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Yelp Inc. (YELP)

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  • w
    $YELP went IPO in March 2013 with a high of $31. Now it is back to the same price, 5 years later... People who have held it since then made $0 gain with no dividend. A Bank Savings account would have performed better. This stock has no growth long term, most of the retail and restaurants merchant hate it. $Yelp pressure them to buy ads, and if they don't, a bunch of negative reviews mysteriously appear, from people who had never visited the store. And this is based on talking to several merchants in the area. Very shady business.
  • w
    $GRPN conversation
    People who bought $GRPN yesterday after hours thinking they got a 16% bargain is now surely disappointed at 40% crash. This is why you want to stay away from a losing stock, one that lost value in the last 10 years, while market index more than doubled. And $YELP is next.
  • C
    CWEB Media
    $GRPN conversation
    $GRPN Lets look at the price os $YELP and $ETSY . Groupon is way cheaper compare to them. Lot's of cash and great value.
    I saw ETSY going in one year from a $4 stock to $70 few days ago. Groupon needs just to engage a little more with PR on the great features and savings they offer to customers. BUY BUY BUY!
    Will not be surprise to see $10 very soon. To much value at a such a low price.
  • r
    $TSLA conversation
    Consumer discretionary means just that.
    Cars, vacations, homes, cruises, restaurants, oil, etc all are on an as needed.
    Tesla is not excluded.
  • W
    $W conversation
    I went short in $W at $132 and $CMG at $900, and these are the two I will hold for months until the overall market comes down to DOW 20k. $LYFT, $SEAS, $RCL, $KSS, $Z, $DRI, $OXY, $WEN, $GRUB, $YELP all seem like good targets for shorting too, although I will wait for slightly higher prices before starting a position. After earnings $TSLA, $AMZN, $SHOP and $SQ will be good shorts after any ER spikes.
  • m
    $YELP conversation
    The chart looks really good. Yelp @ $50.00 by October!
  • s
    $YELP conversation
    Target Raised by Citigroup Neutral USD 21 » USD 26
  • J
    $YELP conversation
    Let me be the 1st to review this stock.
    It STINKS!!!
  • G
    Yelp Inc.
    As a business owner: I do not like Yelp. Their business model is a scam to all small businesses. If you pay them, they will hide all your bad reviews. If you dont pay, they hide all the good reviews....and then call you asking you to pay. I have them on my do not call list.
  • m
    $YELP conversation
    I dont get the market valuation. Currently at $3.1B. For a company that has ~$750M in revenue? Valuation is 4X revenue!?!? This is not amazon, google or apple. Its a glorified bulletin board It grew ~30% last year but would need to that every year for the next 4 years to get to a 1 to 1 ratio with revenue. PE? Who knows. There is a place for Yelp but it is highly overvalued at this point. $20 would be a more fairly valued but still generous price.
  • j
    $YELP conversation
    Looks like someone knew about $YELP 's earnings as they bought 2500 Aug19 33 calls partially financed by selling 2500 Aug19 31 puts today, all expire in 10 days. I bought the Aug12 call vertical in sympathy that will expire this Friday and at this time both strikes are ITM. The SEC should look into this but probably won't...looks like some insider trading here.
  • A
    Anyone know what YELP could be sued for?
  • T
    Yelp Inc.
    moving on up
  • M
    Someone took a very Bullish Position in Yelp buying the Nov18 2016 Call $40 Strike
    New Contract 5,000 of them or $625,000 little bet. Yelp report Nov2nd get long before you miss an opportunity. Sell-off in Yelp is way over done at this point.
  • f
    $YELP conversation
    Going 40s next week!
  • J
    $ATVI conversation
    RIP $ATVI, RIP $SQ, RIP $ROKU, RIP $YELP. These businesses are dead.
  • F
    $YELP conversation
    Wow, very impressive earning. 30% growth year over year with reaffirmed earnings for the rest of the year. I am impressed. Don't think it is going to recover back over $92 like used to though. However, a good call by Ackman to get into it between $24 to $25. Maybe you see over $40 by the end of the year?
  • d
    Yelp is a complete scam. You have to pay them to keep good reviews up. They keep the bad ones up for free. Everyone get out now.
  • f
    $YELP conversation
    What the earnings tell us literally doesn't matter anymore, right now is the time to BUY for sure!!!
  • g
    $YELP conversation
    short this company they will be out of business in 3 to 5 years, awful nobody likes them.
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