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    Lightspeed POS Inc.
    As I said before, with the upcoming two Investors' Confidences in early December accompanied by the shopping season as well as increased eComm, I predicted the most successful qtr. Do you DD and don't do $SHOP owners' mistake by selling $LSPD when it hits 3 digits. Hold it tight (based on your grasping power). GLTALs!
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    Loop Insights Inc.
    Shopify partnership!!!

    Loop Insights $MTRX $RACMF has completed its integration with the @Shopify $SHOP API in order to gain access to the platform's 500,000+ merchants.
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    $SHOP conversation
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    JW Wolf
    $PLTR conversation
    Stock price of $PLTR will be $100 in a year. PLTR will see $30 in 10 days
    Growth rate is explosive with $289.4 million in revenue in the third quarter up 52% year-over-year. On 28th October Palantir will become a member of “The Trinity Challenge,” joining a global coalition of academic institutions and foundations as well as leading technology, health and insurance companies. With cutting-edge AI of PLTR stock, the Tiberius project which helps the rollout of the Covid-19 vaccine could be a major catalyst. Tiberius project optimizes the supply chain across the U.S. Pfizer ($PFE), Moderna ($MRNA), Johnson & Johnson ($JNJ) and Novavax ($NVAX). The revenues have spiked by nearly 50% to $481.2 million. Moreover, the market opportunity is an enormous $119 billion. $APPL, $ZM, $SHOP, $PYPL, $FB, $TSLA
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    JW Wolf
    $PLTR conversation
    Price Target of $PLTR will be $100 in a year.
    Keep in mind that the company does not need the money. One of the co-founders is Peter Thiel, who is a legend in Silicon Valley. He co-founded PayPal ($PYPL) and also was the first investor in Facebook ($FB).The company now has a myriad of customers from the private sector that span industries like health care, energy and manufacturing. The revenues have spiked by nearly 50% to $481.2 million. The Gross Margin is enormous at 48.40%. $MSFT, $APPL, $ZM, $SHOP, $NOW, $WDAY
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    Lightspeed POS Inc.
    I recently wrote, in reply to a posting, that with the upcoming 4 investment conferences, two were held on the 17th and yesterday and the others on Dec. 2nd and 9th, the momentum will be strengthened and with the successful ending of the quarter with proven agility to adapt to market demand and promote all available services to existing and new customers, I forecast optimum advancement. Fluctuations will be sure on it's way though the longterm is sure a stock to hold. Do not become the early profit takers like those who sold $SHOP in 2 digits. GLTA!
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    Moderna vaccine results
    Coming careful paying up for overvalued tech and charts at highs like on $adbe $crwd $okta $shop
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    The one tech stock i am buying today
    Story is still early unlike $shop
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    Zoom Video Communications, Inc.
    look at ACRX climb buyout comments... love my $shop $amzn
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    $shop and $ostk gonna take over for $amzn going forward
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    CloudMD Software & Services Inc.
    mark this !! this is next $SHOP
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    $TSLA conversation
    Today is pure evil done by someone. First all trading apps stopped working and Yahoo was showing pre market price before the sell off . So retail investors could not sell thinking stock price is high and by the time apps started around 10:30 esp Ameritrade all is done ..I was checking shop ttd tsla etc ..
    I even posted in $shop saying why Yahoo price is high. .
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    Lots of people chased tech at highs yesterday in last hour just to be smoked by futures and tute selling $amzn $shop $aapl
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    If you buy stocks at cheap valuations with or without strong dividends in a needed let alone growing industry then u laugh at people stuck in dying momo bubbles on bad futures nites. Like 99-2000 ten times worse over in $shop $tsla $zm $docu $okta $spy $ttd $fb $sq
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    $LSPD the new $SHOP and $SQ , backed up by Ark investments, get in before we hit $100

    What is Lightspeed:

    March 2019 IPO on the TSX (CA$1.4 Billion valuation).

    Main services - cloud based ecommerce platform and in store Ipad point of sales hardware/system.

    Ancillary services - multi-location inventory management, sales analytics, loyalty programs.

    Allows for easy integration between online, mobile, and in-store sales (ie. purchase online with in-store pick-up option.

    Main customers - small to medium retailers and wholesalers including hospitality, restaurants, golf courses ect.

    Operating Highlights:

    50% YOY growth in locations (>76,500 customers in >100 countries).

    70% YOY revenue growth with 90% of revenue reoccurring.

    Current ratio = 3.29 (90% of current assets is cash - 210m).

    Cash to total liabilities = 1.5x.
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    $BIGC conversation
    Just read the ER notes. This company is on fire. Should be in the green today with analysts upgrades and setting targets for next qtr. This business model is unique to $SHOP and be a monster with some very big partners like FB Goog Amzn eBay PayPal sq to name a few
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    The US MEGA BUBBLE 2020
    $^IXIC conversation
    It looks like $SHOP Shopify GAMBLERS do not realize how ABSURD The Valuation is. The stock is trading at Price/Sales=75...
    SHOP is a $20.00 stock at best!
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    $SHOP conversation
    Target Raised by Roth Capital Neutral USD 850 » USD 1000
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    Thank goodness everyone. Robert has been found safely. Call of the dogs. Let $shop know as well