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Global X Silver Miners ETF (SIL)

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    $SIL.TO conversation
    Target Raymond James Financial Outperform CAD 15
    Target Down National Bank Financial Outperform CAD 14.25
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    $GDLNF conversation
    $GDLNF with the development in Afghanistan the Greenland Minerals stock has become a little more valuable. Will we see a little or bigger pop Mon 16 Aug? GDLNF was 0.0760 at Friday's close, down -3.55%. There is no way it drops Monday. I predict at least a 10% pop. $AR $AM $ZROZ $TMF $GDX $GDXJ $NUGT $SIL $AVTR $VMC $FCX
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    Fyi. In few months Sprott will have an Physical Uranium trust, like PSLV and PHYS.

    I’m a long term uranium bull with a couple silver positions.

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    $NUGT conversation
    Listen to billionaire PM investor on Sprott Money News podcast today's show Sept 27. "This down week for PM's is related to market rigging for Q3 end and weekly option expiration. "
    The FED and other central banks cannot stop printing. QE to infinity means HARD ASSETS like gold and income property are the best hedges against inflation. Full stop! Own PMs, income property and well-run miners to beat the system.
    Former gold trader on CNBC recommended $NEM as his best buy today "gold is going to have a big week next week"
    Gold to $1,700 & silver to $20 within 60-90 days. $NUGT $EGO $EXK $PAAS $SIL $USLV $CDE $GOLD $PVG $SAND $SPOX
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    $GLD conversation
    GDX gold miners index new 52 week high minutes ago...
    No stopping gold now...
    Commercial Banks and other SHORTERS Must Cover NOW or becrushed !
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    $SVM.TO conversation
    $ $ $ $ $ $ $ $ $ $ $ $ $

    Shorts R F'd The up trend Might just be starting. We should be at 26.60 not 27.20 on spot silver.
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    $SLV conversation
    We will be testing 20.00 Silver Very Very soon finally after a wait of 8 long years..
    The complacent short positions are going to get crushed as Silver is a very tiny market and as a few percent of investors decide to buy undervalued silver it will rise to prices many will not believe.
    If you think about bitcoin going up 100 times and many if not most stocks doubling and tripling in a few months, surely it not unreasonable to see beaten down Silver gain 3 times to over 50 per ounce in the next several months..
    Remember silver was 49 per ounce in 2011 and SIlver is real money with no counter party risk... Poor Mans Gold..
    Many have been waiting for years for this bull market to start. Those that get in now will make the most gains...
    Downside risk is very low with the Fed dropping rates and ready for QE4
    A perfect time to buy Silver now at near 10 year lows when all other assets are in bubble territory !
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    $SLV conversation
    I think we are very close to a MULTI-DOLLAR move in SILVER...
    As Gold breaks out SILVER MUST Follow and actually LEAD...
    SIlver when it breaks will break very fast and hard...
    Buy all you can Physical now downside risk is virtually NILL !
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    Time to Lock in Profits
    $GLD conversation
    **SPECIAL MESSAGE to GOLD and SILVER investors***
    These moves in gold price are NOTHING to be excited about and feared. Because the price of Gold is so high 20.00 is only 1.5% !
    The financial pros think nothing when a stock goes up 5% or 7% in 1 day that would be like 100.00 in gold because it's 1418 per ounce...
    Don't listen to crooked banks telling you gold is overbought a 1.5% move is nothing at all !
    In fact Gold is only up 11% in the last year that would be very disappointing for an average stockholder so I tell you this so that you can ignore any voices saying that it has come to far to fast overbought etc..
    That is NONSENSE !
    This has been sitting for almost a decade way under it's previous high.
    Don't be snookered by pros who want you to sell to help their short positions or so they can buy your gold...
    If you have been waiting for 8 years you would not sell for 10% would you ?
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    Time to Lock in Profits
    $SLV conversation
    If you like I have waited for 8 years for this rebound then don't sell now when we are on the cusp of a mighty victory.
    I told you a little higher and we will hit a tidal wave of buying by commercial banks short and hedge funds.
    Silver is very undervalued has not gained as everything else had. This is due to the banks shorting.
    A breakout in SIlver is an amazing thing to see and unfortunately many will miss it and say to themselves..
    What was I thinking ? When a pure troy ounce of Silver or Silver Eagle can only buy 1 pizza or 2 glasses of wine or 15 naval oranges or 1 week of Smart phone service or 1 lb of steak or 3 pounds of Hamburger....
    That is a bargain of the century and there is no downside risk here near multi year lows...
    Because everything else is inflated and the market of Silver is tiny it will only take a little more buying that is spurred by Gold gains to cause a massive short squeeze. I saw this with AMD stock which was shorted and at 10 12 14 the shorts were forced to cover and today it is 29.... Buy Physical if you can and hold hold hold for the big breakout over 20.00 per ounce. I think we are very close certainly in the next 9 days we will see 20.00 per ounce imo.. that is only a 25% move from here..
    WHen shorts are really scared and know there is not enough silver for them to buy back and close their positions silver can easily hot 30.00 or even 40.00 per ounce.. The ratio of Silver to gold is now at record highs approaching 100 ounces of silver or a big bar for the price of 1 ounce of gold. This ratio was 10 to 1 in colonial times 20 to 1 in the 1960's and 40 to 1 just a few years ago. In fact when Silver was 49 gold was 1900 about 20 to 1 so an reversion to this ratio back to even 50 to 1 would be 30.00 silver and thats very likely in the next few months...
    Hold hold hold and force a short squeeze ON THE CROOKED COMMERCIAL BANKS !
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    $EGO conversation
    $EGO ELDORADO GOLD trading at $11.xx has over 31K Open Interest in options on 3.1 million shares at $14 strike expiring next Friday Oct 16 on imminent positive production and expansion news.
    Try to find another miner with even 2K open interest in Oct 16 options at any strike.

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    $SLV conversation
    Never buy gld slv
    Buy physical eagles Silver is hugely undervalued..
    If you have to buy with 401k or ira money buy entities that are audited and
    That will give you physical gold and silver on demand.
    PSLV PHYS CEF are examples. They really buy the physical unlike gld slv which are not audited and probably don,t own the physical they say they do....
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    $GLD conversation
    Retail darling Target tanking pre market !
    Joins Kohls and many others implying very weak holliday sales aa tapped out consumers run out of credit card spending power,,
    The feds actions of providing windfalls to wall st banks, the 1% and the well connected like warren buffet have NOT benefiited the commn man ie trivkle down economics does not work requiring the fed to accelerate money printing money at ever increasing rate to prop bubble stock, bond and real estate markets.. the stock market is getting close to a massive correction due to greed and central bank policies. The next likely mibe will be money primting amd zero percent rates to keep the whole thung from collapsing.
    Buy silver and gold eagles all you can to protect your wealth from thebcoming hyper inflation amd dollar destructiion..
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    Bruce Ballslapp
    $NGAC conversation
    Notable High Call %

    $MLCO 98.3% call
    $HL 96.7% call
    $HIG 96.2% call
    $NGAC 96.0% call
    $BGCP 95.4% call
    $SIL 95.3% call
    $SSRM 95.3% call
    $UA 94.6% call
    $PSAC 94.5% call
    $GSAH 93.7% call
    $FNKO 93.5% call
    $ON 93.3% call
    $YUM 92.3% call
    $RTX 91.8% call
    $KWEB 91.6% call
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    $SLV conversation
    The commercial Banks will be rocked to their very foundations from this as they are forced to cover massive short positions.
    This is what will make silver suddenly rise 1.00 to 2.00 per oz in a single day....
    The controlled smackdown is ending and the banks know it.
    Several banks work together on this and all we need is one to cover and go long and boom the whole thing explodes !
    $$$$$$$$ $SIL $PAAS $CDE $EXK $FNLPF
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    First Majestic Silver Corp.
    Don't believe @Joe, just go to market#watch and pull up 10 year earnings history....$800 million in losses over past eight years. 8 mines in care & Maintenance. Only 3 mines left. Biggest mine (San Dimas) has unheard of Royalties of 25% on silver and ALL the gold goes to #WPM for $650/ounce. $209 million Mexican tax liability that is big monkey on their back. Vanguard funds dumping along with Canadian Pension fund, #SIL, #SILJ, just to name a few of many. Watch Keith Neumeyer predictions on silver over past 10 years....he started out as a stock promoter and now he's been promoting silver at up to $2000, while being wrong for 10 years. Do your due diligence. Read the annual report, read the footnotes especially....that's where they've been hiding this tax liability and also a former director who took them for something like $50 million....crazy but true. It's in the annual report.
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    Time to Lock in Profits
    $SLV conversation
    I post this again for new investors
    In a world of asset bubbles like real estate and stocks and bonds that are very shaky, silver stands out as a terrific Bargain.
    The Commercial Banks have made a big mistake shorting silver down to these levels because it makes buying it today
    a near risk free investment. Silver has gone down as everything else has gone up and this is why those who get in here are going to be going for a long ride up as trillions in paper money looking for a home sees silver as a safe haven.
    I am amazed today how inexpensive silver is in light of everything else. If you look at the prices of everyday things and how much silver it takes to buy them you will be shocked. For example 1 Ounce of Pure Silver at 15.80 (was 14.50 last month when I suggested you to buy it on this board ) will only buy:
    -2 glasses of wine max or maybe only 1 in many restaurants
    -2 Lbs of Steak
    -1 Large Pizza
    -1 WEEK if SMARTPHONE Service
    etc etc etc when you think of it this way you realize that Silver has no DOWNSIDE risk but HUGE UPSIDE potential as Bitcoin and other cryptos implode and stock markets correct hated and shorted and rare Silver will rise and once it rises to a certain level more money will come into it and it will soar as the total market is tiny with all of the silver available above ground would only cost about 20 billion which is peanuts in todays world where 1 dow stocks market cap is several hundred billion dollars
    For example Intel market cap of 234 billon is equal to 20 times all the silver available in the world..
    Now everyone knows the US is on borrowed time and has created more debt than it can ever pay back therefore the US dollar which is high now is going to come under huge pressure and again this will lead money into Gold and Silver..
    For those who have been waiting since 2011 for silver to rise it has been a long 7 years but the risk reward today is fabulous..
    It is best to buy physical like silver eagles which can be had for an amazing 16.95 each in quantity or silver rounds and bars.
    THE ESTABLISHMENT OF SLV ETF has served to TEMPER Or dilute DEMAND enabling the price to be held down but that is going to end soon as the stock bond banks and loans start to default Silver is going to explode..
    DIsclosure: Of course I am very long Silver and I can feel the bull arousing from it's long slumber can you ?
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    $ELEF.TO conversation
    $ $ $ $ $ $ $SIL.V
    $ $ $ $ $ $

    SPOT SILVER $28 of those depreciating $USD tomorrow. Looks like $30 is on the way.

    Everyone get to the right side of the boat those that stay short will be getting eaten.
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    $SLV conversation
    Back Up The Truck And Stack Silver Says Rich Dad’s Robert Kiyosaki
    Back Up The Truck And Stack Silver Says Rich Dad’s Robert Kiyosaki
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    $SLV conversation
    Everything is lining up for silver... bitcoin is crashing and everything else is extremely overvalued like stocks and real estate.. Silver is the last bargain and finally we are getting some investor interest that will begin the bull market to bring silver back to 50.00 per oz and beyond... it hit 49 in 2011.. no reason we won’t see that reached again... $SIL $PAAS $CDE $EXK $GLD
    Silver Showtime? Why the Metal’s Time May be Now
    Silver Showtime? Why the Metal’s Time May be Now