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CarMax, Inc. (KMX)

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    Sean Cook
    If your here because of the momentum then your here for the wrong reasons. I suggest if your new to $UXIN that you go study the $KMX chart.
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    $CVNA conversation
    "Six months from now, there will be huge, if not unprecedented, levels of wholesale supply in the market."
    "Six months from now, there will be huge, if not unprecedented, levels of wholesale supply in the market."
  • J
    $TSLA conversation
    Even toyota $TM is up 15 percent in the past week or so! Every car stock will dominate the world. Nobody wants used cars any more. They all want new new new . But still, used car stocks like $KMX are ON FIRE!!! Used cars are red hot. All autos are red hot. Everyone is staying at home because of covid but autos are the hottest investments since sliced bread.
  • C
    $CVNA conversation
    If earnings are not a total home run, then this turd should tank. Auto Nation reported a profit, $KMX hiring 3,500 new salesmen this year.

    If they're still losing money given this? Sheesh, what can the paid pumpers possibly say now?
  • M
    $KMX conversation
    Used car prices continue weakness with lots of cars coming off lease. Not good for KMX as the value of their inventory decreases every day. Lots of resistance around $60. Good spot to get short.
  • N
    $KMX conversation
    Hi, I have no position in $kmx and $cnva, but want to ask this hypothetical question:
    Q. If there all of sudden economy shoots up and people start buy used cars like crazy, then which of the two will be able to efficiently and successfully satisfy their customers: $KMX or $CVNA ?
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    $KMX conversation
    So what is the thesis here that keeps driving this stock up when everyone knows the auto cycle is rolling over AND there are lots of problems in sub prime auto leasing? Is the used car cycle supposed to be better when new car sales are weak?
  • r
    $CVNA conversation
    Carmax (kmx):

    Earnings $3.76 per share
    P/E 24
    Mkt cap $14.9 billion
    Revenue $18.2 billion

    Carvana (cvna)

    Earnings - $2.96 per share.......NEGATIVE!
    P/E - 44.1.........................NEGATIVE!
    Mkt cap $22.2 billion
    Revenue $4.3 billion

    Not sure about this. $kmx $spy
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    $KMX conversation
    Just added to my position in $KMX come on was $109 just before earnings, now adding here at $91 a week later. They beat top and bottom, failed to give guidance. Beat down enough IMO. Announced 1.5b in buybacks, too. I am not worried about this one in the long-run.
  • B
    $CVNA conversation
    $CVNA The more the media covers felon Garcia‘s lavish lifestyle like that Variety article did, the more regulators, the IRS, and activist shorts will take notice. Man‘s living the life of a sultan not by leading a profitable company, but by selling his stock like a madman. Word’s getting out...Carvana’s days are numbered. $SPY $SFT $KMX
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    $F conversation
    It might make sense to buy Ford here but Shopify might be coming out with an EV soon - or better yet they may buy Tesla. If that happens it's game over! Look out ! $TSLA $GM $KMX
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    $KMX conversation
    Found some interesting information regarding shorts for $KMX
  • m
    If Harley Davidson $HOG had great earnings then $KMX should do well too.
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    tooth fairy
    $MNK conversation
    Call/Put Highest % volume changes: Calls: $DDD, $IMMU, $MNK, $HPE, $KMX
  • w
    $KMX conversation
    $RHT $GIS $KMX $BBBY $JBL all report earnings today and the options are showing a 5% expected move or more in all of . Is it time to get BULLISH. Earnings research here
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    $KMX conversation
    Sell, sell, sell
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    CarMax Inc.
    why morgan Stanley downgrades kmx today?