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    How undervalued is the entire uranium sector at the moment (an update)?

    The combined market cap of the ENTIRE uranium sector today (~31.92B USD, May 14, 2022) =

    - 4.3% of market cap of Tesla TSLA (750B USD). Knowing that Tesla has PE ratio of ~98! (BMW has PE ratio of 4.20, Mercedes PE ratio of 3.12, Ford PE ratio of 4.55…)
    - 16.6% of market cap of Disney $DIS (192B USD). Knowing that Disney has a PE ratio of ~62.5!
    - 7.4% of market cap of NVIDIA NVDA (430B USD). Knowing that NVIDIA has a PE ratio of ~44.8!
    - 5.9% of market cap of Meta Platforms (541B USD)
    - 2.8% of market cap of Amazon (1127B USD)
    - 2.1% of market cap of Alphabet (Google) (1509B USD)
    - 1.4% of market cap of Saudi Arabian Oil Co (Saudi Aramco) (2212 billion USD)
    - 24.2% of market cap of Petrochina (132B USD)
    - 43.1% of market cap of China Petroleum & Chemical Corp (74B USD)
    - 8.3% of market cap of Exxon Mobil Corp XOM (384B USD)
    - 9.4% of market cap of Chevron Corp $CVX (340B USD)
    - 14.7% of market cap of Shell (217B USD)
    - 31.6% of market cap of BP (101B USD)
    - 32.9% of market cap of Petrobras (97B USD)
    - 0.9% of combined market cap of 8 oil companies mentioned above (3557B USD)!
    But oil demand =price elastic. When oil price goes too high,oil consumption decreases (remember oil crisis) & we are already noticing the first signs of it.
    Uranium demand =price INelastic, because it only represence 5%-10% of total electricity production cost from nuclear reactor & because nuclear power = baseload power.
    - 0.19% of market cap of all sustainable investing assets in 2020 in USA (17100B USD)!

    —> easiest way to get exposure to the uranium sector: URNM etf, URA etf, HURA etf


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    $DIS conversation
    $DIS has total debt of $54.13 Billion, how is it trading over $4.25
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    The Walt Disney Company
    $DIS doctor strange just crossed $500 million in the worldwide box office
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    $NFLX conversation
    The five stages of grief:
    1.denial, 2.anger, 3.bargaining, 4.depression, 5.acceptance
    A lot of the people here seem to still be in stage one.
    The only hope for Netflix and Disney $DIS is new leadership. But they will choose self destruction over a neutral, pure business, agenda and cast aside the w0ke !ndoctr!nation.
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    The Walt Disney Company
    $DIS doctor strange just crossed $450 million in the worldwide box office with the $185 million from the US and without China.
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    The Walt Disney Company
    $DIS Marvel doctor strange just made $36 million opening Thursday night where is the boycott of disney.
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    flush Red
    $NFLX conversation
    $nflx $dis democrats run woke go broke bankruptcy domino of toxic debt
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    El Day Trader
    $DIS conversation
    with all the travel stocks up this week shouldn't $DIS be running higher? whats dragging it today?
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    K B B
    $NFLX conversation
    $PARA missing earnings shows the NFLX decline is not unique to itself. $WBD revs are not yet significant to make a dent. Apple and $DIS on May 11 will also show the same problem. NFLX is the king of streaming. Fair value to re-close the gap down back to 250's
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    $ZEST conversation
    Time for $WMT to pay $ZEST or go to $DIS
  • C
    $AMC conversation
    Mass exodus from $fb $nflx $rblx $dis etc... while the amount of watchers and sentiment grows bullish on AMC
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    The Walt Disney Company
    one last remark $DIS doctor strange just passed $229 million worldwide box office i's going to be a good ride.
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    $NFLX conversation
    $NFLX down 37% for a 1% miss in subscribers. Yeah, that makes sense. Even if you account for 2 million subscriber loss next quarter, that's 1% still. If Russia/Ukraine war is over, then the 700k+ subscribers in Russia can add again. There's both bull and bear case, but they are geopolitical and out of control of Netflix management. $DIS $SPY $QQQ
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    $DIS conversation
    If you think the drop in subscribers at $NFLX was shocking, just wait until you see what is happening at $DIS.
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    WiMi Hologram Cloud Inc.
    I will honestly hold on to it, regardless of whether it goes to the river or where. $DIS $WIMI
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    The Walt Disney Company
    Should we hold for another run or just sell the stock before it is too late? $DIS
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    $DIS conversation
    Read this post again and tell me if it aged well. I’m not Nostradamus but, I play him on Yahoo. BradBrad10 hours agoReplied to a reaction
    $DIS conversation
    Brad18 days agoReplied to a reaction
    $DIS conversation
    I have owned Disney since 2004. I sold at 153. After yet another woke lecture from the company. I decided this company does not align with my Conservative vales anymore and I refuse to own it anymore. That is the truth. I'm sure most don't care here but, I tell you a reckoning is coming for companies trying to stay on the wokesters nice list.

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    There’s politics & finance/economics. $DIS post-COVID pandemic will be a finance/economics winner. Now, Chapek must manage the politics🤔
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    $DIS conversation
    $DIS is a great buy here!
  • S
    My subscriptions for $NFLX $DIS $SPOT etc are all paid for by my $AXP plat and crypto cards. More subscribers will know about it eventually and all will win.