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  • j
    $CODX conversation
    is it true $QGEN is going to get FDA approval before codx? What does this mean for us?
  • A
    AMRN, Wooow buyouts noise really hot just make sure it’s over $100 , a year or two will be Lipitor price, $ALLK $PLAN $QGEN $GTHX $TWTR all undervalued
  • a
    $AYTU conversation
    There are already so many players offering millions of tests ($CODX, $OPKO, $QGEN, etc.). The list grows everyday. You can lose money when you block anybody posting "bad" comments, and they might be right. You need to listen to both sides of a story.
  • E
    $QD conversation
    $QGEN QIAGEN Concludes Strategic Alternatives Review; Decides to Focus on Stand-Alone Business Strategy to Drive Future Value Creation
    We’re on a mission to democratize financial analysis.
    We’re on a mission to democratize financial analysis.
  • l
    love it
    $QGEN conversation
    MONSTER DEBT of $1.1 BILLION // P/E 60 = BRUTAL OVERPRICED AND HEAVY PUMPED PONZI SCHEME BUBBLE ..Lokks like heavy stock promotion ongoing to attract newbies so the Banksters and Board members can dump their garbage to them .Fair Value is $8-10 AT BEST = STRONG SELLLLLLLLLLLLLLLL
  • A
    Wow thank you $KRTX moving half to AMRN now, like $QGEN $MDGL $RGEN $EXEL$MDLA undervalued health care sector
  • [
    [A Blah's Blah]
    $QGEN conversation
    Lump of coal would have been better than $QGEN news.
  • B
    $QGEN conversation
    I am sure they way overpaid for their latest bioinformatics acquisition, just like the last ones.
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