on the market using logarithmic decision tree logic, a new and experimental technique was attempted, Recursive Neural Network machine learning. After 12 months of results, the prediction line started falling almost in line with the actual, and so additional methods such as xgBoost were introduced to further improve results. The outcome was that the prediction model was able to achieve more accurate trades.

Star Marketing, Saturday, September 24, 2022, Press release picture
Based on experimental trading bot and does not guarantee any future results.

The front-end interface was developed to make the ecosystem fun and engaging. The back end relies on crypto being staked for several consecutive months at a time. The system leverages liquidity against changing market conditions, which make the prediction algorithm more accurate. Therefore, the reward system is based on users staking crypto against each other rather than against a centralized system. This gives each user control over when he or she wants to unstake and convert back to stable-coin.


A promotion system was also developed for those that want to stay active and earn by educating others about the Battle Stakes Eco-System. Every 48 hours a $1k reward pool is disbursed to the most active promoters.

Battle Stakes was originally conceived for the crypto enthusiast looking to bridge the gap between the current bear market and the next market upturn. The test results have produced expectations such that the team firmly believes this can significantly change the way that retail users navigate the crypto market. The Battle Stakes Ecosystem is built on the Binance Smart Chain and offers the opportunity to earn rewards reliant on the strategies they choose. On the user side, the innovation lies with how these rewards are disbursed among the users and offers them the prospect to make a profit independent of the current market.

About Battle Stakes

Battle Stakes was built in 2022 and is an open-source protocol. The team has been KYC'd and prior to launch the contract will be audited by Pek Shield. More information regarding the protocol can be found on the project's website, https://battlestakes.community/. The white paper can also be accessed here.

The system is built with the thought of customer service and community. Any questions regarding the mechanics or how to participate will be answered by helpful ambassadors via multiple channels. For all info, please go to any of the places listed below. A live person will always be available to explain.


Twitter: https://twitter.com/battle_stakes
Discord: https://discord.gg/battlestakes
Web: https://battlestakes.community

SOURCE: Battle Stakes

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