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Equinox Gold Corp. (EQX)

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  • J
    $AG conversation
    $EQX reported a massive loss and is being crushed in premarket. Scams by design and you suckers can't stop buying them.
  • J
    $AG conversation
    Lot of bagholders posting on twitter. I find it very entertaining. Goldbugs are the dumbest investors in the world.




    More selling today??!!
    Near 3 yr lows!!
    why did I ever invest in this company
  • F
    Gold dealers seeing VERY large physical buys in bullion this week. Some products now in shortage and/or SOLD OUT. Predictable as investors with long term focus are seizing opportunity. $IAG $EQX $GFI $KGC $EGO all bargains with 2x near term potential as physical shortages manifest in higher gold price!
  • G
    $IAG conversation
    may june july august big strong months for gold/ silver and other precious metals Mining shares will move up nicely $IAG$GSS $GORO $GAU $HMY $BTG $GOLD $EXK $NGD $EQX
  • P
    $EQX conversation
    $EQX needs to start paying out a quarterly dividend.
  • R
    $NSR.TO conversation
    Over burdened mine now. $ELE.V gets a 1% NSR, $EQX.TO a 2% NSR, $NSR.TO holds a silver stream (initially 100% of silver, later 30%) and now $SSL.TO receives 4.4% of the gold at 25% of spotprice.
  • B
    $TMQ.TO conversation
    This garbage doesn't stop plunging. Never touch anything Rick Rule, Ross Beaty, Marin and Lundin family pumps. This and $EQX are my largest two bags