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Lemonade, Inc. (LMND)

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  • A
    $NNOX conversation
    Citron shorted $lmnd and goes live today on twitter. I watched it and it has so much #$%$..LOL.. lmnd went up from 10 percent to 3 percent. Lousiest short thesis ever. $nnox is another one he shorted with #$%$ short thesis that got refuted by dka. He cant even come out and respond to dka.
  • C
    this has massive upside, see $lmnd market cap above $10b with half of tattooed chef revenue.. easy reach to $100 this year itself
  • S
    $BABA conversation
    Alibaba shorts going broke today.

  • T
    $LMND conversation
    Too high of a price for 19% expected growth next yr in $lmnd ... I would rather "gamble" with $BABA 20 for/pe with 47% expected growth, 10b in buybacks etc
  • R
    $SNOW conversation
    Look at the broader IPO markets which all rally today, $LMND, $AI, $DASH, $FROG just to name a few. Should'd expect the short squeeze given $SNOW was heavily shorted (22% of 50.7M before lockup). Take a look at $LMND lockup play at Dec. 28, shares down 14% one day before lockup and Dec. 29 squeeze. Certainly there's a pattern.. Still alive, will keep an eye out on the next lockup on March.
  • S
    $LMND conversation
    Great run w/ $LMND. Jumping on the $ROOT train for value!
  • J
    $ROOT conversation
    At the current price level with $ROOT at 15 and $LMND at 95, my money is on $ROOT.
  • t
    Based on my 2 month observation,

    THESE STOCKS WILL NEVER drop below $100 and had crazy skyrocketing for the past week lol.
  • J
    I bought $LMND 300 shares @81.50
  • E
    I am a licensed insurance agent. The money is in selling life insurance. Property insurance is just a loss leader to get those life insurance leads. If $LMND falls back to the IPO price ($29), I am loading up. If you already own $LMND, I recommend holding. I know it’s painful. But it’s really hard buying at the bottom. Much easier to buy and hold and accumulate more as it drops.
  • J
    $ROKU conversation
    Partly out, will be back after the pullback... now in $LMND
  • E
    $LMND $50 is the bottom.. October great month! Load up .., short, mid, and long terms are all good from here
  • G
    Green new deal
    $TSLA conversation
    Raking it in and saving the world at the same time. Thanks shorties for all you’re hard work of keeping the shares cheap enough for me to load up last year.
    Could you do the same with $LMND pleeeeze?
  • N
    $^IXIC conversation
    Too many tech companies are fully priced at this point, so I'm looking for new blood in the form of recent IPOs: $KC, $LMND, $DADA, $ZI, $FOUR, and $QH.
  • J
    $LMND conversation
    The problem with $LMND is the can't beat on the quotes. So having tried for two years, you can't buy any product they offer. They also priced the IPO too high. You might play the action, but not hold it over the weekend.
  • T
    $LMND - digital insurance- This is the stock I was waiting to get in - got in around $52 and $54. Was hoping there will be a pull back and I will buy more.. next thing it went up as rocket 🚀- $DOCU $TDOC $ZM $FSLY
  • s
    $LMND conversation
    Initiated by William Blair Market Perform
    Initiated by Goldman Sachs Sell
    Initiates Coverage On Morgan Stanley Equal-Weight USD 91
    Initiates Coverage On Barclays Capital Equal-Weight USD 83
    Initiates Coverage On JMP Securities Market Outperform USD 105
    Reiterated by Oppenheimer Holdings Market Perform
  • J
    $LMND conversation
    Barclays Just put an 83 pricetag on $LMND..!!
  • T
    $LMND - Digital insurance $100 in the making
  • J
    $PINS conversation
    Ok, this is were I sell... putting it all into $LMND... good luck all..!!