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Manganese X Energy Corp. (MNXXF)

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  • J
    $MARA conversation
    All the articles about bond yields are trash... this whole market just feels like the old rich men are butt hurt with WSBs and trying to teach us whippersnappers a thing or too about bear markets... BAH! I got nothin' but time! I work for a living! I don't sell on red days! I buy!

  • C
    Manganese x takes time. The management is very committed. Our money is in good hands here. Manganese x is real. In 2 years they will start mining. Then we will see very different prices here. President Biden wants to invest $2 trillion in green technology. Electric cars are part of that. On President Biden's homepage it says that he wants to build x thousands of charging stations for electric cars. Why?
    The future belongs to electric vehicles. And Tesla said on battery day how their battery will be composed.
    2/3 nickel, 1/3 manganese. Manganese x has manganese with a purity of over 99.5%.
    Does anyone know how many companies there are in North America that can mine manganese with this degree of purity?
    I don't know of any, do you?
    For me, this company is a clear winner in the new strategic direction of the American green energy policy.
    Tesla will need nickel and manganese. Manganese x has manganese!!! Tesla will not be able to get past mangenese x. The future is ours,. I’m glad I can still buy at these low prices. The share has already shown a few months ago in which direction it can go!!!
  • C
    Decision Diagnostics Corp.
    i feel horrible for all those who lost money with decn (deception)... it is very very sad and pathetic that the sec does VERY LITTLE, and far too LATE to shutter these types of stock listings ... ANOTHER SCAM CORP to watch out for is $MN.V / $MNXXF... a total sham scam corp that needs to be shuttered by the sec IMMEDIATELY... dig deeper on research and do your due dilligence exhaustively...
  • A
    Manganese is future in EV and manganese x energy will become a big player 100%
  • C
    who has patience her, will be rewarded. I’m sure .