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Philip Morris International Inc. (PM)

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    Philip Morris International Inc.
    Tobacco Insider: $pm fair value revised up to $114. 24% upside potential
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    $HCMC conversation
    Holding 30 million shares for the BIG news that is coming. Keep keeping on Healthier Choices.... Keep making that money and hope you win the $PM case for infringement. I'm holding LONG here. I know the court cases take time
  • k
    $XXII conversation
    $mo $pm buy $xxii as your hedge while eating u r dividends. That's called having cake and eating it too.
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    Healthier Choices Management Corp.
    Depth grow rate -hcmc 110.37 -bks 9.88 -ngvc 8.93 - bgfv 9.92 wina -18.72.

    Revenue per share HCMC 15.78 -bks.19 -bned .33 bqii .1

    Share Value.....

    Now this is most important. The smaller companies issue very small amoint of shares, making them easily worth more, on this comparison chart.

    However, $HCMC dominates its industry. Once we catch up with shares and they are fully saturated.

    That is whem the other dominant categories show up to the party. I mean, hxmc is already doing more in the industry, dominating.

    Appeal and interest camnot be lost as long as high profile cases are litigating.

    Every huge company bring itself out of debt before it shows profit.

    Genius to put.your shareholdera in this poaition. It could take a year, trial after trial nd being in the spotlight,

    All while spreading growth of the branded name vape stores/grocery/vitamins/oils/hemp/cannibis/40+ patents.

    Right out of the gate $PM seen this little company coming and purposely infringed.

    The future is BRIGHT GREEN with $HCMC.

    This is a BULLS world!
    But it wouldnt be nothing, without you bears.

    $HCMC #1 OTC. Be vigilant!!! Be Loyal!!! Believe on what you hear from the company. Most of all, have fun while your doing it.

    God BLESS
  • D
    Aurora Cannabis Inc.
    word on the street, Philip Morris $PM to be Aurora major holder.
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    $HCMC conversation
    it's not about how many shares are around, its about volume. Instead of buying 1k shares people are buying couple millions at once so sky is the limit for as long as we have good volume. Look how many shares are traded every day. Valuation however is a different matter. We are not here for fundamentals, everyone is waiting for the hype similar to
    and they moved from 0.07 to over $2 within one month. You can't stop popular stock. It's gonna ride on the hype if you like it or not especially on good results from court or deal with
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    $HCMC conversation
    This is my first post but I have been reading along for sometime. Earlier someone posted about $TWANF this is a good example of what #HCMC will do. They have billions of outstanding shares and to my knowledge no reverse split was done. It opened yesterday @ 0.16 and closed @ 5.05 the ask price is 7.36. If you go back on the message board a week ago they have the same losers that's on here saying the stock is a scam. Cigarettes are in there last day's. The IQOS was going to be the future for $PM. Patience will make you a millionaire #HCMCARMY.
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    $HCMC conversation
    Can’t believe $PM is tweeting about the lawsuit! What a low class company!
  • Q
    $HCMC conversation
    Julian Saunders
    $HCMC Legal Update. The JOINT MOTION FOR EXTENSION that was filed yesterday, has just been approved by the judge. The deadline for $HCMC
    to respond is March 22nd and $PM will have until April 16th to file their reply. #HCMCArmy
  • M
    $HCMC Legal Update. The JOINT MOTION FOR EXTENSION that was filed yesterday, has just been approved by the judge. The deadline for $HCMC @healthiercmc to respond is March 22nd and $PM will have until April 16th to file their reply. #HCMCArmy
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    Healthier Choices Management Corp.
    Bulls have control. So many shares our manipulation isnt posssible. Institution controls 22%. Not a possibility that this can fall. At 400 BILLion cume its.bottom is locked as steel.

    No worries. SEC is currently looking into it. I am actively speaking with attoerneys. $PM had so many suits incoming its jnsane.

    On the other hand. the first of many suits HCMC will file.

    Tons of infringers.

    HCMC FULL control od vape/ecig market. and our CEO control.

    "Its a long way to the top if you wanna Rock N Roll!"
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    $HCMC conversation
    is obviously communicating with
    . I smell settlement.
  • M
    If someone's worried about the $PM 's "Motion to Dismiss", relax. It's perfectly normal for a company to file Motion to Dismiss .The Lawsuit Update was basically a "Neutral News" for us $HCMC share holders. $PM filed a "Motion to Dismiss". It may be rejected by the judge and so the two sides MAY look to reach a settlement.

    Definitions 🔽

    Motion to Dismiss: A Motion to Dismiss asks the judge to dismiss the plaintiff 's case

    Plaintiff: A plaintiff is the party who initiates a lawsuit before a court.

    Defendant: The defendant chooses to blame the plaintiff or third parties in the same legal action or application.

    Counterclaim: A plaintiff initiates a lawsuit and a defendant responds to the lawsuit with claims of his or her own against the plaintiff, the defendant’s claims are “counterclaims.”

    If PM had proof that it was not infringed, they would have filed a “Counter Claim”.

    Dont Panic Sell

    If this gets dragged out to court, be prepaered to hold the shares for at least a year or so if you want high reward 💰

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    Healthier Choices Management Corp.
    $HCMC #1 and by far the LARGEST BULL in the ENTIRE stock market

    Each day new studies find more reasons and.positive effects of THC/Cannibas. (At the same time there is not one sine positive effect from tobacco.)

    PM purposely infringed. They had to ha e known. Sitting back looking in the future and the hatred of HCMC had probably escalated to the point jealousy left only one option.

    The future is HCMC and cannibas, and oils smokes.from a vape that removed 99.9% of ALL toxins,.
    Who in their right mind would knowingly kill themsves, with PM and other big tobacco thats what your doing.

    $HCMC doesnt promote cannibia or tobacco,

    however, for the daily user they.give you a route to remove all the additives, making it just another way $HCMC is.challenging themselves to make.the WORLD a healthier place.

    With $PM life expectancy lowers.
    With $HCMC the.golden ages are at your disposal.

    So when the choice was presented to PM to infringe on this ome of a ki.d proprietery tool that removes 99.(% of toxins.

    They really only had one choice.

    (STOMP) on the little guy and steal what was NOT theirs to take.

    The HCMC, (no claims of CLAIRVOYANCY.)

    Reference: Common sense.

  • J
    Upvote if you support $HCMC

    Downvote if you support $PM
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    $HCMC conversation
    the $HCMC vs $PM is part of the equation. ppl need to do dd and get info. the PM patent US524,586 claims (cylindrical) "plurality of electrical heating means disposed in a cavity". $HCMC patent US10561,170 claims "heating element fixed inside" tobacco. the PM #iqos uses heatsticks with heating element going inside.
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    Healthier Choices Management Corp.
    Back in the 20s today. Lets roll nd the volume evaporates fast! News on $PM losing a.court case and.this vomume.geta eaten by hungry sharks fast. Get it while u can.
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    $HCMC conversation
    Who believes $HCMC will win the case against $PM? Let us now
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    Healthier Choices Management Corp.
    I can say 100% that $HCMC has new proprietery material rhat will be released over the next year. Should they announce what it is so others can steal?

    Never have. Never will.

    $PM finding out the hard way.

    I believe in the future as HCMC grows, more lawsuits to come,. Gotta take out the biggest one first. Even if yu dont win the rest know to back off.

    Footprint in the dorehead of $PM. Whos next?

    Stealing ia illegal.

    And vitamins and non toxicity are good .
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    Healthier Choices Management Corp.
    Well rumors are that $PM has the cash in hand and removed IQOS from product list.

    Anyone confirm?