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Extraction Oil & Gas, Inc. (XOG)

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    Cenovus Energy Inc.
    Demand is coming back faster than supply and we're going to need more supply to meet that demand," said Phil Flynn, senior analyst at Price Futures Group in Chicago.

    The International Energy Agency (IEA) said in its monthly report that the Organization of the Petroleum Exporting Countries and allies, known as OPEC+, would need to boost output to meet demand set to recover to pre-pandemic levels by the end of 2022.

    "OPEC+ needs to open the taps to keep the world oil markets adequately supplied," the Paris-based energy watchdog said.

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    $XOG Big win for Extraction Oil & Gas $XOGAQ! Judge Sontchi found that the transportation services agreements with Grand Mesa Pipeline, Platte River Midstream, Elevation do not run with the land, per court filings today.

    This will lay the groundwork for Extraction to reject the midstream contracts and sell its assets free and clear of lien

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    Callon Petroleum Company
    I bought $CPE. Why? One of the few companies in the Energy sector that has been profitable for several years. IMPRESSIVE 1Q 2020! Big profit and big income! PE Ratio: 1.9. $ CPE has a strong financial foundation, I have not found such foundation in $NE, $QEP, $XOG, $OAS, $CDEV and others. In my opinion, CPE has the strongest growth potential and long-term investment.
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    $XOG conversation
    $XOG has (long term debt-cash)/equity > 3.4 and they have had negative free cash flow for the last two years.
    Whiting had long (term debt -cash)/equity < 0.7 when it filed for bankruptcy and negative free cash flow for 2 years. Thus, whiting was a far healthier company than Extraction Oil & Gas, Inc.
    You should swap $XOG for a safer very inexpensive stock like HCR, Hi-Crush is a cheap stock because ordinary investors cannot buy their bonds at any price. This enabled hedge fund co-workers to manipulate the price of the bonds because limit orders are not allowed when purchasing bonds. Also $HCR has long term contracts that were designed to ensure small but profitable growth & postitive free cashflow in a worst case scenario and they have not gotten much credit for those contracts. Their last mile solutions are a toll bridge moat that have a good ROC and are fairly insensitive to the price of oil and comprise around 38.1% of their revenue. I warned CHK investors 12 days ago.
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    $XOG conversation
    $XOG Defaulted on their interest payment
    In addition, via the May 11 press release or earnings call: On April 27, 2020, Extraction's borrowing base under its revolving credit facility was lowered by 300 million. Thus, it is unlikely someone will lend them more money to make that late interest payment.
    After looking at
    The balance sheet shows Long term liabilities of 1,816 Mil and Equity of 240 Mil. In bankruptcy court It will be argued that of their assets will have to sold at a large discount to what they are listed on the balance sheet for. Thus, creditors will not be paid back if there is a bankruptcy, so current shareholders will recover nothing.
    Extraction Oil & Gas, Inc. had negativeFreeCash flow in 2018 & 2019
    This co is going bankrupt. You need to switch to a safer cheap stock that has beenUnjustly priced for bankruptcy SuchAsHCR for reasonsIhave Stated in thatConversation.
    I suggested this 16days agoAlso. XOG only has value so that people can get a good deal on bearishPutOptions againstXOG.
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    I suspect we’ll be getting a lot of RobinHo’s action this week as well as $OAS & $XOG. Expect a lot of good news this week between OPEC+ and EIA report on Wednesday. #ROADTO$4 ✊🏽
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    Callon Petroleum Company
    $CPE My winner of 2020! strong financial base, phenomenal Q1 2020, PE: 1.8. Target price 4-7. $TSLA, $AAPL, $XOG, $QEP, $HPR
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    Centennial Resource Development, Inc.
    $XOG is a great stock that has a lot of potential and it may break $1 nextweek
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    Laredo Petroleum, Inc.
    $XOG is a great stock that has a lot of potential and it may break $1 nextweek
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    Extraction Oil & Gas, LLC
    Jet fuel can't melt steel beams
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    $CDEV conversation
    #xog is also interesting next days.....
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    $HPR conversation
    they' re pumping the bankrupt co.'s like $xog and $wll , and prolly want to accumulate this at lower price
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    $xog exploding
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    $XOG conversation
    $XOG $CDEV $CPE & even little $DNR