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Marathon Digital Holdings, Inc. (MARA)

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    $BITF conversation
    Remember who was in here now, a year from now. We have conviction. When (not IF) BTC flies and mining stocks follow suit, we will be wealthy.

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    $CAN conversation
    People seem to be clueless, so let me answer. Fed started tightening so Nasdaq goes down obviously, BTC is somewhat correlated to traditional indexes like Nasdaq so it goes down as well. Also miners like $riot and $mara sold a lot at 47K which was the local top and Terra(Luna) counter traded at the same level which caused the fall in Luna that lead the market this year. The problem is the miners have less opportunity to sell their precious BTC and it directly affect their balance sheet. BUT $CAN isnt a mining company, it is a software sales company that do mining as a side business. so Can has a lot of room to grow but maybe now isnt the right time to buy. You should wait at least until the end of this year because no matter how good the company is, price drops when the entire economy goes down.
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    $MARA conversation
    I bet Blackrock is shorting MARA and RIOT, each are 11% split in their new Blockchain and Tech ETF (IBLC). Blackrock owns 6.7M shares of MARA and 5.7M share of RIOT. Short the value then introduce the ETF to make it look like it'll grow more than expected quarter over quarter. $mara $riot
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    $MARA conversation
    $Mara $stne $dkng $beem thx for the cheap shares... But... Aaaaaaaaaahhhhrrrrrgghhh losses hurt so much!!
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    $GBTC conversation
    Grayscale Bitcoin Trust will convert from an Close-ended Trust structure to an Exchange Traded Fund structure on/about 1 July 2022. Current Deviation from NAV: 26.7%
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    $NILE conversation
    NILE 2022 and beyond, currently they own their data center (not only for mining, but also data processing) and office space.

    2022: Probably 1500-2000 Bitcoins
    2023: Probably 3650 Bitcoins

    Then we have:
    5 hotels, almost ready to go

    GIGA going public (military division)


    MTIX ready to go (textiles)

    Condo in Tampa


    EV- TOG payout in share and warrant, 1 x 1, 1 Nile share equals to 1+1 share and warrant of TOG. EV looks promising

    Hopefully by 2022 we get same with Ault Holding spin-off

    Investment portfolio, loan portfolio

    $ALZN started Ph2 trials (12 months), shares and warrants

    $MULN 2.5 mm shares and warrants

    Tons of shares in portfolio of $RIOT $MARA $COIN acquired in last crypto bust...

    Hopefully we are close to the bottom, frustrating indeed
    Honestly, I thought that it would not go below $1, now we sit at $0.27...
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    $HUT.TO conversation
    No love for the crypto industry in this macro environment so far. There are many parallels to the misconceptions the oil industry faced over the last 5 years keeping that industry criminally undervalued such as oil is no longer needed, can be replaced and ESG concerns. Eventually the market will figure it out and mining stocks will rally. The difference is that Bitcoin mining is the future and will grow exponentially. But yeah investors continue to pile into safe boring stock like utilities with PEs of 20 to 30 while ratios are criminally undervalued in the mining industry. Let’s see how the 3% yield looks on a low growth utility stock when you can buy term deposits or fixed income at a higher %. Should be a fun ride for those investors looking for safety and realizing they have the opposite. $HIVE $MARA $RIOT $ARGO $CORZ $DMGI
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    $MARA conversation
    Definitely Blackrock holding this and others down:
    Biggest new ETF IBLC holdings (via their website):
    $COIN (11.14% weight): closed +0.11%
    $MARA (11.04% weight): closed +0.59%
    $RIOT (10.41% weight): closed -0.36%
    $HIVE (4.98% weight): closed +1.91%
    $BITF (4.64% weight): closed +4.90% *outlier*
    $HUT (3.81% weight): closed +5.29% *outlier*
    $ARBK (2.9% weight): closed +10.68% *outlier*

    Biggest weights suppressed all day, shorted between 9AM-11AM, then allowed to run with NASDAQ climbing 3%.
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    $NILE conversation
    With 85 mm shares available, 20% insider control, 10% shorts I can imagine this can go easily to $25-50 in no time as it’s deeply undervalued

    Just announce a small dividend plus shares and warrants and continue with stock buybacks

    Amazing revenue ahead
    $mara and $riot where at $1 before it spiked to $80
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    $MARA conversation
    Open interest 4/22, options makers at play today on miners:
    $MARA max pain: $22 (high today 21.92), (current 21.32)
    $RIOT max pain: $16 (high today 15.21), (current 14.76)
    $HUT8 max pain: $5.00 (high today 4.54), (current 4.50)
    $HIVE max pain: $2.00 (high today 1.85), (current 1.80)
    $BITF max pain: $5.00 (high today 3.35), (current 3.27)

    Look at the 9:30-10amEST selloff that doesn't correspond to either BTC or the NASDAQ for all of these stocks. It put the miners in the hole (just like yesterday) and made the recovery just back to even.
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    $MARA conversation
    At least 10% upside from here
    I bought $Mara and $riot today,
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    $HUT.TO conversation
    Australia just approved a Bitcoin spot ETF that will begin trading next week. Australia has similar wealth to Canada with 100s of billions in savings. It is expected to have similar inflows as when Canada approved their spot ETF, approximately a billion added to AUM in the first few days. Remember it was previously calculated it takes $93 million in inflows to move the Bitcoin price 1% although this was calculated when there was more Bitcoin supply. In theory the added buying pressure should move Bitcoin over 10% next week. The Bitcoin price increase will benefit all miners. $HIVE $MARA $RIOT $CORZ $BITF $DMGI
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    Kentucky bluegrass
    $BTBT conversation
    $btbt and $mara poised for a possible takeover by a unknown huge financial institution.
  • S
    $NILE conversation
    I remember what they were saying about $MARA and $RIOT
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    $MARA conversation
    Cryptocurrency Miner Marathon Digital Open to Sale at Right Valuation
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    $ANY conversation
    Don’t sell! This is baby $mara
    I bought Mara at $3 and rode it to $40s. The first big order of them was for a similar amount of miners… ANY will have 50-60k miners by the end of 2022, mining 25 bitcoins per day aprox… this is huge. They will probably run up to $10, issue shares and buy and finance more miners… same as Mara and every time it kept moving up… to $80!!! Sky is the limit
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    Sean #4
    $HUT conversation
    As my friend Obi "the great" says, many of us own multiple miners & its fine to have a favorite ( ignore the trashing of 1 vs the the other).

    In a rough market, today we are as good as bitcoins performance.

    You can be up 30%, down 14% up 5% down 24%..... you know the drill.

    Look at the performance of the miners following bitcoin and every piece of Fud that comes out of CNBC. We have seen this a million times over the past 3 years.

    Hang in there kids- we will be back.

    Go $Riot, $Mara, $BITF,
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    $NILE conversation
    Bitcoin go up we mine
    Bitcoin go down we mine
    24/7 with much more miners coming online soon.

    Baby $MARA baby $RIOT plus a lot more 😎 Defense, hospitality, etc!
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    $MARA conversation
    RickInsanitorium7 days ago
    $MARA conversation
    Net debt is equal to the cash value of their coins. So essentially you're paying $1.6 billion for a pipe dream. See you at book value: $6.46.

    This is so easy. Like taking candy from babies.