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ETFMG Prime Junior Silver Miners ETF (SILJ)

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    $BKRRF conversation
    Blackrock Silver has 5x-10x potential. Huge resource! Great Nevada jurisdiction. Eric Sprott and $AG early investors in $30 million capital raised. Maiden resource report due by early Q1 2022.
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    $AG conversation
    It’s time. The move has started. $GDX and $GDXJ and $SILJ with potential to double by October. $AG heading for around $30US. DXY below 86, Silver to $40++ , Gold to 2300++, probably 2500. Good gains ahead. Still time to position this month. However all moves have started.
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    $EGO conversation
    EGO is 2.92% of the $SILJ ETF. Not really a silver play, but happy to see the institutional investment.
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    $SLV conversation
    Both gold and silver miners are underperforming the metals today. Hope they will catchup.

    #gdx #gdxj #silj
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    Honestly, Main Street needs to head over and squeeze out the shorts in gold and silver. The manipulation to hold down gold and silver to project that everything in the economy is normal is mind boggling. Literally have some of the largest bankers admit they manipulate the market. #AG.#EXK #HL #SILJ BTG
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    $EGO conversation
    For those worried about miners not performing recently -
    Relax. Q3 reporting week is here. $EGO my long term holding. EGO numbers will speak for themselves Q2 average gold sale $1726 versus Q3 average gold sale $1950.
  • J
    First Majestic Silver Corp.
    Don't believe @Joe, just go to market#watch and pull up 10 year earnings history....$800 million in losses over past eight years. 8 mines in care & Maintenance. Only 3 mines left. Biggest mine (San Dimas) has unheard of Royalties of 25% on silver and ALL the gold goes to #WPM for $650/ounce. $209 million Mexican tax liability that is big monkey on their back. Vanguard funds dumping along with Canadian Pension fund, #SIL, #SILJ, just to name a few of many. Watch Keith Neumeyer predictions on silver over past 10 years....he started out as a stock promoter and now he's been promoting silver at up to $2000, while being wrong for 10 years. Do your due diligence. Read the annual report, read the footnotes especially....that's where they've been hiding this tax liability and also a former director who took them for something like $50 million....crazy but true. It's in the annual report.
  • N
    To all silver bulls (like me),

    Let's see how much physical silver is really available out there ;-)


    Spreaded over a couple weeks each silver bull orders 5 to 10oz of physical silver, or like I did buys 1kg of physical silver (2x 500gr = 2x 17,64oz)

    What is the cost of 5oz (165$) and 10oz (335$) with a premium compared to the gains you will make on your silver company positions if the silver shortage becomes clear in the market?

    Buy physical silver as a souvenir, meaning buying physical silver to never sell ever again!


    Endeavour silver Corp, First Majestic Silver,...

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    $TSLA conversation
    TSLA $300 puts are the new Tesla OTM calls. Very thin air up here!
    Look at the 6 month chart and tell me it doesn't remind you of BYND and TLRY 2019 peaks.
    By the way, silver/gold miners are your friend when the party's over and the Fed goes BRRRRRR.
  • F
    Check out EGO Eldorado Gold. 400K oz/year earning $1/share pulled back to $11 from $14 and due for a run $AG $PSLV $SILJ $SIL
  • J
    Gold Resource Corporation
    #SILJ approx 291,000 shares on 8/26/20 leaving them with only 1,202 shares. #SIL, on 9/29/20 sold 1,513,461 shares leaving them with balance of 6,673 shares....this is Exactly why I tell PM investors not to support PM ETF'S......they are not your friends.
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    The Legend of Harry Weiner
    $GFI conversation
    Guess I should have added more. Oh well, took my cost out now time to let it ride for the next year or so while the Fed turns the Dollar into New Year's Eve confetti. $Btg $Silj
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    The Legend of Harry Weiner
    $BTG conversation
    Anyone getting sick of all these 'buying opportunities'?...
    #Ring #Ounz #Btg #Fnv #Gold #Silj #Pslv
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    $HL conversation
    silver up strong in Tuesday Asian trading...back over $25 $AG and $SILJ will resume uptrend with Hecla.
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    Nice run, Norseman! NOCSF
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    $SILJ conversation
    Soon correction up like a spike???careful
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    PureFunds ISE Junior Silver ETF
    Time to start taking positions
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    USA=Depression is Here
    PureFunds ISE Junior Silver ETF
    looks like trouble here but then theirs trouble Everywhere
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    $SILJ conversation
    whats gong on now?
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    $SILJ conversation
    Did anyone else see $SILJ report from ? It had some interesting information. "hhse" Making money trading stocks.
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