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Ashland Global Holdings Inc. (ASH)

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    Agenus will release partnership news during #ASH, trust me. Not a good move either
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    $GERN conversation
    Highly recommend reading at least the Discussion for science behind #imetelstat. MF=myelofibrosis, ET=essential thrombocythemia, HSC=hematopoietic stem cell, HPC=h progenitor cell, TA=telomerase activity, MM=mismatched oligonucleotide #ASH @BloodAdvances
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    $ASH conversation
    RETIREES ARE SCREWED AGAIN BY THIS COMPANY!!!! Unfreakingbelievable! People work for these companies all their lives, and these corporate executives hurt them at the most vulnerable time in their lives!!!! Why the U.S. government isn't stopping this is fairly clear - because they are as corrupt and self-serving as the corporations who pay them off! My 87 yo father just received a letter from Ashland nonchalantly informing him that they are dropping his supplemental medical insurance. This should be against the law, and people in this country need to start demanding protection from these greedy executives!
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    $TRVN conversation
    Time to get in on this. Doing the long draw and pump...ride this to serious $ash money.
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    Radio Dude
    $ASH conversation
    Where are the old message boards? I hate this.
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    $ASH conversation
    Received a tender offer from ASH for some of their bonds. The offer price was way to low and I declined it even though I would have made a profit.
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    $ASH conversation


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    Radio Dude
    $ASH conversation
    Dumped ASH in my 401K a couple of weeks ago. I missed a little bump but glad I got out now. ASH still it might be an interesting stock to follow through the breakup of the company later this year.