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Manganese X Energy Corp. (MN.V)

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    Manganese x takes time. The management is very committed. Our money is in good hands here. Manganese x is real. In 2 years they will start mining. Then we will see very different prices here. President Biden wants to invest $2 trillion in green technology. Electric cars are part of that. On President Biden's homepage it says that he wants to build x thousands of charging stations for electric cars. Why?
    The future belongs to electric vehicles. And Tesla said on battery day how their battery will be composed.
    2/3 nickel, 1/3 manganese. Manganese x has manganese with a purity of over 99.5%.
    Does anyone know how many companies there are in North America that can mine manganese with this degree of purity?
    I don't know of any, do you?
    For me, this company is a clear winner in the new strategic direction of the American green energy policy.
    Tesla will need nickel and manganese. Manganese x has manganese!!! Tesla will not be able to get past mangenese x. The future is ours,. I’m glad I can still buy at these low prices. The share has already shown a few months ago in which direction it can go!!!
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    Manganese X looks like a solid play, give the limited market depth of competitors and usage of manganese in the emerging lithium-ion battery space. Thoughts on the recent pull back in stock price?
  • A
    Manganese is future in EV and manganese x energy will become a big player 100%
  • C
    who has patience her, will be rewarded. I’m sure .