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Pfizer Inc. (PFE)

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    $BNTX conversation
    Today I had my first dose of the $PFE - $BNTX vaccine. No reaction, no discomfort, no intolerance. Protection and satisfaction! Excellent.
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    $PFE conversation
    $PFE Covid19 appears over now.. Where does stock go from here besides back to $25?
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    WiMi Hologram Cloud Inc.
    $WIMI $PFE $NFLX A bit optimistic but what can i say they started it by shorting it big time and i am just gonna hold till it meets my expectation.🌸🌸
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    $SPY conversation
    SPY some profit taking!! AcelRx (ACRX) up over fifty percent (50%) the past 30 days. ACRX, again, REPORTING potential world changing milestones any day... GME & $AMC minted a lot of WEALTHY PEOPLE, I am convinced, from my due diligence, that ACRX is next up, ADD ACRX TO YOUR WATCH LIST!

    Also, thank you FDA for the $BIIB Alzheimer's approval.... $PFE eyeing them now?
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    $PFE conversation
    FDA authorizes emergency use of Pfizer, BioNTech COVID vaccine to kids 12-15
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    $PFE conversation
    $PFE FDA Authorizes Pfizer-BioNTech Covid-19 Vaccine for 12- to 15-Year-Olds; First shot approved in U.S. for children paves way for inoculations before summer camps, start of next school year
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    $PFE conversation
    EU won't renew AstraZeneca COVID-19 vaccine; Pfizer shot will take precedence $PFE
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    $TGTX conversation
    $PFE can just walk down the street and gobble up $TGTX at anytime now.

    Pfizer plans to spend capital on building its pipeline for second half of the decade, CEO Albert Bourla says.

    "You should expect to see a lot of Phase 2, Phase 3 business development deals that will allow us to bring in-house a lot of potential medicines," Bourla says.
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    $PFE conversation
    Pfizer CEO
    on IP waivers:

    “truly believe that makes zero sense, not to mention about the disincentives that will create the whole biotech industry, if waiving the patents, What does it mean in the next pandemic?” $PFE
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    $PFE conversation
    $PFE FDA Authorizes Pfizer-BioNTech Covid-19 Vaccine for 12- to 15-Year-Olds; First shot approved in U.S. for children paves way for inoculations before summer camps, start of next school year
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    $BNTX conversation
    It does not matter whether or not you own $PFE, $BNTX, $MRNA, $VXRT, $JNJ. I do not work in the healthcare industry. Waiving IP protection for covid vaccines by the current US government administration is appalling. Instead of encouraging and protecting innovations, US government caters to the pressure from other countries by giving away patents registered by private companies.

    As more COVID variants and potential new future pandemics arise, who will invest and take risks to innovate without IP protection?

    Production of COVID vaccines is a complex scientific process and requires know-how, raw materials, strict quality controls. Waiving IP protections will not lead to increased production of vaccine doses. Without IP protection, on the contrary, it will make limited availability of raw materials scarcer to source; quality of vaccine doses will drop; counterfeits will rise. This can disrupt the global supply chain in very needed vaccines required for booster shots, and further complicate and create a global health crisis.

    Please write to your US senators and house representatives from your State, and tell them the US government should take the leadership by being right instead of being popular.
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    Novavax, Inc.
    NVAX COVID approval this wk? Noteworthy ACRX movement pre market, "ACRX Active Watch List." $PFE changed the world!
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    $BNTX conversation

    Oman "is negotiating an additional 1 million doses of Pfizer to arrive during the months of July, August, and September" (on top of the already contracted 0.37 m doses, partly already supplied, remainder scheduled for May and June).
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    $PFE conversation
    Pfizer $PFE Top Institutional Holders
    Holder Shares Date Reported % Out Value
    Vanguard Group, Inc. (The) 447,958,747 Dec 30, 2020 8.03% 16,489,361,477
    Blackrock Inc. 396,973,512 Dec 30, 2020 7.12% 14,612,594,976
    State Street Corporation 279,581,111 Dec 30, 2020 5.01% 10,291,380,695
    Capital World Investors 266,647,618 Dec 30, 2020 4.78% 9,815,298,818
    Wellington Management Group, LLP 246,491,974 Dec 30, 2020 4.42% 9,073,369,562
    Geode Capital Management, LLC 90,448,809 Dec 30, 2020 1.62% 3,329,420,659
    Bank of America Corporation 68,490,964 Dec 30, 2020 1.23% 2,521,152,384
    Northern Trust Corporation 66,718,775 Dec 30, 2020 1.20% 2,455,918,107
    Bank Of New York Mellon Corporation 64,756,839 Dec 30, 2020 1.16% 2,383,699,243
    Norges Bank Investment Management 60,296,992 Dec 30, 2020 1.08% 2,219,532,275
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    $MRNA conversation
    $MRNA, $BNTX, $NVAX, $JNJ, $PFE, investors need to start a class action lawsuit. Not just against the USG & WHO, but call out names, U.S. Trade Rep Katherine Tai Tedros, WHO D.G. Adhanom Ghebreyesus, & Pres JB.
    I've invested not just money, but 20 months (Pre-covid long MRNA). Never sold, just accumulated shares over time. In the early days, I knew the risk, maybe the mRNA biotech wouldn't work. NOW the tech works, but the risk comes from the WH & WHO...
    Good luck ALL longs from each company...
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    $NVAX conversation
    NVAX think any day FDA approval of our COVID-19 vaccine!
    ACRX up 20% past 2 days on active volume, ACRX *break-out* alert heading into next week's BINARY EVENT!
    ACRX on **BREAK-OUT** ALERT Watch List
    $PFE and $MRNA will go down in history, saved the WORLD!
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    $PFE conversation
    $PFE Several states, which have been witnessing a huge caseload in the past few weeks, were forced to shut vaccination centers amid vaccine shortage even as the third phase of the immunization programme is underway.
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    Metal Ox
    I am newly long $pfe. CNBC suggest lack of enthusiasm for Pfizer is because its pipeline, claim a patent cliff in 2025. What’s the patent status of Pfizer’s 3-5 highest sales drugs? Is the patent cliff red flag real. I recognize vaccine is a nice plus, but can vaccine offset losing patent for one or two top Pfizer drugs?
  • t
    This intellectual property is the foundation to cure cancer. Notice WHO is not pushing for Chinese ip vaccines. $MRNA $PFE $NVAX