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Ocean Power Technologies, Inc. (OPTT)

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  • M
    $OPTT conversation
    $OPTT regain compliance with Nasdaq today. Cheers!!!!
  • J
    $SAML conversation
    $SAML is preparing to make its first run of many back to its prior glory of .04 cents! Get in while you can and add to your position on dips. Let’s all make some money with $SAML😁

  • C
    Monday Watchlist. A lot of good plays but here is a short list of 5. Some long and some short.

    $CHFS - presentation by CEO Monday at 3pm, Earnings next Tuesday. ALOT of eyes on this one so may have a big pre market.
    $SIGO - marijuana stock that was hot on Friday, looking for a continuation. Could see it run up to $4-5 range quick.
    $SPI - all the blockchain news makes this interesting, they put out news 2-3 times per week and security concerns makes this very interesting.
    $OPTT - right at the 200MA, a lot of potential.
    $SRMX - I am still not taking this off, absolute steal at .0058 at close Friday. CEO blowing twitter up now and a lot of great innovative products. Long investment but could be a game changer or buyout opportunity for a large corporation.
  • d
    $OPTT conversation
    lol... when accounting for NET litigation charges this thing is trading at around 6X sales, 14X book, and has declining revs with no profits... this message board is flooding with traders trying to surf the waves. Toxicity at it's finest... it will fall to wherever the secondary is announced by end of week.
  • F
    $OPTT conversation
    What in the world is driving this pop? Their financials are abysmal. Are people investing in this new power buoy?
  • j
    $OPTT conversation
    Big news is out. OPTT sold 10 buoy to the government.
  • L
    Should I buy this? I need some good advice I have been loosing by butt lately
  • K
    $OPTT conversation
    OPTT going to $20 next week. Look at the momentum. Shares will be locked on monday and up we go!!
  • a
    $OPTT conversation
    dave is a pathetic spammer and paid basher. He is a stray dog wandering on many stock message boards, yapping at the longs of any stock randomly. He is welcome to come back here again now that he wants to be a target of my online entertainment. The pathetic stray dog sounds like aknb9 a.k.a. artware101 a.k.a. iAndy a.k.a. ding_king2000, getting paid per his bashing/spamming post. He yapped at me yestewrday while replying my posts that reads

    {"I accurately predicted Dr. Denner's role in Ariad's turnaround on Oct. 29, 2013. Why have my predictions been proven so accurate? Because I am old, illiterate in biotech and not smart. I predicted: "Alex Denner will help make an Ariad turnaround story. He will get onto Ariad's board of directors and guide Ariad's turnaround, I think."}
    dave replied to me dave12 hours ago:
    "wow.....hey old and stupid poster....why dont you give it a rest. do you know what overkill is??? cause that is what you are doing.....if these are such bags of gold and you got such great buys on all thise other stocks why do you dog others so much? you dont sound like a happy person for all that stock wealth you have......oh is because you bought 10 shares of each!!!!! ha!!!1lmao. it is also peculiar that you dont share the # of shares bought all those times. for someone who like to brag like a grade schooler you think you would have done only proves you dont have sheet. so why dont you shut up already......evryone knows all about your stupid bags of gold. you will probably be dead when this company finall reaps any rewards from any of their products as these things take a long time.....something you dont have lmao!!!!"
  • W
    Worked at OPT
    $OPTT conversation
    OPT just raised enough money to pay its executives for the next six months. It will then go bankrupt. Be careful with your purchases
  • P
    $OPTT conversation
    #OceanPower Technologies Inc. ( #OPTT ), moving average bull crossover, ready to have a rally.
  • A
    Bought at 10.05 and will still see profit
  • D
    $OPTT conversation
    it will pop back again soon. everyone be patient
  • m
    $OPTT conversation
    I'm gonna try not to gloat but it aint easy.
  • t
    traveling golfer
    $OPTT conversation
    CEO listed as inside buyer.
  • C
    Watchlist for Tuesday 3/13. $OPTT $DPW $SPI $AKER $CRIS $TROV $CHFS $INPX $SRMX $RNVA $FUSZ $PTCO $IFXY
  • V
    $OPTT conversation
    $VLT gains +145% | $YRIV $AVEO lawsuits | $OPTT $PSTI drop explained Check weekly video here: #pennystocks #stocktrading
    As mentioned in the last week's post micro and nano-cap stocks produce less big runners. The only real strong runner we saw was $VTL. The stock jumped +145% ...
    As mentioned in the last week's post micro and nano-cap stocks produce less big runners. The only real strong runner we saw was $VTL. The stock jumped +145% ...
  • j
    $OPTT conversation
  • C
    $OPTT conversation
    Gave this to you yesterday when it was $8. Now get OPGN. Same 2 million share float with greater news. Look for crazy 3 day move up.
  • O
    Great news guys they announced closing their offering so this week should be back to greens $OPTT
    Ocean Power Technologies Closes Previously Announced Public Offering
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