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Viasat, Inc. (VSAT)

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    Crystal Hossainkhail
    $VSAT conversation
    If Gov of USA and UK are using the service for ground, sea and space with $vsat; and they have the contract with new NOC which are building with Cyber securities; then Starlink 2 is missing out big time.
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    Viasat, Inc.
    Good afternoon ladies and gentlemen. Soon I will be part of this family once my $rnet stocks get converted to $vsat. I was thinking about selling but after doing some research I think we can see some good growth next year. So, I will stay in touch. Happy Christmas and a better next year.
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    $GSAT conversation
    Taken from Tim Farrar twitter
    Kerrisdale Capital

    5h5 hours ago
    In 2014, we wrote on $GSAT. In 2015, it was $STRP. 2016 was $DISH. 2017, $VSAT. Tomorrow, we release this year’s report on satellites, spectrum and the market’s recent rocketship stock
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    $MCK conversation
    Earnings-Reaction to Watch Thursday $MCK , $WUBA , $EGHT , $BBY , $ADSK , $BRC , $DECK , $HRL , $DXC , $LXFT , $GPS , $LGF-A , $MDT , $NTNX , $RY , $QSII , $SAFM , $ROST , $THR , $SCVL , $TTC , $SPLK , $TD , $VEEV , $VSAT , $YRD , $ZOES
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    $SATS conversation
    Does anyone knows why all the satellite companies jump today? $SATS $VSAT
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    $VSAT conversation
    This will be a make or break two weeks for ViaSat. The earnings report tomorrow and a satellite launch next week will be pivotal to the future of the company. A good earnings report which shouldn't be too hard since the analysts seem to be rather conservative on their expectations which is simply amazing. Add on to that a successful satellite launch and this stock could see a major positive movement. The consensus earning of 28 cents per share is actually very conservative as it is lower than the past two fourth quarters. Then add the wide disparity of analysts from .14 cents to .44 cents, it could be either a major beat or a major miss, could be a very interesting stock tomorrow. Probably a good stock to bracket, it will either be up by 15% or down by 8%, as it has been in a very negative trend leading up to earnings.
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    $VSAT conversation
    Buy $VSAT
  • J
    $VSAT conversation
    Reaction to the upcoming dilution seems a little overdone.
    About 13% dilution - 16% sell off at this point?
    I’m not adding any unless it goes much lower though.
    Wondering if they are raising money for future acquisitions?
    If so, it makes sense to not take on debt to raise it.
    Time will tell if the proceeds are used wisely.
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    $VSAT conversation
    Congrats to longs, I got out before the launch, the risk (a ten dollar drop for failure) far outweighed the gain (looks to be about 2.50 for a successful launch). I will buy back in, but it will have to go back to the 63 - 64 range which it will eventually do as little news comes out. I think it is a great company and I have made some decent money trading it, just not willing to have dead money in between earnings reports.
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    $VSAT conversation
    ViaSat closed at $69.74 yesterday. Must be how they figured the pricing of the secondary offering. I'm guessing we will be trading in this neighborhood for a little while.

    CARLSBAD, Calif., Nov. 17, 2016 /PRNewswire/ -- ViaSat Inc. (VSAT) today announced the pricing of its underwritten public offering of 6,500,000 shares of its common stock at a public offering price of $69.74 per share, before underwriting discounts.