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Ovintiv Inc. (OVV)

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  • J
    $OVV conversation
    $OVV Chart Analysis 1: Bollinger Bands are narrowing along with the downslope of Friday, with a short time outside the min band, indicating a reversal to an upwards trend. RSI showing a medium bullish value, not overbought nor oversold. MACD showing an upwards trend. Divergence between MACD and price values is indicating a reversal as well. Bullish trend for Monday.

    Wild cards & bullish opportunity:
    -Trump administration support/"bailout" for oil companies
    -WTI Crude oil on an upwards trend
    -Earnings report on Thursday (indication is could be higher than expected)
    -On a very low note, was strong before COVID. Oil will rebound and so will OVV.
    -FDA approval set to make Monday a good trading day.
  • B
    $CPE conversation
    Adding more shares $CPE $QEP $OAS $OVV $OII. Tomorrow will be EPIC.
  • G
    $HPR conversation
    could be $HPR / $OVV merger!!!
  • F
    Fraud hunter
    $OVV conversation
    Stoploss at $11- target 13-14 if management delivers
    Fraud hunter yesterday
    $OVV conversation
    Bought small positions at 10.70... hope management will wake up or this will fall below $5... bought at 10.70 stoploss at 9.90
  • d
    $OVV conversation
    donald said 15 days ago
    $OVV conversation
    resignation of the CEO might be right before OVV fall below 10$ per share.
  • c
    $OVV conversation
    From Twitter Sam Encana $OVV missing the market cap cutoff for S&P midcap 400 after re-domiciling would be extremely ironic. Its getting close though with market cap of US$2.5b (not float adj). yikes.
  • A
    $OVV moves slow and steady so we need to be patient. It’s very secure and builds resistance quite well. Good luck to everyone this week🤩
  • B
    $FET conversation
    Buy these cheap stocks $FET $OAS $QEP $CPE $CDEV $OVV $OII. You will have very nice summer.
  • G
    G M
    $OVV conversation
    The Daily Mole picked up on the $OVV buy:
    Today's Transactions | The Daily Mole
  • c
    $OVV conversation
    $chk ceo Douglas Lawler overpaid incompetent idiot salary 20 million dollars
    $ovv Douglas Suttles overpaid incompetent fraud salary 14 million dollars
  • n
    Is this $ovv still worth holding ? It dropped 10%+ !