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iPath Series B S&P 500 VIX Short-Term Futures ETN (VXX)

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    $UVXY conversation
    marc is new sp ammer here and $VXX. "setting up shop" "Theta" etc all to deceive and manipulate! We are in the most voiltile time in recent history. This is volitivity based, not a stock. One missle in the wrong direct will make UVXY and VXX fly. It is not an accident of them creating this problem in Aft ganny stan! And not a coincidence that people appear on these forums to guide you! Focus on current events about to unfold.
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    $VXX conversation
    $VXX Ipath Series B Standard and Poors 500 Vix Short-term Futures Etn (VXX) has 6 splits in our VXX split history
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    $WOOF conversation
    Bought the dip at $20,63 yesterday after releasing myself from a $VXX bear trap. Holding until it starts to consolidate around $25-$27 IMHO.
  • b

    Michael Garcia, member of the GOP, bought 15k of $GME on 06/21/2021.

    He is the second elected official to buy $GME this year, alongside Senator Toomey in Jan before the market blockage.

    Garcia also bought 15k $VXX, VIX SHORT-TERM FUTURES. Expecting a crash?
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    iPath Series B S&P 500 VIX Short-Term Futures ETN
    $VXX 3.19.2021 20$ CALLS
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    ProShares Ultra VIX Short-Term Futures ETF
    #UVXY #TVIX #VXX hit rock bottom. can only go up from here. soon the market will correct itself.
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    ProShares Ultra VIX Short-Term Futures
    everyday that the vix futures curve stays elevated in the 20s is another day that this and the $vxx rolls 1/30th of its position into future contracts in the $20s+. Am I incorrect in assuming that everyday this rolls into expensive contracts results in a larger portion of the portfolio having higher vix future hurdles to profit from? wouldn't this work in shorts favor assuming the bull market isn't dead since more of the portfolio would decay once vix futures flattens? feels like the risk/reward is skewed to the downside? markets are pretty elevated tho.. all thoughts welcomed. thx!
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    May 7: $VIX futures contango settled at 3.82% Head wind for $VXX and $UVXY holders
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    $VXX conversation
    GERRY4 hours ago
    $VXX conversation
    When the Fed passes the next stimulus package this will tank faster than a beam of light. Be careful buying here.
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    $SPY conversation
    The one major issue that does not seem to be mentioned or discussed here is that police departments and correctional facilities nationwide are just starting to see COVID-19 outbreaks. People here are talking politics and economics, yet ignoring criminal justice aspects. What happens when these police officers and correctional officers are unable to work? Who is going to enforce the law and maintain order in facilities? Especially during a time where every law enforcement agency is hiring due to low staffing numbers. All police and correctional academies that were ongoing have been cancelled. There are no reinforcements coming now or in the near future. On the flip side, criminals don’t care about “social distancing” or “quarantine.” This whole thing is nothing but an opportunity to commit more crime. So go ahead and think the stimulus package is going to cure the virus. To all the bulls, mark my words, the stock market crash is inevitable and will actually be the least of your worries.

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    Wizard Trader
    $VXRT conversation
    6 NYC neighborhoods see uptick in COVID cases, city to ramp up testing
    ........uh oh

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    $VXX conversation
    GERRY7 hours ago
    $VXX conversation
    Unless I bought this low $15. / $30. I would never go long VXX.
    It's a daily trade to make some money to me ... nothing more.
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    $SPY conversation
    Huge spikes with cases in Turkey, Belgium, Netherlands, Canada, Russia. France had 1341 deaths reported, their worst day.
    One country levels off, another country replaces.
    I am not in the "this never happened camp"
  • O
    If anything $vxx drops to 50dma @ 37 ish and bounces hard.
    Volatility is not going away rn it’s being suppressed.
    I’m thinking $spy is going for a head-fake peek above 50dma before falling back under and hugging it downwards.
    Next weeks consumer confidence #s on tuesday could be the cherry on top, coupled with $aapl earnings on Thursday.
    Big week ahead.
    Imo, I agree with the double-top theory for the fate of the markets, but I don’t see spy getting to a new high anytime soon. The true double top peak would be @ 300 - 310 TOPS sometime around mid-summer / July. (Short-term top in spy rn imo is 290 max).
    Could see some really wacky things with the June / July /CL contracts as well.
    340 earlier this year was the blow-off-top.

    Currently holding short small short-term $spxs position @ low 11s & cash. No need to rush into markets rn especially this late into the bounce-rally. Remember the gaps that need-ah-fillin’.
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    $UNG conversation
    Ung rolls out and back in mid month. They do it over 4 days, in Dec it was the 15th-18th.

    The example is yesterday Nat gas futures were up 2.65% while UNG rose 1.30%, will they match? No. But sure would be nice if it was closer or even a premium........wont happen with UNG or most "paper" ETF's

    UNG does have a chance till Feb maybe?? Thoughts?

    $sqqq $uso $vxx $sds $qid etc etc
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    $VXX conversation
    $vxx is now doing wonders, do you think it will go down again?
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    Jim McCraigh
    $VXX conversation
    The lower VXX goes, the more I buy. The stock market is based in cheap margin money, buybacks and statistical lies. It will crash.
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    $VXX conversation
    $VXX Heading to 19 again, hold tight
  • M
    The selling begins. Margin Calls will cascade the safe heaven bubble #GLD #TLT #ITB #VXX
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    $VXX conversation
    VXX getting slammed again and the S&P is unchanged. Makes no sense!