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Grocery Outlet Holding Corp. (GO)

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  • ר
    Canaan Inc.
    6.6 Would be a great price for today
    #Go can$$
  • M
    $CPE conversation
    Don't see oil retreating anytime soon back below $100. Ukranian foreign minister was interviewed earlier today and said one of putins demands is the surrender of the Ukraine. I somehow doubt any Ukranian would give in to that kind of demand.

    We know OPEC can't meet its own output targets and iranian oil coming back is a red herring if China were buying it up anyway during the sanctions.

    #Go CPE
  • A
    Namaste Technologies Inc.
    Hey Sean, Great show. Very to the point and informative. #Go Team Namaste
  • A
    Namaste Technologies Inc.
    Today was just heading toward first base for a Home run with Namaste. #Go Team Namaste
  • A
    Novavax, Inc.
    Do anyone have a thought that the meeting with Dr.Hahn and Mr.Erck could be about NANOFLU filing and get it approve before the Flu season start so they can prevent people from ending up in ER.. i mean Nanoflu will help them alot to know if its a Flu not Covid19.. glta.. #Go Nvax
  • N
    Five Below, Inc.
    Whether we want to admit it or not, the trade war is going to land punches on retail. Discount stores ($FIVE $TJX $GO $OLLI $DLTR $DG) can thrive in environments like this. Wholesale like $COST will likely be fine as well. You're rolling the dice on anything else though.
  • J
    CEO Dr. Nader Pourhassan and @Team-CYDY has a BIG surprise or two planned for Wednesday. Never have I seen CYDY pump their own Conference Call. #GO NADS!
  • h
    $NIO conversation
    STRONG BUYING POWER will reflect soon
    I would to like drive ET7
    #Go Green
  • M
    $BIEL conversation
    There is also a new partnership coming up as they said earlyer on that there be marketed by 3 players:
    - don joy
    - kt health
    - ............

    Very bullish on this one!
    Hodl to the moon! Will be 0,01 in near future and beyond after reach that 0,01.

    #Go team biel!!
  • P
    $PBX.V conversation
    Strong finish second day in a row. Well Well are we in the run for a strong finish tomorrow. Lets just finish around 80. This is looking very good. The bottom as been reach no need to argue its around .70. Just buy the dip and relax. The tutes are in. By the way Montreal is buzzing #GO HABS GO Habs and PBX sound very good. Cheers.
  • G
    HempAmericana, Inc
    Just found out wife is pregnant. Will be for first child. I need my baby here and rmhb to grow faster than my real one. month of March will tell on my tron, rmhb, hmpq, stella, ripple. #go long #I need money # gogreen. # DILLY DILLY
  • A
    Namaste Technologies Inc.
  • A
    Tomorrow will be more than $35! Momentum 🍀 #Go #Work
  • R
    Foley Trasimene Acquisition Corp. II
    how can oil banks tech crypto silver and gold be all down at the same time???
    markets controlled
    BS govt
    #go BFT
  • J
    Onconova Therapeutics, Inc.
    the real news will be in hollywood! #go long
  • A
    Namaste Technologies Inc.
    "Namaste Technologies is your everything cannabis store" #Go Team Namaste.
  • F
    Facts & Figures
    $UNFI conversation
    Sector rotation and safe haven going to $KR and $GO as funds look for safety and market focus. UNFI isn't benefiting from any of this, as we were warned about CEO succession disarray and now the crippling results ( more than soft) of the current EXPO Food Show are very telling . August 1st marks the 4 year anniversary of the 'infamous 1 for 7 reverse stock split' of Supervalu which was key to the UNFI takeover. This concludes one of the most shady and villainous eras of the food distribution space in recent memory. Less than two weeks to go in the FY and it is the 'Shoot out at the OK Corral', as either we name an elite 'outsider' to unlock shareholder value and MOVE ON ..... or more 'inside' do nothing- ism and more financial shenanigans.
  • N
    $DASH conversation
    Trying to pinpoint where, exactly to get into this. I doubt it goes under $100 but if it does, I'm going to pounce. I love these companies that plan on attacking the suburban and small town markets. $DASH $DG $GO are three great examples. Not every company can operate in these markets, but the ones that can will dominate in the future with the suburban revolution.

    I drive for DASH in my spare time. I hardly ever see an UberEats or GrubHub order in my market. DASH completely dominates.
  • A
    Novavax, Inc.
    lets make it quick NVAX friends.. one quiestion and answer it in couple words please.. i say please okay.. WHAT ADVICES WILL YOU TELL SHORTS TO DO BEFORE PHASE I RESULTS? #GO NVAX
  • M
    $RECO.V conversation
    Has anyone had any direct contact with investor relations, Grayson Andersen of late? I know a few posters who have been in contact before and apparently say he is pretty good at responding to messages. Clearly he isn't going to release any sensitive info but I wondered if he might elaborate more on when we can expect some more publicly released data to be made available.

    If I'm not mistaken, we still haven't had the full details / test results of the 6-1 well, which was capped a while ago now and obviously 2D seismic and third drill location are surely pending some kind of announcement soon. Surely they're not going to drill a third well without giving some insight as to how they reached that decision, which will involve needing to release some data re the 2D.

    Fingers crossed for some super positive news soon, I think all us longs need a little lift after the past few months, which has been a sustained period of silence by Reco and the usual public attacks and garbage by the msm and fuds, #go Reco, how cool would it be if Namibia and Botswana got super rich off of a huge untapped oil basin, with billions and billions of barrels of oil, and they also used that wealth to help develop and nurture their eco and natural environment. That would have all the green bed wetters frothing at the mouth 😤😄😀

    GLTA longs, Reco, the Kavango and the people of Namibia and Botswana 🙏🤞🤠