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The Coca-Cola Company (KO)

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  • M
    Maybe $KO will buy $ZVIA? Could be a good acquisition.
  • W
    Wall St.
    $REED conversation
    I bought 2 Reed's beer bottles. To research it.
    One Bottle with Zero Sugar, Zero Calories.
    Second, regular. Bottle.
    I don't drink sodas of any kind. Bought to research.
    Zero sugar, taste like garbage. Instead of sugar they added, some kind of sweetner and too much of Ginger.. I had horrible after taste. LoL
    Then I tried regular one. It doesn't have that horrible sweetner after taste. But it is not the best drink to quinch a thirst.
    Too much ginger, burns throat and inside the stomach. Lol
    Cola cola $Ko is a poisonous drink, yet, Coca cola, has a pleasant taste. relative to Reed's

    I wanted to invest in $Reed. But after tasting it. I am not so sure.

    Moreover, it was hidden on lower shelf, on a floor level. Was hard to find. Not everyone can band over to fetch it. lol

    Now I understand why it went down to $0.14 from above dollar.
    Reed's enterprise value is $27M
    At $0.16 I doubt any big soda drinks would want to invest $27M, that's is if they wanted to buy it.. I am not even taking about premium.

    Reed's had been in business for 35 years. Since 1987. They didn't accomplish much.

    I wanted to invest a lot at $0.16
    After tasting it. No Way.

    Best of luck to all longs.
  • H
    $CELH conversation
    if $PEP is interested in buying $CELH it may open the eyes of $KO and $KDP
  • M
    Keurig Dr Pepper Inc.
    $KO $PEP
  • H
    $CELH conversation
    aside from the euphoria today make no mistake the earnings release this week has caught the eye of $MNST $PEP $KO and $KDP
  • I
    The Coca-Cola Company
    07/27/2012 last time there was a stock split for $KO...Will it be time again???👊🏽😎👍🏽
  • B
    $KO conversation
    when Tec and the gme type stocks pull back and there is a inverted market where do you think people will put there cash? you cant just keep throwing money at the same stock it will pull back then fear kicks in so they will look for a safe haven in value stocks that pay dividends and still have an up side like $KO...
  • M
    $KO conversation
    The turn around is right around the corner...~imo
    A good er and 2021 guidance and we are back to $54”...~imo
  • M
    Coca-Cola recently acquired a massive bottling depot in Uruguay apparently close to ICC’s operations (recently acquired by Aurora).
    ICC would supply raw hemp! This upcoming transaction makes perfect sense!!

    June 30 FS to be released next week as Cam Battley wants to show the added value of the recent acquisitions ! Plus, he confirmed that Aurora is aiming for October for the US listing!

    P.S. the last time an M&A was leaked about Aurora, it was finalized a few weeks after (ICC)...

    #acb #ko #cannabis #fomo #mooning
  • A
    $AAPL conversation
    Don't let this minor dip scare you. If you're long, a dip like this is extremely healthy for the market. Besides, who wouldn't want to buy their favorite stocks at a discount ?

    Stay positive and trust the process.
    #Apple #Facebook #Nvidia #KO
  • T
    If you like what’s happening to your 💰💰💰 with $CELH, the BoD at $GLUC includes current $CELH CEO and other $CELH & $KO executives.
  • S
    $KO conversation
    Hyzon motors has entered a partnership with $KO to deliver soft drinks from sites to warehouse distributors. Hyzon motors is a FCEV and zero emission. It has longer distance capabilities than BEV. Merging via SPAC with $DCRB on July 15th
  • B
    $KO.V conversation
    Nice Friday close for $HITI, $FAF and $NOVC. We should see a trend reversal in the coming weeks. $KO will follow and hopefully reach its fair value.
  • J
    New Age Beverages Corporation
    The new CFO is preparing for something big. $KO and others will look at this company as an acquisition target.
  • I
    The Coca-Cola Company
    $KO BABY!!!!👊🏽😎👍🏽
  • J
    Jeremiah S
    Molson Coors Beverage Company
    I own quite a bit of $KO, but I'm intrigued by TAPs moves lately. I like they are diversifying their drink selection with partnerships into THC drinks and now with $KO. The partnership didn't do much for $KO stock yet, but at these prices I might just be a buyer.
  • H
    $KO conversation
    is Elon Musk really buying $KO?
  • B
    $KO conversation
    This is serious $KO WILL JUMPS TO $57 THIS WEEK. HUGE good news about soft drink marker of more 10% up to 2021 is in web.
  • F
    $KGKG conversation
    An important consideration for longs. Those out of the gate with CBD the most quickly have the best chance of making it. $KO, $PEP, $MNST ALL will jump into the game quickly once all the national legal hurdles/questions have been answered. Most small CBD infused companies will die unless they can set themselves apart or have a good "head-start". $KGKG is a leader with CBD & building up their distribution before the big boys jump into the fray. How is $KGKG going to set itself apart from the big boys?
  • L
    $ACB.TO conversation
    $KO will partner with Aurora for CDB infused drink for wellness and recovery....I'm all ears waiting for the news. It only makes sense. Today would be a nice day to drop a NR.