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Splunk Inc. (SPLK)

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  • F
    Someone has to buy someone this weekend i am so bored with this market. Remember when jeff bezos bought wholefoods by mistake?
    I see $pins $roku and $splk as big potential targets… when is the question
  • A
    $VISM partnership with Splunk $SPLK 👍
  • s
    $NTAP conversation
    This company has been categorized has a low growth value stock, but this last upside surprise ER changes that. It's now a fast growing cloud play, the likes of $SPLK, $DDOG, $TWLO, $FSLY etc. With a P/S of 1.8 and a P/E of 12 it's got a lot of catching up to do. From ER press release: "NetApp™ public cloud services annualized recurring revenue of $178 million, an increase of 192% year-over-year"
  • S
    $SPLK conversation
    Stock will probably head to $160s before earnings later this month unless we see the overall sector dip. Still see $SPLK heading to $200 after earnings as they are DUE! GLTA!
  • G
    $SPLK conversation
    Upgrades on the way $SPLK.. PT Raised @ RBC to $240
    Cowen to $200 Needham to $250
  • S
    $SPLK conversation
    $SPLK should be heading to $185 soon and then to $200 by earnings unless the broader market sells off. They've done everything right with their transition. Hopefully everyone bought when it dipped down to $112 like I did!!! GLTA longs!!!
  • M
    $SPLK conversation
    Weakest "Growth Story" of all the $200 Non-Profit-Forever High Flyers. Obvious by last May.
    $SPLK went down more and came back up less with each oscillation of this sector all summer long. (TWLO, SNOW, PANW, OKTA etc.) Somebody in the Free Shares Club wanted out of here BAD that much was clear and I knew that Year End was going to be a serious party. Like I said Silver Lake just set the reset buton here.
  • N
    Alteryx, Inc.
    I'm not sure why everyone sees me as the bad guy on this board. I like the company and hold shares, and would like to get more shares on this pullback at some point. Be patient with this. Itll likely get clobbered for the rest of the week if not need to get an itchy trigger finger here. As I've said, I'll start buying at 115 but after that, the next support is 100. It will be a screaming buy if it gets that low. $SPLK is also a great buy as it's at a good support and the bottom of its drop.
  • R
    $SPLK conversation
    What is the difference between $SPLK and $PLTR? Does one have more of an advantage that the other and what are the major differences between the two companies? Thanks
  • h
    $SPLK conversation
    some buzz that $SPLK could be acquired, interesting. Salesforce could scoop them up maybe?
  • W
    Wall St.
    $CLDR conversation
    $CLDR is a winner, folks. It will be next $SPLK. price wise territory. Moreover, Cloudera reminds me $SQ when it went public and moved thereafter to $9 Everyone on fast money talked negatively about it.
    I believed it was a winner and began buying it. it became a winner.
    I believe Claudia will be a winner as well. After April's earnings with positive guidance and merger, the stock will move above $20
    Moreover, Intel owns 26,000,000
    I would like to believe there is a reason. for Intel's investment in Claudia.
    Buy out or mutual businesses a possibility!
  • N
    Alteryx, Inc.
    Theres nowhere for this stock to go but down after this earnings report. Theres nothing that special about this company that warrants a valuation double that of $SPLK. Even if we get a good report, you gotta think theres going to be some profit taking.
  • M
    Hey all
    I’ve traded $SPLK VIA Options- over the years

    I always look at the security associated with it Options...

    In $SPLK there’s a greater deal of call buying( BULLISH) vs puts (BEARISH)
    - this is the same for SALESFORCE- CRM- YESTERDAY—— more call vol, than puts
    lol, too bad I only had a 5+ Calls with CRM, blew past my highest expectations!

    The thing is with this current market environment - trades must be very careful going into EPS DAY- with any stock

    But I’m bullish on $SPLK - going into EPS and FWD.

  • W
    Wall St.
    $SPLK conversation
    $SPLK and $AYX are two companies which can not sustain its gains. They both falling faster than
    It is great entry points for both companies. Sales were done by Algorithms. In few days BOTs will have to cover its short selling. Plus there's a panic sttac. New money is coming in. Many investors bought it in $200 range. It was circa $300 for a while. So they may have been selling today in panic. Smart money is coming in . It is belated BLACK FRIDAY lol
  • J
    $MCK conversation
    Earnings-Reaction to Watch Thursday $MCK , $WUBA , $EGHT , $BBY , $ADSK , $BRC , $DECK , $HRL , $DXC , $LXFT , $GPS , $LGF-A , $MDT , $NTNX , $RY , $QSII , $SAFM , $ROST , $THR , $SCVL , $TTC , $SPLK , $TD , $VEEV , $VSAT , $YRD , $ZOES
  • M
    $OKTA conversation
    This message board sure looks like a whole bunch of docile livestock being herded down onto the killfloor. Cheap PUTS below $200 have been VERY SCARCE here since June now.
    At the very least this "growth story" is deliberately managed as a non-profit just as long as they can sell hype and sizzle instead. (See $UPST $SPLK $TWLO etc.) There's always a price to be paid for that approach down the road, show your 1st profit and you're at 300 times "earnings" ($SQ $TTD) so that's why they don't.
    Does it come due today?
  • C
    $SPLK conversation
    #SPLK in action. Looking for breakout at 123.76.
  • t
    $SUMO conversation
    Why this instead of $SPLK?
  • B
    Splunk Inc.
    Splunk will regain its recent losses and then some within the next six weeks