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Packaging Corporation of America (PKG)

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    $PKG conversation
    My Investment Checklist
    My Investment Checklist
  • k
    $PKG.CN conversation
    $PKG.C chart looks prime, the volume is insane, It's ready for taking off.
  • A
    $DOC.V conversation
    For anyone else that’s interested, I bought into $PKG around the same time as $DOC. It had a nice 73% run yesterday and just turned profitable in October. Obviously, do your own DD. Chances are they will be announcing a profitable November next week too.
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    Greenwich LifeSciences, Inc.
    Be early get into $PKG.CN do your DD they're going to be huge, even have a deal with amazon
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    Jame$ oN Numba$
    Don’t look now, but the seller sentiment on $PKG is about to get spooked out of their pants.
  • M
    I'm kicking myself...: some of my best stocks have been just common sense picks that I've made myself. With amazons ridiculous success, I asked myself "how can't a cardboard, or box maker be killing it"? I didn't pull the trigger at $65 a year ago, and today it cracked $100! I'm just sick to my stomach
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    $PKG conversation
    When will they start with a dividend? That would be big.
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    $PKG conversation
    PKg is taking a rest. It will come back with a vengeance soon. Then all heck breaks out.