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Oshkosh Corporation (OSK)

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  • j
    $THCB conversation
    Sharing this tweet with link I found.
    "$THCB Microvast delivered 2 tons of batteries to $OSK on March 5th"
  • s
    $OSK.TO conversation
    Target CIBC World Markets Outperform CAD 19.5
  • r
    $WKHS Workhorse Shares Spike To Session High Amid Report House Democrats Have Vowed To Stop US Postal Service Contract With $OSK Oshkosh - Bloomberg
  • W
    House Democrats Have Vowed To Stop US Postal Service Contract With $OSK Oshkosh - Bloomberg
  • S
    $F conversation
    i read the news, but no where does it says $F Ford in the article. I wonder if the $OSK getting the USPS contract will spike $F shares.
  • p
    $WKHS conversation
    $OSK lost all the gain it earned today in the AH, and we are up almost 16%. This cannot be just because Cathie Wood added shares.
  • K
    Oshkosh Corporation
    $OSK a very capable company. The build Fire engines. garage trucks and military vehicles for a long time now. About a week ago someone posted in here OSK was a dump, this is farther from the truth. The facilities ate massive and clean. If anyone is capable of building this entire fleet for USPS. it would definately be $OSK!
  • W
    WKHS.Q ☠️
    $WKHS conversation
    Who bought $54mm in $OSK, hours before the announcement?
  • s
    $OSK conversation
    Target Raised by Raymond James Financial Outperform USD 100 » USD 125
  • F
    Workhorse Group Inc.
    According to news, $OSK will deliver ICE vehicles. It does not bode well with the green zero carbon pushed by the new administration, which could mothball the ongoing project/contract.
  • W
    WKHS.Q ☠️
    $WKHS conversation
    News that DeJoy took $54mm bribe from $OSK will drop soon!
  • A
    Finally. I’ve been holding since $11. Hoping $OSK and microvast are going to get the USPS contract.
  • D
    Who here is expecting $OSK to run like crazy?
  • M
    $WKHS conversation
    Anyone who thinks that $OSK is going to beat out $WKHS for the USPS contract worried that OSK hasn't updated their entry in the governments Award Management system and it's going to expire in TWO DAYS?!,%20LLC%22&sort=-relevance&index=&is_active=true&page=1&status=active
  • S
    $WKHS conversation
    Now that $F Ford is in the electric game and partnered with $OSK , I wonder how this will impact $WKHS - can the #USPS contract now be tilting in favor of $F Ford ?
  • M
    Mr. St. Peter
    Tesla, Inc.
    $TSLA going to eat $OSK and $WKHS lunch? just sayin....
  • V
    $WKHS conversation
    $OSK got the contract, bye bye $WKHS...

    Come to $NIO on that dip, you will be pleased in a few months.
  • M
    $WKHS conversation
    The USPS contract is to replace both the LLV's (Long Life Vehicle) and the FFV's (Flex Fuel Vehicle) that the USPS uses. The LLV's handle the shorter urban/suburban routes while the FFV's typically handle the longer rural routes.

    The two foreign proposals were for gas/electric hybrids, they were looking to replace both the LLV and the FFV with one NGDV. If the USPS went that route, besides NOT "putting America first", they would not get the best replacement for either, both the LLV and FFV replacement would be a compromise.

    That is why from the beginning I've figured the contract would be split between $WKHS and $Osk. The $WKHS NGDV would be perfect for the urban/suburban routes and the Osk and it's diesel engine would be better for the rural routes.

    BUT.... the more I think about it the USPS long rural routes would be a perfect scenario for drone deliveries. And we all know that for the next 20 years $WKHS has a patent on drone delivery from a vehicle. So, maybe the USPS will order even more NGDV's from WKHS, OR maybe WKHS will license their drone delivery technology to Osk?
  • P
    Anybody here shorting $OSK in anticipation of $WKHS getting the lions share of the contract?
  • M
    Muhammad Fitthor
    $RMO conversation
    $PLUG got a contract for 1,5b and look at their growth this week, $RMO negotiating a contract for 2b + future contracts like usps contract ($WKHS and $OSK uses romeo batteries). If you looking for a high risk high reward stock you found it. If you also looking on gambling your children college savings on the usps contract you should probably own this stock too :)