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Unilever PLC (ULVR.L)

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    $ULVR.L conversation
    Held these forever (used to work for them, so got plenty of shares). IFA says I'm over-exposed with a single stock (which often outperforms his part of the portfolio in terms of growth). My answer is that this share behaves mostly like a fund because of the size and diversity of the business - and until recently that it was undervalued (i.e exposed to Buffet). Buffet then valued it at £40 and it shot up to £40. Now the company is saying that it wants to return value to shareholders (and make itself less exposed to a Hostile TO). Is that going to mean "sell spreads", buy into some new HPC brands, and jack-up debt? I would not buy this share myself, but I'm holding for now to see what the "value return" consists of: share buyback? (gives you equity as for those who hold the price may rise); special dividend (cash, then possibly crash), or bubble.