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Okta, Inc. (OKTA)

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  • N
    $BB conversation
    $BB BlackBerry Spark Persona goes beyond $OKTA The persoma is ai based and can detect insider threats and block them, something okta can't do. Okta is losing business to blackberry spark persona
  • O
    Will probably get a boost from $wday & $okta reports later.
  • A
    $OKTA conversation
    Question: Will $OKTA be above or below $195 by this coming Friday, Sept 4th?
  • m
    $PD That earnings call was pretty good, tbh.

    I'm long, will stay long, and will likely add.

    I hope the stock stays below $25; I'll get short puts exercised and that's fine by me.

    PD customer:

  • S
    $OKTA conversation
    Target Raised by Mizuho Securities Neutral USD 178 » USD 200
  • V
    $QQQ conversation
    This algo driven high flyer rally is very weird and done very risky way. Not sure why some big bear not taking huge advantage of it.

    I closely monitor $SHOP, $COUP, $W, $TSLA, $OKTA, $NOW

    Algo design to make you feel that when market go up it go up very quickly linear way but it does not go down for any small dip.
    As that small dip get bit more, those go down by few points quickly and then again stuck.

    Why I think big bear can easily take advantage.

    It need to wait for small dip to bit more, this create flash crash like 1%, as soon as that happen algo buy bunch to stabilize stock again, as soon as it finish that if they put large sell order, Algo will forced to buy more and more and when they overwhelm that algo, Algo will dump all those stock at market price creating huge crash like 10% in no time.

    That is time they should buy back and they make millions with very limited risk given how high this stocks are.

    They can sell in money put along sell to further prevent any possible loss although it limit profit as well.
  • t
    All of the above PD clients! LONG
  • C
    $ROKU $OKTA $AYX all strong buys. Look for a 5% plus gain in the next month!
  • w
    $ZS conversation
    Well i am screwed, most of my stocks dropped 20%-30% from where I bought. $CRWD, $OKTA, $ZS, $ZM. And other ones also at a loss ZNGA, PYPL, MSFT, ROKU..... Dow Jones is only 3% from all time high, and yet I am at heavy losses, imagine if market goes down. But I know that as soon as I sell them, they will go up double, triple, quadruple....
  • M
    Anyone have any ideas why $SHOP $TWLO $OKTA and all these tech stocks are taking a beating today?
  • M
    $W conversation
    How are you doing shortie? $LULU $AMZN $W $SHOP $CMG $OKTA $NFLX $AAPL $QQQ $JD $BA $TWLO $PYPL $TSLA
  • w
    $ZS conversation
    If $CRWD and $OKTA is any indication, $ZS could crash 10% or more next week after Earning, even though it is already down a lot before earnings. Unfortunately, I own all 3 of them....
  • w
    $SHOP conversation
    $SHOP and $OKTA are going parabolic.
  • S
    $NLOK conversation
    $NLOK has about the same revenue as $MXIM, actually a little more, at 2.4B per year. $MXIM taken out for 21B or 9.5x sales. Hot cybersecurity companies like $CRWD, $OKTA, or $ZS that focus on fickle, penny-pinching enterprise customers would get tremendous revenue and cost synergies by acquiring $NLOK.
  • M
    $LULU conversation
    NEW HIGHS NEW HIGHS autonomous trading ROCKS! I am on a boat $OKTA $TSLA ZM
  • V
    $QQQ conversation
    Best way to take advantage of this bogus market with limited risk to loss money

    Short $QQQ, Long $SPY. When Spy Hit 220 again QQQ will 150 because this time only reason SPY go down because big giant tech suddenly find that corporation who bleeding money and getting closer to bankrupacy suddenly cancelling all those must have subscriptions and limiting cloud usage.

    When that happen (Most think never going to happen, I think must happen unless all those company suddenly get business back and start making money) expect $AMZN to trade $1200, $APPL to trade $180, $MSFT to trade $100, $NVDA to trade $100, $ADSK to trade $80, $OKTA to trade $50, $NOW to trade $100, $TWLO to trade $100 and list will go on.
  • H
    Okta, Inc.
    SaaS is back! $mdb $okta $twlo
  • M
    $LULU conversation
  • J
    $GME conversation
    Jason C last year
    $OKTA conversation
    This one is going to zero. Cash burn. No cash. Money losing model. Easily duplicated technology.

    A year ago when Jason posted this, OKTA was in the $20's. Its now in the $70's... He should inquire about residency in Chump city with Eric...
  • T
    $PD conversation
    Big earnings beat and although they gave wide guidance for which the low end was below analyst estimates, mid point of the guidance range is above analysts estimates. Pagerduty management has track record of under promise and over deliver, so I am not worried. Keep in mind that overall market affects earnings movements and this week is firmly a rotation to value week. $OKTA beat (and popped) basically the same amount as $WORK $PD (and dropped).
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