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Intercontinental Exchange, Inc. (ICE)

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  • m
    $VIH conversation
    merger approved ticker will change to Bakkt,
    keep in mind the names on this stock
    $GOOG and the NYSE majorly owned by $ICE
  • s
    $ICE conversation
    Target Raised by UBS Buy USD 143 » USD 148
    Maintains Raymond James Financial Strong Buy USD 140 » USD 144
  • C
    Capital One Financial Corporation
    $VIRT $CME $ICE $IBKR are interesting too. Getting ready to take a bite out of $SAN . gl2a.
  • K
    ARK Innovation ETF
    I'm very surprised ARK is selling $ICE that stock is the most solid stock in the portfolio.
  • B
    Bull Market Mentality
    This company BKKT belongs and made by $ICE , can it flop ? Maybe ... I’m betting a few K it will be a long term winner
  • J
    Jonny Wolfshirt
    Tesla, Inc.
    IF You saw an image of Paul Walker in your Burnt Ends BBQ sandwich, would you auction it off on EBay? asking for a friend. #Porsche #ice gasbomb vehicles.
  • B
    Bull Market Mentality
    A baby $ICE about to be born !!! Congratulations to all x
  • B
    Bull Market Mentality
    Made by $ice , what else can you ask for ?!
    Happy retirement to all
  • O
    $ICE conversation
    #ICE Indicator MACD, Stochastic oscillator and RSI go green, according to stoxline. A break of 75.98 could move it up to 88.75.
  • J
    $ICE conversation
    $100/share in two years
  • F
    $ICE conversation
    Where's the little ICE princess? Where are you Kendra Charlene? Did I scare you off Princess Dum Dum?
  • C
    $ICE conversation
    Anyone have an opinion on whether it is better to buy before or after the split? Thanks in advance.
  • j
    $ICE conversation
    The last six posts are all the same Illiterate DumDum... Kenneth the Menneth Mason of Troy Hill Drive, New Jersey.

    Don't forget to change usernames and reply to yourself in the third person, Docta Dums.

    Erase it. I know it makes you pout.
  • b
    $ICE conversation
    Careful Gilbert (BittyBit), your "greed and avarice" are showing.

    After all you've made a whole $5G on your February 28th "purchased 200 shares this date" at $238.85. That's gotta be a first for you Kenneth, what with you being so used to losing your shirt by selling all of your TD at a massive loss, "calling the bottom in C", only to watch it drop another 50%, or by buying LEH (just before it went BK) and declaring yourself the "Superior Person".

    Revel in it, Kenneth. You're up a whopping 10% in a mere 18 months.

    Illiterate, goat-strokin' DumDum...............
  • k
    $ICE conversation
    Kenneth. Yippy Ki-Yay, son.

    You've actually picked a stock that actually increased in value. That's a surprise, isn't it BittyBit?

    What, oh what will you do with that imaginary profit?

    Congratulations, buy Leroy a goat-treat.
  • F
    $ICE conversation
    Oh Kenny Boy Kenny Boy Skinny Kenny Bunkport Boy. This is just what you need. A message board where not everybody knows your name and knows your shame. A place where you can convince you that you are a brilliant investor with a large following of fans. As the boys from Boston, and I'm not talking Joe Loudmouth. might say: Dream On Dream On Dream On Dream On.......
  • A
    $ICE conversation
    threehundred very soon?????????????before end of year>>>
  • A
    $ICE conversation
    Ice is proposing to add more shares there by diluting value of present shares drastically. This will be voted on at next shareholder meeting. Why would existing shareholders want this?
  • T
    $ICE conversation
    The Target is $305 ....we may see ICE popping higher .Expect a big move today .Safe and an ok dividend ...Earnings will be great as well
    get on board
  • D
    Intercontinental Exchange, Inc.
    Were there any stock splits during the past few years?