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Raytheon Technologies Corporation (RTX)

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  • A
    With Govt shutdown, $BA, $LMT and $RTX will significantly be affected due to defense contracts!
  • M
    $RTX has loads of cash and it's going up even with that bad news coverage in the media etc. I'm not letting the institutions take my shares.
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    Bruce Ballslapp
    $NGAC conversation
    Notable High Call %

    $MLCO 98.3% call
    $HL 96.7% call
    $HIG 96.2% call
    $NGAC 96.0% call
    $BGCP 95.4% call
    $SIL 95.3% call
    $SSRM 95.3% call
    $UA 94.6% call
    $PSAC 94.5% call
    $GSAH 93.7% call
    $FNKO 93.5% call
    $ON 93.3% call
    $YUM 92.3% call
    $RTX 91.8% call
    $KWEB 91.6% call
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    First time in awhile $LMT seems to be outperforming $NOC and $RTX.
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    $LMT conversation
    REUTERS — Taiwan reports new incursion by Chinese jets into defence zone.

    In the latest incident, Taiwan’s Defence Ministry said four Chinese J-16 and four J-10 fighters were involved, as well as an early warning plane and anti-submarine aircraft, the latter of which flew to the south of Taiwan through the Bashi Channel that connects the Pacific to the South China Sea.

    $LMT $BA $RTX $GE
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    $PLUG conversation
    Tonight’s lineup:
    $SIG 💎
    $PLUG 🔌
    $RTX 📡

    See you at 6p EST with
    @jimcramer on @cnbc
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    Raytheon Don
    Days like this I’m glad I own $RTX
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    $RTX outperforming $LMT and $NOC yet again..
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    Joe Smoe
    $RTX conversation
    $RTX is a strong sell, company got ways too many employees and not much to do
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    $RTX conversation
    Raytheon $RTX getting hit with 2 emergency landings on the same day this weekend. Both planes use the same engines from Pratt & Whitney, the PW4000 series engines. Everyones knows about the one in Denver, But did you know about the Boeing 747 in Maastricht? Here is an article

    I bought RTX 210226 P 69
    Longtail Aviation cargo plane scatters small metal parts over Meerssen, injuring woman
    Longtail Aviation cargo plane scatters small metal parts over Meerssen, injuring woman
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    $RTX conversation
    Seems to be a lot more intelligent people here than on StockTwits lol. 2 weeks now of reviewing 6/30 13Fs and $RTX is one of the few common denominators of HFs increasing/opening positions significantly. Great LT upside with this one. Slowly but surely back to $120 after 11/4 and Orange wins (not political stmt; just sad reality)
  • M
    I halved my position on $RTX today, like a fool! But luckily still holding 200 shares. Waiting for it to go $80+ in a couple of weeks. My very first stock ever purchased, should've had more faith in it 🤡
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    $GD conversation
    $GD $RTX $INTC