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DocuSign, Inc. (DOCU)

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135,09-98,73 (-42,22%)
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  • o
    $CMG conversation
    $DOCU -37% .
    $CMG day of reckoning will be here in Jan, 2022.
  • S
    $XELA conversation
    $docu revenue/earning compared to $xela revenue/earning. $xela should be atleast $20 ps
  • J
    After reporting earnings growth and profitability, $GPRO has quietly turned into a value stock while maintaining its growth prospects. With a meager 4.6 PE ratio, it’s a cheap way to tap into the growing cash flow stream.

    Compare with the recent disasters of $DOCU and $ASAN. Investors are losing patience with companies that never reached profitability and now face decelerating revenue growth too.
  • S
    $IBM conversation
    Those analysts who think IBM will underperform and $DOCU, $ZM, $TWLO, $CRWD will outperform are suggested to look at today's market and keep in their mind that for over 50 years, IBM has never been traded as badly as $DOCU. IBM is a safe heaven.
  • j
    $DOCS conversation
    position yet but think this is getting confused for $DOCU or Docusign who is down 30% n poor earnings lastnight...OMG
  • b
    $GTE conversation
    $DOCU ouch...Tech....One by one they all will fall
    Got oil?
  • J
    I believe in $DOCU and buy more whenever it drops
  • S
    $DOCU conversation
    $DOCU, 210 Puts expiring 12/03 were +2655% worth today. whoever bought them must be lucky ones (1,218 volume in options)..
  • I
    $ARKK conversation
    I just came here to look after the big $DOCU drop. Never expected my $BABA investment to actually be doing better than $ARKK. This is hilarious.
  • n
    Very good close after hour. Expect an earning date ? Look at what $DOCU got. Put options are accumulated huge today. See you guys at $5. I will make a lot of money out of it. Currently 698% return - 67k usd ! 💎
  • b
    $ARKK conversation
    Another loser for Auntie Cathie, $DOCU! Well done! Just a 'normal' day in Auntie Cathie's trading life! It's 30% off now. Please buy more! LOL!
  • S
    $FOUR conversation
    Oh to be short on $FOUR and miss that beautiful short play on $docu, can buy more four with that short play :-)
  • C
    Coffee Snob
    $DOCU conversation
    $DOCU must be the sacrificial lamb for the hedge funds today. They have shorted thousands of companies 10x and many of them are not going down. Hedge Funds bleeding badly and they just sucked the equity out with no regards to small investors Hedge Funds have been doing this for 45 years, This is what the $GME and AMC movement is all about. We as investors have to crush the Hedge Funds and Market makers they have bought off politicians and passed lopsided laws giving them all the advantages
  • S
    $BLZE conversation
    Next $DOCU and $Digital Ocean. Just watch this.
  • B
    Big Thinker
    $AFRM conversation
    Some companies with a larger market cap than Affirm's $38B: Coca Cola $KO, Starbucks $SBUX, TJMaxx $TJX, Docusign $DOCU, Ross Stores $ROST. Affirm is scaling their volume by about 2 X per year without purchasing inventory or real estate or fulfillment centers. Own Quality.
  • J
    $ADBE conversation
    Same happened recently for $DOCU after earnings next day it was up more than $30. Hope the same will happen tomorrow with $ADBE
  • B
    $Z conversation
    Z and $ZG own Dotloop, which is the equivalent of $DOCU. With DOCU having a $54B market cap and Z half that you have to wonder what a sum of the parts of Z and ZG might be worth. Seems like a lot more value in Z and ZG plus you get the #1 web site, all their rental platform, mortgage company, iBuyer platform. Seems like a lot of room for Z to run
  • S
    $DBX conversation
    My opinion and observation. People are freaking out. I am not. I am still holding at 38.00 and 31.00 and I have ZERO worries. A) Being a dropbox user that has used other cloud sharing programs including Google Drive, it is my preferred. B) Dropbox is a beast on it’s own but its attachment and the two new integrations into Salesforce CRM is only going to turn it into a Monster Beast.
    Salesforce has ownership, acquisitions and investments of many private companies. (Business Insider has another listed I did not see on the website. ($DOMO)

    If you are NOT familiar with Salesforce ($CRM) then do your DD on this company. Unicorn performance. Marc Beinoff made a 100 million dollar investment into Dropbox prior to going public. Which according to business insider this is one if it’s largest strategic investments ever. Prior to the 100 million, Salesforce invested 5 million. Salesforce owns more shares in Dropbox than any other company. It is also the 2nd largest investment by value. The highest value is in Docusearch but with less shares than Dropbox. Dropbox two newest integrations with Salesforce is only going to continue growth, in my opinion.

    Salesforce invested publicly traded companies.
    $DOCU Docusign which IPO last April with a 52 week range of $37.00-66.00 currently at 57.74,
    $TWLO Twilio with a 52 week range of 52 Week Range 23.25 - 79.47 current 76.04.
    $DBX Dropbox 52 Week Range 26.61 - 43.50 current 29.04.

    Look at Salesforce financials, revenue and growth. The 52 Week Range $CRM 90.09 - 149.35

    “Salesforce expects to post $20 billion to $22 billion in revenue in its 2022 fiscal year. If it hit even the low end of that range, its revenue would be more than double the $8.4 billion it posted in fiscal 2017, which ended in January.
    To get there, Salesforce expects to offer a wider range of products to a broader set of customers worldwide. The company expects its total addressable market — which is the combined amount of money spent globally with Salesforce and all of its competitors on the products it offers — to grow from $72 billion in 2018 to $120 billion in 2022.” (Source: Business Insider)
  • R
    $DOCU conversation
    AS a retired Realtor builder/developer I cannot express enough how much of a time saver is to not have to jump into your car and drive across town to have some paper signed. $DOCU may not grow as fast as before, but I think it will continue to a great investment and will only get bigger, what say you.
  • D
    Excellent article about DOCU on Seeking Alpha today by a respected writer. I recommend reading it soon before the pay wall goes up in a few days.

    DocuSign-A Tale Of A Growing But Stealthy Competitive Moat $DOCU
    DocuSign shares, despite a recovery in the last month, have seen one of the greater valuation compressions in the IT space over the course of the late valuation
    DocuSign shares, despite a recovery in the last month, have seen one of the greater valuation compressions in the IT space over the course of the late valuation