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Nexa Resources S.A. (NEXA)

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    Bones Cache
    $NEXA conversation
    Why does Yahoo rate $NEXA overvalued?
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    $BWEN conversation
    Well, I just had too... buy me "The Little Book of Stock Market Profits" by Mr. Zacks.. had to see the way Zacks comes up with their recommendations.. as I started to be in the mindset that they were trolling my messages.. I've found this little company BWEN without Zacks but still grateful for the backup.. $NEXA is another I found before Zacks came in with TWO NOW.. news about it within the last week.. so what gives? Maybe they just trying to sell more memberships.. I don't have memberships.. I just do the work out de kindness of me heart.. give it all away.. right here.. my favorite message boards since Clintons day in office... due to health.. don't have no worries or fears of who I may offend.. hehe THE MAX
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    First Majestic Silver Corp.
    Just fyi, researching zinc and came across #Nexa....It seemed enticing, so I read transcripts of last earnings conference call, which I thought was just horrendous, so decided against it. Not once in the cc did anyone mention losses and presentation was so vague and answers to questions so mediocre. Earnings Conference Calls really can make or break a company regarding analyst and retail investors. That's why it's important to 1 - Have them and 2 - listen or read the transcripts.