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Atlassian Corporation Plc (TEAM)

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    $MDB conversation
    Hypertrash really taking it on the chin today.. and that's why you should buy quality stocks that aren't trading at absurd multiples with negative earnings.
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    $TEAM conversation
    $TEAM is doing great in term of revenue growth. However, I just don't think the irrational valuation of 244x next year's optimistic earnings and 48x P/S can support the irrational share price of over $409/ share, or $103 billion total market cap. I have executed a massive short position on Tuesday, Sept 21, near the peak share price.
    Anyone out there has some valid and well thought out opposing views.
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    $ZM conversation
    It is true, after crashing over 56% from peak, Zoom is not as overvalued as something else such as bitcoin, $GME, $AMC, $SNOW, $SHOP, $TEAM, $SNAP, $DDOG, $ASAN, $CRWD, $ZS, $MDB, $OKTA, etc. However, for realistic investing purpose, it is foolish to compare Zoom to those things. When valuation for these extremely speculative bets is imploded, these bets could easily tank 90% or more, and even if Zoom tanks 70%, it is still a foolish bet nonetheless.
    Going forward, Zoom is only projected by stock analysts to grow annual revenue by 17.6% next year, and zero growth on annual EPS. If the future reality is slow growth or worse, the P/E ratio could easily reset to 15 or lower, and trigger a crash of over 80%.
    Any opposing opinions out there think for sure Zoom would continue peak pandemic type of hyper growth for many many many years to come, and further think that the stock analysts are all wrong ??? Please provide your thesis in details.
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    $TEAM conversation
    Atlassian not too long ago scrapped their slack competitor to partner with slack and in turn received an equity ownership in slack (somewhere in the lines of ~$30m). Should be interesting to see if that partnership continues if it gets acquired by salesforce. Regardless, more good under-the-radar news for $TEAM.
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    Brian W 3006
    $TWLO conversation
    Since $TEAM beat earnings, now $TWLO has permission to fly past all time highs
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    The fact is, BTC is the future of crypto and the questions investors ask themselves now is if this is the right time to invest? Before jumping into conclusion i think you should take a look at things first. For the past few days the price of BTC has been fluctuating which means the market is currently unstable and you can't tell if it's gonna bearish or bullish. While others still continue to trade without the fear of making lose, others are being patient. It all depends on the pattern with which you trade and also the source of your signals.
    I would say trading has been moving smoothly for me, i started with 1.5BTC and I've accumulated over 4.1BTC in just five weeks,with the trading strategy given to me by Mr Chris Steven
    His methods are top notch and profitable and He can be contacted easily on these social handles below ;
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    $BIEL conversation
    Starting the year strong, great sales rebound in 4th qtr, multiple national chains being stocked as we speak, follow on orders received early, RRX is rolling, UK back, Mexico added, @BielCorp #takeoff #brickbybrick #team
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    Rocket Companies, Inc.
    In on Rocket, to the moon! #team RKT
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    $BIEL conversation
    ' Starting the year strong, great sales rebound in 4th qtr, multiple national chains being stocked as we speak, follow on orders received early, RRX is rolling, UK back, Mexico added, @BielCorp #takeoff #brickbybrick #team "
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    Starting the year strong, great sales rebound in 4th qtr, multiple national chains being stocked as we speak, follow on orders received early, RRX is rolling, UK back, Mexico added, @BielCorp #takeoff #brickbybrick #team

    Tweet from Keith Nalepka posted Jan 3, 2021
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    $TEAM, $ZM, $WORK, etc. the “work from home” stocks, the new safe-heaven.
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    CV Sciences, Inc.
    good job longs for holding strong #team cvsi
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    Ragin Cajun
    $TGODF conversation
    Got my new T-shirts today ...they look good ......sector wide spanking the last few sessions ...the tide will turn as it always does ... #Team Bezos
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    $TEAM conversation
    Target Raised by Canaccord Genuity Buy USD 225 » USD 260
    Target Raised by Mizuho Securities Buy USD 260 » USD 270
    Maintains KeyBanc Overweight USD 255 » USD 270
    Target Raised by Cowen Outperform USD 250 » USD 255
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    Okta, Inc.
    Stock should be up to its level if not higher than yesterday since the nasdaq and nasdaq futures are higher? looks like some stocks lost share price for no reason other than sentiment which has just been cleared up today. I call it bargain shopping though!

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    #team price target-320$, stoploss-205
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    One year ago, we became the 8th #German company listed on Nasdaq. After months of hard work, more than 100 hundred investor talks and countless internal meetings, the listing has been an important step for our company – and our path forward to become a global next-generation #immunotherapy company. None of this would have been achieved without our BioNTech #team, which lives our corporate values. We are united, passionate and innovative. Today, we would like to thank each colleague who has shown their commitment, passion and dedication for our mission. Together, we are looking back at more than a decade of scientific rigor to realize ground-breaking innovations by using the full potential of the immune system to fight diseases. #teambiontech #IPO #vaccine #immunotherapy
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    $CLSH.CN conversation
    #CLSH is a great reversal story, but investors might not want to by shares until the same insider stops selling shares. In the past 2 months over 160,000 shares have been sold. for a little 28K, the insider has wiped millions off the company's market cap. #TEAM #OFFPAGE
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    Castalen the Great
    $TEAM conversation
    Strong $TEAM.
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    $IVOB conversation
    Effortless IVF Canada feeling excited.

    September 12 at 9:01am ·
    We very excited to announce that Dr. Shona Imlah is coming on board as part of our Calgary team. Dr. Shona Imlah is a Medical Doctor in Calgary. She has been passionate about women’s health since completing her MSc in 2002. Her ground-breaking research into the neurological pathways supplying the external female genitalia won her national recognition. Chatelaine Magazine recognized Dr. Imlah’s thesis with a “National Women’s Health Hero” award. Read more about Dr. Imlah here: