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    Exceptional demand for new and existing homes, brought on by the stay-at-home culture of the coronavirus pandemic, has the housing market severely depleted. Homebuilders are having trouble keeping up.
    Exceptional demand for new and existing homes, brought on by the stay-at-home culture of the coronavirus pandemic, has the housing market severely depleted. Homebuilders are having trouble keeping up.
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    From Slack's Conference Call: Slack Says New And Expansion Deals This Qtr Include Sony Network Communications And Shopify $SHOP $WORK
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    $SHOP conversation
    They feature high growth names like $SHOP
  • V
    $SPY conversation
    They seem approved new valuation model for all high flying tech. They all now going to trade even way higher multiple.
    For example:- They might not allow $TSLA to trade below $2000 ( $400 after split) as long as they have control.

    Only thing is some point that valuation model will get downgrade as well. When no one know but longer this go, more sudden and drastic it going to be.

    For example in 2000, any company with more than $50B market cap never valued so much as many today like $ZM, $SHOP, $NOW,$TSLA, $NVDA (I can find 10 more tech)

    You find $100B+ with 30-50 time revenue even in some case their gross margin on those revenue is belwo 50% and making losses.
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    $BIGC conversation
    Do people forget Shopify was 200$ 1 year ago lol ? Oh boy.. Being the first U.S company competing with $shop you know we will pass them. 4 more years of Trump will help this pass Shopify easily.. I put 14k at 107 with 130 shares, not selling or planning for. at least the end of the year. I will live on the streets if I have to.
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    $BIGC conversation
    14k total investment here. Love buying dips of this baby $SHOP and $AMZN
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    $SHOP conversation
    $SHOP vs $BIGC

    We all know small merchant mainly making money though Facebook ads and users.

    So comparing two partner to Facebook is critical.

    Both are similar on integration so this is not compare about feature. Nor i have seen first hand to say if one better over other.

    So assuming both provide same integration From Merchant perspective:-

    $BIGC don't charge % revenue , $SHOP does
    $BIGC don't have payment service and revenue from there, $SHOP does. Again this is loss for SHOPIFY beause Instagram checkout use it's own payment.

    $BIGC being public company and wallstreet looking for new growth, This might start getting highlight more and more. It's pure subscription model and so quality of revenue is very good compare to Shopify where most revenue low quality loss making revenue.
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    $SHOP conversation
    The reason $SHOP, $AMZN, $CMG, $MELI and $GOOG are all up big today is because of the Motley Fool article this morning - 5 Stocks That Should Split in September. Interesting that Cramer had a list of these and five more that he said should split their stock a few weeks ago and no one really paid much attention. Now that $TSLA and $AAPL have split, the momentum crowd is looking for the next stock that could do the same and add 20% to their market cap. Even if they don't end up splitting, the mere idea that they might is enough fuel for big gains. Why not jump on board for the ride?
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    $BIGC conversation
    Bought at 107 130 shares.. Not selling, this is the only competitor for Shopify and they are Canadian, Big Commerce is from the U.S. Facebook & Instagram are the first partnerships, wait for the other social media giants to join. Revenue will not appear until next ER, however, this ER will still be a great one.. If this stock would have gone public in January, it would already be at $1,000 as trends were accelerated by 5-10 years. Shopify was public before trends were accelerated, so Big Commerce is running faster because everyone knows these are the trends that are working in the stock market such as Shopify, Facebook, Online Commerce mainly as small businesses are looking to save money. Add the riots non stop burning and looting stores, most business owners will rather just have a virtual store for safety from that as well. I believe in 1-2 years, Big Commerce will pass $SHOP in price. Imagine buying spotify taking a risk on the online commerce trend, now imagine buying spotify when the trends has been confirmed for 1 year now. I am holding my shares as long as I can, not trying to pick any bottoms or highs, just holding. If people sell for a profit and you see the price drop for a day or two, does that mean the entire DD and reality does not matter anymore ? Please put emotions aside when trading unless you want to lose money. This is a clear winner. So if you put the house down like that other guy, relax, you will buy a mansion with the profits and laugh about how scared you were and almost sold lol. Holding 4eva!
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    $SHOP conversation
    Target Raised by Goldman Sachs Buy USD 1286 » USD 1318
    Target Lowered by Loop Capital Hold USD 1100 » USD 1000
  • W
    After hours right now:
    $nvda down 5.3%
    $amd down 4%
    $intc holding
    $appl down 3%
    $shop down 2.5%
    $sq down 6%

    Looks like $qqq will open with a huge gap down

    $nq down 1.5%
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    $AAPL conversation
    US Government directs the US Market Makers to Buy US Stocks via their infinite margin trading desks to PUMP the Stock prices ARTIFICIALLY!
    For the long term investors, now is the WORST time to invest in US Stocks because the Market is INSANELY OVERVALUED and OVERBOUGHT! US Stocks have a Huge room to fall, but there is upside potential anymore.
    Buyers must be careful! They might lose everything and see no recovery during the lifespan.
    US Stocks must be DOWN by 90% from their current ABSURD levels.
    Look at the US Stock Valuation Multiples!!! Check out P/S, P/B, P/E, P/CF, D/E and other Ratios.
    US Stock Market is a COMPLETE SCAM! You see how easily they are PUMPING the Stock prices on FAKE Speculations, but they don't let the stock prices to go down on TERRIBLE DATA and FACTS!
    Even BANKRUPT Boeing, Cruise and Airline stocks are getting PUMPED like crazy!
    It is all about PUMPING the US Stock prices and quick and Free Capital Gains!
    The coronavirus pandemic has exposed a gaping disconnect between unprecedented economic pain on Main Street and extreme optimism on Wall Street.
    The coronavirus pandemic has exposed a gaping disconnect between unprecedented economic pain on Main Street and extreme optimism on Wall Street.
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    $OSTK conversation
    Is it too late to buy? Look at the e-commerce space

    $AMZN - $1.6T
    $SHOP - $130B
    $W - $28B
    $OSTK - $3.8B

    And then there's blockchain...
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    $TSLA conversation
    It is absolutely incredible that TSLA was a 200 dollar stock during a strong economy (I was fortunate to buy at 212, and I sold at 905) and has 10xed into a worse economy than 2008. They absolutely deserve a large premium due to their growth potential, but a premium this large is just ridiculous, especially during a large recession. You would need the best-case scenario over the next 5-10 years to justify this valuation, in my opinion. Don't forget that autonomous vehicles and no strong competition, in the long run, are still pure speculations.

    I'm sure the stock price will be worth $2000 one day, but we are in the second tech bubble. Don't forget about strong tech companies that lost 80% of their stock price in the medium-term back in 2000. This short-term irrational exuberance and greed caused by the Fed will only set the market up for failure in the next years ahead. Same could be said about companies like $AMZN $AAPL $SHOP $ZM
  • L
    $SQ conversation
    $SQ is one of those stocks which belongs in a long term portfolio for at least this decade. I bought from the early 30's end after every major dip I bought more. This will follow in the foot steps of $SHOP. Cathie Woods is truly amazing in how she discovers the gems in these disruptive times. The other ones which will follow are $PINS and $MGNI.
  • J
    So... $TSLA just announced a split out of nowhere... I wonder what will happen if $SHOP will do the same soon💰
  • E
    Fastly, Inc.
    I encourage everyone to go look at but stock tickers like $TSLA or $SHOP as they crossed the threshold of $100.... if you're LONG, there will be a roller coaster ahead as the shorties play their games with people's emotions. $FSLY is a backbone component to major internet players, their success will be $FSLY'S success. Every company they sign, especially the enterprise ones, will add big RGUs to $FSLY's bottomline, and once the clients hitch their wagons so-to-speak, the harder it will be for them to move away.... think of it like building a house and setting a foundation, once it's poured, it's very difficult to change... same in enterprise software.... these guys are going to be long term clients... as long as the client's solutions are viable, they will use $FSLY... All this up and down right now is, it's noise, noise that will be muted as $FSLY continues to grow into a large market. As one of my favorite movies says, "we've got the tools, and we've got the talent!" This stock is a no brainier, it's going to shine! LONG $FSLY!!
  • A
    $SHOP conversation
    $SHOP needs to have a stock split!!
  • D
    This earnings report was a GOLD. Every. Single. Metric. On an era of companies getting crazy valuations that aren’t profitable $SHOP - APPS is a steal at $20/share. Look at their hockey stick quarterly and annual growth. Amazing.
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    $PINS conversation
    So Shopify Beats big time. $PINS has a partnership with $SHOP. Merchants can create stoppable pins for their Shopify products, which lets the Pinterest customer buy directly from the merchant's store. E-commerce merchants tend to spend more on online advertising to support their business. Well this might be a catalyser for Pins revenue...
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