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PepsiCo, Inc. (PEP)

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  • U
    $AAPL conversation
    US Government directs the US Market Makers to Buy US Stocks via their infinite margin trading desks to PUMP the Stock prices ARTIFICIALLY!
    For the long term investors, now is the WORST time to invest in US Stocks because the Market is INSANELY OVERVALUED and OVERBOUGHT! US Stocks have a Huge room to fall, but there is upside potential anymore.
    Buyers must be careful! They might lose everything and see no recovery during the lifespan.
    US Stocks must be DOWN by 90% from their current ABSURD levels.
    Look at the US Stock Valuation Multiples!!! Check out P/S, P/B, P/E, P/CF, D/E and other Ratios.
    US Stock Market is a COMPLETE SCAM! You see how easily they are PUMPING the Stock prices on FAKE Speculations, but they don't let the stock prices to go down on TERRIBLE DATA and FACTS!
    Even BANKRUPT Boeing, Cruise and Airline stocks are getting PUMPED like crazy!
    It is all about PUMPING the US Stock prices and quick and Free Capital Gains!
    The coronavirus pandemic has exposed a gaping disconnect between unprecedented economic pain on Main Street and extreme optimism on Wall Street.
    The coronavirus pandemic has exposed a gaping disconnect between unprecedented economic pain on Main Street and extreme optimism on Wall Street.
  • S
    Spartanburg Mike
    $UTZ conversation
    this could be a takeover candidate for #KO. to go against #PEP
  • A
    $MU conversation
    Intel to buy Micron – Trump Blocks IC Equipment Sales to China – Broadcom Fighting for QCOM by Robert Maire

    It has been reported that Intel is in talks with Micron over a proposed merger that would value Micron at $70 per share in a deal of a combination of stock and cash for Micron shareholders. It is said that the boards of both companies have already approved the deal.

  • J
    Jim Jones
    $CCH conversation
    Why is nobody buying this, did you know that only Pepsi $PEP, Kellogg $K and Cape Cod Potato Chips $CPB sell more potato chips in the U.S.? This is going to be a great dividend stock
  • T
    $PEP conversation
    #PEP has been showing support at 117.12 and resistance at 122. RSI and Stochastic oscillator are triggering bullish signal, according to stoxline.
  • R
    PepsiCo, Inc.
    Would love to see $PEP make a move on the CBD market to broaden their portfolio further. Perhaps $CVSI is on their radar?
  • F
    $KGKG conversation
    An important consideration for longs. Those out of the gate with CBD the most quickly have the best chance of making it. $KO, $PEP, $MNST ALL will jump into the game quickly once all the national legal hurdles/questions have been answered. Most small CBD infused companies will die unless they can set themselves apart or have a good "head-start". $KGKG is a leader with CBD & building up their distribution before the big boys jump into the fray. How is $KGKG going to set itself apart from the big boys?
  • M
    $NBEV conversation
    If it was $PEP or $BUD or $DEO,, $DPS,, $TAP ....We would of doubled pre market, They might be #1 but they are no way going to take over this industry without the 'Big Boys and their lobbyist to help with red tape
  • F
    $KGKG conversation
    Paradoxically, the longer it takes the FDA to provide clarification on CBD rules & regs, the better it is for $KGKG, a smaller co. to grow and land contracts - as they are not waiting (like most seem to be) to get their product into to those states that have already opened the door. CA, CO, MI are very large markets. Some companies like $NBEV are dragging their heels waiting for national distribution & missing out on getting a head start. But almost everyone will jump in at the same time once CBD rules are clarified, $KO, $PEP, $MNST, beer companies, everyone. Am I wrong for thinking this way?
  • W
    $REED conversation
    There are many serious mutual funds and institutions in the $REED
    Amy positive news may move it substantially. $KO or $PEP should swallow it, $5 would be reasonable price acquisition.
  • G
    Monster Beverage Corporation
    $MNST or $PEP at today's valuations? To me it seems like Monster is a better buy given it's growth prospects.
  • F
    $KGKG conversation
    Why are the big boys waiting before jumping into the hemp-infused biz? $KO, $PEP, $MNST? Answer: They are waiting for all the legal ambiguity to be removed by the FDA. But will they jump in? How can they not jump into the fray? I'm sure they already have the blends & designs for their new lines already completed. So, when they do many small hemp-infused drink companies will die. Will $KGKG make it? WHY? What advantage do they have? I can think of a few, but it's worth considering now & not being shocked when announcements come that $KO is introducing a whole new line of products.
  • s
    $PEP conversation
    Time for the board to get rid of hyper political Indra, who is inviting boycotts of Pepsi products. Clearly she is too busy fretting about Donald Trump to run the company.
  • L
    Lord Kek
    $PEP conversation
    I won't buy another Pepsi product until she's gone.
  • R
    Reality Check
    $PEP conversation
    Real smart CEO - badmouthing a candidate supported by HALF OF THE ENTIRE COUNTRY!!!

  • D
    $PEP conversation
    Sold Pepsi after owning for years. don't need a CEO running her mouth on Recent Election of President!
  • J
    $PEP conversation
    Boycott all Pepsi products. We don't need a CEO starting a war with and bad mouthing the president elect. I looked at the list of products and all I buy are Quaker Oats, and so my family is now switching to Bob's Red Mill forever until I hear a heartfelt apology.
  • T
    $PEP conversation
    I wanted to personally thank that waste of a CEO for espousing political views that have taken 10% out of the stock. Her job is to sell pop and chips and keep her mouth shut. The board has a duty to penalize any bonuses that be may considered!
  • B
    $PEP conversation
  • W
    $PEP conversation
    The board has to get rid of her now....
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