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Ovintiv Inc. (OVV)

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    $CDEV conversation
    Investors are starting to sober up and realize that, despite what the pc media is indoctrinating, there is no magic green energy and that we owe ALL of our functional world to fossil fuel. $SM $MUR $CVX $XOM $FANG $QEP $OVV $DVN
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    $OVV conversation
    $OVV Chart Analysis 1: Bollinger Bands are narrowing along with the downslope of Friday, with a short time outside the min band, indicating a reversal to an upwards trend. RSI showing a medium bullish value, not overbought nor oversold. MACD showing an upwards trend. Divergence between MACD and price values is indicating a reversal as well. Bullish trend for Monday.

    Wild cards & bullish opportunity:
    -Trump administration support/"bailout" for oil companies
    -WTI Crude oil on an upwards trend
    -Earnings report on Thursday (indication is could be higher than expected)
    -On a very low note, was strong before COVID. Oil will rebound and so will OVV.
    -FDA approval set to make Monday a good trading day.
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    $CPE conversation
    Adding more shares $CPE $QEP $OAS $OVV $OII. Tomorrow will be EPIC.
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    Fraud hunter
    $OVV conversation
    Stoploss at $11- target 13-14 if management delivers
    Fraud hunter yesterday
    $OVV conversation
    Bought small positions at 10.70... hope management will wake up or this will fall below $5... bought at 10.70 stoploss at 9.90
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    $OVV conversation
    donald said 15 days ago
    $OVV conversation
    resignation of the CEO might be right before OVV fall below 10$ per share.
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    $OVV conversation
    From Twitter Sam Encana $OVV missing the market cap cutoff for S&P midcap 400 after re-domiciling would be extremely ironic. Its getting close though with market cap of US$2.5b (not float adj). yikes.
  • A
    $OVV moves slow and steady so we need to be patient. It’s very secure and builds resistance quite well. Good luck to everyone this week🤩
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    $FET conversation
    Buy these cheap stocks $FET $OAS $QEP $CPE $CDEV $OVV $OII. You will have very nice summer.
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    G M
    $OVV conversation
    The Daily Mole picked up on the $OVV buy:
    Today's Transactions | The Daily Mole
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    $OVV conversation
    $chk ceo Douglas Lawler overpaid incompetent idiot salary 20 million dollars
    $ovv Douglas Suttles overpaid incompetent fraud salary 14 million dollars
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    Is this $ovv still worth holding ? It dropped 10%+ !