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Invesco Dynamic Biotechnology & Genome ETF (PBE)

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    $GILD conversation
    The fools who are not scientifically educated and don't know apples from statistics deserve to lose money. I have just doubled down my position for several reasons:

    1. If GILD didn't think Remdisivir had any chance of working, they would not be producing and providing it free for multiple trials in multiple countries with 1000s of patients.
    2. 250 patient open trial with no proper control diodes tell squat about drugs efficacy..and its in China? How many times does the FDA approve drugs based on trials conducted in China or Russia (exclusively)? NONE!!!
    3. GILD has many shots on this COVID-19 goal. Remdisivir has a very good chance (way more than 50/50 I think). Regardless of the outcome in next few weeks, GILD is developing neutralizing antibodies for treatment. For the scientifically challenged people frequenting these borads, its a treatment that will effectively "neutralize" live viruses so that it cannot replicate and even remove from patients blood.
    4. Being a extremely successful anti-viral company (anti-HepC, HepB, HIV among others), I am 100% certain they have huge # of potential candidates that can be effective against the COVID-19 virus. This will take a little more time. but you can bet anything the experiments are being conducted right now to find a few winners to take them to the next level. Any promising ones will be fast-tracked like never before and will be approved within a year!!
    5. The current pipeline and approved drugs their revenues and the cash pile is reason enough to buy this stock, there is not much downside.

    Of course do your own DD but GILD has way better risk/reward ratio than any other biotechs out there.

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    $PBE conversation
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