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Moderna, Inc. (MRNA)

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    $OCGN conversation
    Buy more and keep it in mind, #SAVA, #AMC, #MRNA and many other have been about $10 one day...
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    $NVAX conversation
    NVAX & $MRNA recovering! Heads up: ACRX's CASH will INCREASE thanks to: CFO on Aug. 16, 2021, for the 3rd Quarter ended September 30, 2021: "In addition, we expect the upfront payment from Aguettant to be received shortly here in the third quarter. We're thrilled to have finalized a partnership with Aguettant that will support further DSUVIA growth outside the U.S., and also adds value to our U.S. commercial efforts with 2 unique pre-filled syringe product candidates for the U.S. market."

    ACRX's current CASH is over $55 million dollars, then add in the Aguettant Milestone Payment for Europe....

    ACRX ASIA Pacific Region discussions underway now the Europe is done (DZUVEO launches in Europe 1st HALF 2022)... and the Fully Automated Manufacturing Line is INSTALLED, which had been delayed about 18 months: "Fully automated manufacturing line has been installed"

    We called LEU 18 months ago, now up 1,400%... ACRX by December 2022, we call a 1,000%+ gainer....

    NVAX or MRNA eyeing ACRX with Dr. Scott Gottlieb giving ACRX the FDA approval before departing the FDA for greener pastures... Acute Pain will affect everyone, or someone will know someone affected by Acute Pain in a medical setting...

    FLXN BOUGHT OUT this week for $500 million dollars, ACRX next up, worth $1 billion dollars...
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    $MRNA conversation
    Moderna's getting a boost AH after ppl woke up to the fact it's the bestest booster, by a mile! 3 shots of $MRNA gives one 30% more nAbs than 3 shots of $PFE/$BNTX
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    $ABCL conversation
    $MRNA Gets fda approval for booster shots 😌
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    $NVAX conversation
    Preliminary Results From NIH Study Released In Unpublished Preprint; Study Finds Mixing And Matching Vaccines Bolsters Antibodies; No Safety Concerns Identified With Mixing Vaccines


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    $NVAX conversation
    Preliminary Results From NIH Study Released In Unpublished Preprint; Study Finds Mixing And Matching Vaccines Bolsters Antibodies; No Safety Concerns Identified With Mixing Vaccines $BNTX $MRNA $NVAX
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    $MRNA conversation
    FDA staff scientist: Can't see a difference between $PFE, $MRNA in myocarditis incidence rates for 18-25 males! The numbers of events are just too small.
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    $ABUS conversation
    $ABUS $MRNA Interesting in the forbes article - "In a written statement to Forbes, Ray Jordan, Moderna’s corporate affairs chief, stated, “I can confirm that we did take a license to Tekmira’s IP for certain of our older products. But our newer products (including the Covid vaccine) have moved on with new technology.”

    but in the hearing yesterday, MRNA says they abandoned the (RSV) vaccine and began using a new delivery system. And now they are afraid they will be sued for infringement. From all the literature I've read it seems MRNA is infringing on the two patents. My gut feeling on the judges hung up on standing is that recognize that this will end up in litigation and hence MRNA will have standing then. Of course the judges could be playing devil's advocate and asking questions that may seem to lean one way. It's unlikely ABUS will sue for infringement now. If MRNA has a new system they should apply for patents.
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    Arbutus Biopharma Corporation
    Moderna $mRNA vs Arbutus $ABUS Oral arguments appeal. Three experts weigh in and all agree ABUS will prevail and be do royalties from Moderna. Part of the argument is standing and the reason Arbutus has not sued Moderna is that if ABUS sued mRNA that would give Moderna a defense for standing. Arbutus drew three very pro patent judges who support the patent office decisions. Patent 069 they feel will be rubber stamped meaning the court will affirm the patent office decision within the next 10 days. Patent 435 may be a written decision taking 2 to 4 months. On October 12th the patent office will issue a much broader patent to Arbutus. Currently Arbutus has a contract with Moderna. Patent appeals 80% are affirmed 10% are mixed and 10% are reversed. All good news for ABUS we should start seeing a rise in our share price today. GL ALL
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    $INO conversation
    *Moderna Announces European Medicines Agency Authorizes Third Dose of Covid-19 Vaccine for Immunocompromised Individuals Aged 12 Years and Older
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    $INO conversation
    Dr. Kim made a bold statement in the conference last week. $MRNA and $PFE had their time. Now is our time.” Connect the dots. $50 soon

    Go INO
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    $ABUS conversation
    It appears the new patent given today covers both $MRNA and $PFE
    / $BNTXCovid Vaccine. This is a very good one!
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    $NVAX conversation
    A slide deck from Humetrix (link in reply) shows waning effect of currently in use Covid vaccines (i.e., mostly Pfizer and Moderna) based on CMS and CDC data (20M cohort, 5.6M infected with 2.7M Pfizer and 2.9M Moderna) on patients 65 and older. Among its findings are:

    1. Vaccine efficacy wanes quickly for both mRNA vaccines. Pfizer wanes faster than Moderna. This is likely a dosage effect.

    2. Odds ratio of breakthrough hospitalization increases to 2.5 at 6 months after mRNA vaccination.

    3. Breakthrough hospitalizations are twice as high after 5-6 months after mRNA vaccination as compared to after 3-4 months. This likely means vanishing protection after 6 months.

    4. Vaccine efficacy against Delta breakthrough infection is 41% and hospitalization 62%. This is pretty poor.

    5. Hospitalization and death rates in 2021 are much better than in 2020 before vaccines are available. This is good news!

    That says that the mRNA vaccines are not very good at protecting against the Delta variant for older patients. It isn't clear (to me at least) that boosting using the same vaccine based on the wild-type virus will greatly improve against this variant. But, perhaps still helps some for point 5?

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    $MRNA conversation
    Breaking News on WSJ: "Long-covid concerns help fuel Biden Administration's board booster push." $MRNA $BNTX $JNJ
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    $VXRT conversation
    An interesting day.
    $VXRT is outperforming the $XBI index and most other bio companies today.
    More closely tracking $NVAX and $MRNA than any other COVID players.
    Are investors finally realizing that Vaxart is a serious COVID player?
  • S
    $NRXP conversation
    I’m an investor truly believe in the science. EUA soon.
    Zyesami will be also approved in a nebulizer formulation. Nebulizer /IV will be standard of care in stage 3 Covid ( post viral replication stage) .
    Ignore minor legal issues, that’s just an addendum away from being settled and will not interfere with trials and FDA progress.
    $pfe $mrk, $jnj, $bsx, $amgn, $mnkd, $pali, $mrna
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    $BNTX conversation
    STOCKHOLM (Reuters) -Sweden will pause the use of Moderna $mrna COVID-19 vaccine for people born 1991 and later after reports of possible rare side effects, such as myocarditis.
    The health agency said it now recommended the Comirnaty vaccine from Pfizer/Biontech $pfe/ $bntx ..
  • $
    This will literally double to $300+ following approvals, it was $270 just from deals being signed… imagine when the world catches on to $NVAX, once $MRNA is exposed for its life threatening side effects like it is all over Europe. Easy money here.
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    $HOOD conversation
    BANKS CLOSED TOMORROW MARKET OPEN.. time for retail to take the reigns! $mrna $bntx $abcl
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    $MRNA conversation
    Slowly but surely, $MRNA shares are changing hands from pure covid-19 vaccine investors to investors who are true believers in the digital revolution of medicines. The faster the better it is for Moderna's SP growth.