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Royal Caribbean Cruises Ltd. (RCL)

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    Animum Rege
    $NCLH conversation
    Regardless of what the market is doing. A travel boom is coming. The CEO of Target announced that consumers are switching their habits from buying TVs to purchasing luggage. All you need to know about $NCLH $CCL $RCL and $LUV $AAL $UAL
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    Animum Rege
    $NCLH conversation
    More cruise news . $NCLH $RCL $CCL . The wave of summer travel has begun
    Cruise News Today — May 19, 2022
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    $NCLH conversation
    Almost all pandemic restrictions lifted, Covid mortality like the flu and they are still loss making. Now, energy costs, wages and interest rates are rising. Not a buy imo. $RCL $CCL
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    $MULN conversation
    💎Good Morning Legends >> MULN << Legends Are Here💎
    💎Thursday> MULN < For The Money --*J The Legend !💎




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    $RCL conversation
    We would like to give heads up to all $RCL $CCL & $NCLH owners, before even considering subscripting to coming Virgin Voyages IPO, that you will be much better off, if you stick with these well established
    cruise line operators. Instead of trying your luck with cash strapped, no revenue startup, which has massive newbuild program yet to be financed.

    So Lizard Branson, is this Virgin Voyages IPO any different than your earlier Space-, Virgin, -related scams?
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    Royal Caribbean Cruises Ltd.
    $RCL newest largest cruise ship in the world to be named Utopia of the seas.
    i like the name
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    $CCL conversation
    Going to fully open soon. 😎

    CDC lowers warning level for cruise travel • Marnie Hunter, Naomi Thomas and Keri Enriquez, CNN • Published 17th June 2021

    (CNN) — Health officials in the United States have eased their stance on the safety of cruise travel for vaccinated passengers, lowering the travel alert level just over a week before the first cruise in more than 15 months is scheduled to set sail from a US port.
    The US Centers for Disease Control and Prevention on Wednesday lowered its health notice on cruise travel from Level 4, which recommends avoiding all travel, to Level 3, which encourages travelers to get fully vaccinated before traveling.
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    $RCL conversation
    Market too far ahead on $RCL, not same company it was a year ago. Massive $20B high-interest debt, increased shareholder dilution, impending cruise delays. CDC still imposing strict restrictions on the on ALL cruises. And +250M/month cash burn. RCL fairly valued ~55/share or less...
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    $NCLH conversation
    I'm going to do a quick post to my fellow retail investors, that are not shills for some hedge group or bots, but just average folks trying to set up a potion. What I've noticed for over a month $NCLH, $CCL, and $RCL, really, all Covid-19 impacted stocks, airlines, casinos, etc, but specifically the cruise stocks have been on a down trend. For the last month, especially the last few weeks, they have been trading on very low volume. $NCLH, whcih I have been watching very carefully, has been acting like it has found strong support around 13 a share, and appears to be re-coupled mostly with the market. Why does it matter?

    I suspect we're seeing a bottom for these stocks, or somewhere near it, and we're going to see a trend change soon, and it will be on full daily volume. Why? I suspect the downward sell pressure in these stocks are weak retail longs selling off, and not institutional investors. Why are they weak and retail? ...because the drop has been painful, but the pain is short term, and it's mostly retail as institutions still hold close to 90% of these stocks. Why short term? Because Covid-19 cannot physically last forever, based on the data. Why do I say that? ...because I've been watching the numbers. The numbers of cases growing, some of the hotspot states, like Florida, California, even Arizona, appear, to be leveling off. I really don't understand why, if it's legitimate or manipulation, and why it isn't being more talked about in the media. Yes, the overall numbers of cases is bad, it's ...really bad. But it's not "as bad" as it was a week ago, or two weeks ago, or three weeks ago in some of the states that are supposed to be out of control. As investors, we trend to recognize these trends. If you don't believe me, just google it for yourself. It's like unemployment, it's bad, but, arguably, it's less bad than it was the week prior, and the week before that. When the cases went down before, we saw a HUGE upsurge in these stocks Covid-19 impacted stocks. Then the cases went up and these stocks started to drop...but now, they are going down again. Again, check yourself, let the numbers convince you. This time, we will have both declining cases and vaccines around the corner, no less than five promising candidates in Phase III human trials with results due Oct/Nov. There's also ENORMOUS political pressure to leak positive vaccine results to the markets before the US election, for obvious reasons. I'm not telling you what to do with you money, and I'm not saying this isn't all "baked" in. I don't think it is, as new agencies are just now starting to pick it up. You make your own call. I reposition more heavily in some of these Covid-19 stocks myself. I'm only typing this as it's fun to chat about stocks, but also just in case, it gives some investor out there like me another puzzle piece to add to their own strategy. Hope this helps. Here's a site to start with:
    View NPR's maps and graphics to see where COVID-19 is hitting hardest in the U.S., which state outbreaks are growing and which are leveling off.
    View NPR's maps and graphics to see where COVID-19 is hitting hardest in the U.S., which state outbreaks are growing and which are leveling off.
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    $DAL conversation
    European Union has officially reached an agreement Wednesday morning to lift travel ban on the United States. Change will take effect in the coming days. -Reuters

    Huge win for the airline & travel industry right before Summer's pent-up demand begins.

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    Cruise stocks are about to take off Monday. I’m guessing 5-8% gains on Monday alone. $CCL $RCL $NCLH
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    Evil Jimmy Z
    $CCL conversation
    What just happened with CCL is a bit complicated but I'll try to explain.

    A few months ago, some folks bought bonds from CCL that pay the holders 5.75% per year until 2024. (The bond is called a "Senior Convertible Note" but more on that later.)

    In 2024, the holders can either get their principal back or get the equivalent cash back in the form of stocks at whatever the price happens to be in 2024.

    Instead of having to pay these guys 5.75% for the next few years and then return their principal, CCL offered to
    "buy" their bonds back by giving the holders equivalent shares (worth $14.02 at the time of the transaction) today.

    About half the bondholders agreed. Last night they took shares from CCL in exchange for their claims to the following:

    -5.75% per year for four years

    -the principal cost of the bond

    -equivalent CCL shares in 2024

    AND because these were Senior Convertible Notes, they also give up these rights:

    -rights to any property, cash, investments, ships, or any assets that may remain after bankruptcy, less court and litigation costs and other fees.

    CCL received no cash from the transaction and, in fact, had to pay about $200m in fees. They diluted your shares to the tune of 5.5 millike and.

    The sell off premarket was some of these bondholders receiving and then immediately selling those shares for whatever price they can get for them. We can expect more selling from them in the next few days or weeks.

    We know why CCL did this--to free up about $1.5b in much needed cash that they'd owe between now and 2024. But now ask yourself: Why would the bondholders agree to give up all these benefits for just $14.02?

    Here are a few reasons:

    -they think shares will be worth less than $14.02 in 2024

    -they don't think CCL shares will exist in 2024

    -they don't think they will get their principal back in 2024

    -they don't think they'll get 5.75% each year until 2024

    -they don't think the value of assets after bankruptcy will be enough to return their principal

    In short, about half the bondholders (e.g., "smart money" private hedge funds) decided that the above scenario is more likely than not and took the deal.

    Do with this information what you'd like and draw your own conclusions. But this is a very significant development that indicates the future direction of CCL.

    $nclh $rcl $ccl
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    $RCL conversation
    Hidenberg Research Tweets 'We are short $RCL, which we believe to be one of the most dislocated "re-opening" stocks on the market today.'

    I would not be surprised if this tanks to $60 a share in the coming weeks.
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    $NCLH conversation
    For all the buyers of cruise line stocks, including short covering shorts, at $26 per share, NCLH's total enterprise value (market cap plus total debts) have reached the highs before the covid-19 pandemic. It will take at least two years for cruise lines to be able to operate at full capacity before CDC's restrictions are lifted, in the main time, cruise lines, such as $NCLH, $CCL, $RCL, will continue to increase their debt loads and share counts as negative cashflows persists because of 50% capacity restrictions.

    It's your money and my posts is not investment advice, but for pure entertainment only. But, it seems obvious that cruise lines at best offer fully priced investments that yields low single digit annual returns, at worst will go belly up and shareholders' capital will disappear in a bankruptcy filing. You can say bye bye to your returns especially when you include inflation.
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    $NCLH conversation
    I have owned $NCLH $CCL $RCL for nearly a year. They currently represent 12% of my portfolio. I continue to hold for the inevitable recovery. Once most people are vaccinated and life returns to normal, these stocks will benefit. All these companies are well run and have managed to remain solvent. Lenders continue to lend to them. Smart $$$ bought in a long time ago (Saudis @ $8 in $CCL). While holding these stocks can try anyone's patience, I can't complain, being up 50%-100% on them already. It is hard to block out the successes that are being had in other stocks, but I'm sticking to my game plan.
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    $RCL conversation
    Up 10% from shorting $RCL during the Omicron panic, I expect the panic to calm down so I have bought back my shares today.
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    Royal Caribbean announced today that they will resume cruises in June. It’s only a matter of time until Norwegian and Carnival follows suit. Anyone who owns shares in these three will be happy on Monday! 🏖🛳🏝 $RCL $NCLH $CCL
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    Jose V
    $RCL conversation
    Beyond the revenue pitfalls, $RCL has faced increased costs.

    In 2020, fuel accounted for ~13% of $RCL’s total cruise operating expenses. Oil costs have risen, today at ~$80 / barrel, acting as another headwind.
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    $CCL conversation
    According to data from the Washington Post, new daily cases in the United States have risen by 14.8% over the past 7 days, however new daily deaths still fell by 0.7% over the past week, and COVID-related hospitalizations fell by 4.7%.

    Delta variant is clearly not causing more deaths and certainly NOT causing more hospitalizations. There are currently 30 cruise ships on the water as I write this and zero have reported COVID outbreaks. Let’s move on. Wear mask indoors and live your lives.