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Sysco Corporation (SYY)

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  • P
    Sysco Corporation
    Traditionally splits around the 54 mark.
  • C
    Sysco Corporation

    See what Jim Cramer thinks about it SYY...
  • R
    $SYY conversation
    Looks like #s leaked, up 7% before earnings release :-s
  • W
    Warren of Wall St
    $SYY conversation
    Investors in $SYY must be excited about the 96.4% EPS 🌱growth🌱 estimate in 3 years:
  • M
    M Nice
    $SYY conversation
    next stop 55
  • B
    Sysco Corporation
    why is the stock going down when the quarterly earnings report came back positive, im confused on this ??
  • r
    $SYY conversation
  • R
    $SYY conversation
    short now, or wait until it drops below 50?
  • O
    $SYY conversation
    Hear Me out…If you are trying to become a serious trader then you NEED to research LoinStockAlerts . They have send me some solid trades recently.