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The Bank of New York Mellon Corporation (BK)

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    $BNS conversation
    This is the most undervalued bank in the entire sector. Increase of dividend to come by eom and analysts upgrading to sector perform with BUY rating. Price targets have all been increased ;).

  • A
    $WFC conversation
    Very good buying opportunity into this turnaround stock. The next 9months this is the bank stock with the most upside potential. Happy this tanked today so I could get in again.

    $c $wfc $jpm $bac $bk
  • J
    $BK conversation
    Forget about trading $BK | #BankOfNewYorkMellonCorp; the real money is in microcaps that run +50%, +100% or MORE! I caught a +500% winner last month from
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    $KRP conversation
    118$ dollar oil is terrible for KRP :) Loading up ....

  • C
    Morgan Stanley
    I own the financials.. $GS $C $JEF $COF $BK $BLK ...adding when I can to all of them. $MS is quickly becoming my favorite horse in the race. Additionally, I'll be holding $GBTC $ETHE $MARA $MSTR $RIOT ...probably....forever. gl2a.
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    $MOMO conversation
    Markets are forward looking. Recovery in china is being factored in. Short and distort tactics don't work very well in a bull market. Money follows opportunity.

    Long $baba $momo $qtt $iq $huya $qd $uxin $wfc $qs $bk $kof $nok
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    $BABA conversation
    FT scaremongering about a china bubble whereas relative to US companies are still greatly UNDERVALUED. A bubble if any can be found in the US.

    FT doing short sellers bidding driving the price down of chinese ADS.

    HOWEVER, time will rebalance value and those who have patience will be rewarded. GLTA.





    $BK $WFC $QS $NMTR
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    $COF conversation
    Holding a core $COF position through the uncertainty. Keeping dry powder to add when I see fit. Also holding and adding other financial related.. $SOFI $BRKB $TFC $BK $IBKR $CG $NYCB $JEF $APO $BX $PYPL $TPG $NDAQ $SQ staying long.
  • A
    $BAC bought 1mm @ $10. $BK bought 500k at $10. Why? Internal DD said $10 low. Naked shorted $11.50-$5.85 pre ER. $bac and $bk #$%$ Should have been over $10 pre ER w $8.90 last ER and Posco.
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    nallagula s
    $BK conversation
    $BK why this fall ?
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    $BK conversation
    32.9% of share repurchases goes to employee benefit plans. So when management talks about all the share they bought back, keep in mind that 1/3 of the buy backs are executive pay and not reducing the share count.
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    $BK conversation
    BK is finally getting some love from the major analysts and investment gurus. At one point in time they estimated each 50 basis point increase in rates would generate a addition $400MM to $500MM in revenue.
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    $BK conversation
    No Trump rally for this stock.
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    The Bank of New York Mellon Corporation
    Why Warren Buffet invests in the Bank of New York Mellon?