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Millennial Lithium Corp. (MLNLF)

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    A lot of new people here after the $30 mark. Feel free to ask questions and criticize, I enjoy reading opinions…
    I see a lot more of “what’s going on”, “why the dip”, “is the offering really so bad”, etc?
    I hope those who are asking that question slap themselves into reality.
    The share price has improved some 150-200% in 6 months. There were and still are traders but there are also more longs vs shorts. Short interest has decreased and for a company like LAC, that should tell you they are pushing in the right way regardless of hedge fund activity.
    The most recent offering of senior notes may not help but share price but it certainly shouldn’t hurt!
    LAC won’t generate revenue until mid 2022. They have purchased $MLNLF and increased their stake in $AMRZF. LAC needs to raise cash for these moves; they’re not poor but they’re also not generating revenue, right now.
    LAC is decreasing debt interest while adding cash reserves. This is a good thing.
    LAC has definitely taken a hit over the last FEW DAYS but come on people(investors), it went from $13to $34 in 6 months. You better expect a pull back; Nothing goes up forever.
    Enjoy the breather and add more when you seem fit.
    Play it smart and go long. Just my honest opinion