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iShares Biotechnology ETF (IBB)

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    $VRTX conversation
    The weight of $REGN and $MRNA in $IBB brought down entire biotech sector. The market is sometimes irrational. Vaccines and antibodies are needed for years, even if Merck's pill reduces the hospitalization by a half.
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    $BDTX conversation
    $BDTX success! $ibb $rvmd $azn $pfe - bdtx webcast link:
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    Dr Cheddar
    $ARWR conversation
    The Gene part 2 tonight on @PBS
    8pm, tonight's episode focuses on the future and should be very interesting for bio investors. $XBI $IBB As well as #RNAi and gene therapy & gene editing.
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    $ARWR conversation
    Jefferies:" Deep dive into the two big biotech indexes $XBI vs $IBB; Plenty of firepower for Health Care companies with almost $500B sitting in cash = M&A for Biotech will pick up over the next few months..."
  • M
    Co-Diagnostics, Inc.
    $CODX $IBB
    Net Income $.43 a share!
    Year to Date Revenues $50 MILLION!
    Sales growth is increasing.
    They achieved $24M in all of Q2 and reported another $24M only halfway into Q3.
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    $NVAX conversation
    $IBB and biotech in general are down significantly, and we move with them. Hopefully you took some profits yesterday or this am and can buy at a discount. Data is still strong. Please relax. And if you're bored, go look at the dips in Aug-Sept-Oct. Look where we are today. If you can't be patient with this stock, I advise you to grab some blue chips and mutual funds.
  • k
    Whole market tankage sector dips $xbi $ibb buffet rule
  • J
    Will someone please show me a good looking YTD biotech chart that isn’t a buyout... $EDIT $NTLA $CRSP $SGMO $ONCE $BMRN $CELG $PFE $AGN $BLUE $XBI $IBB $SGEN. $VKTX is the best I can find and that seems like hype.
  • j
    On the $ibb $xbi chart line today - every day is another day closer to guaranteed, and not much is, super solid financial data coming in the 10K
  • L
    $ARWR conversation
    Started to add more shares under 31.50 and it started to turn back up. Only picked up a couple hundred w/ my LO. Still need to add more to fill back the 5% that I sold at 34.00.
    Great day to buy... Mrkt is down... $IBB and $XBI are down and have to sell shares of all their shares proportional to the index... shorts trying to buy them up, but you can get your share of them if you move quickly.
    GLTA longs!!
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    $BNGO conversation
    $BNGO Bionano Customer Praxis Genomics Accredited by College of American Pathologists, Completing First LDT in US for Constitutional
    December 28, 2020, 2:00 PM GMT+1

    Dr. Peter L. Nagy, Founder and CEO of Praxis Genomics will present case studies of diagnoses made with OGM at Bionano’s Next-Generation Cytogenomics
    Symposium on January 11, 2021.

    $AMGN . $REGN . $BIIB . $IBB
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    $OMER conversation
    Jul 25th, 8:38 am
    $OMER OMS721 now has ODD Europe and US for 2 indications and BTDs for same indications. Still under $1 bil cap!! $XBI $IBB
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    $VRTX conversation
    Good news for $NTLA is good for $CRSP, $VRTX, and $IBB.
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    $^DJI conversation
    All you can say is the stock market has gone ROGUE - completely detached from economic realities and fundamentals of the industries. TULIP mania was just one asset - here we are talking about the entire world stock markets propped up by fiat money that is being printed as fast as the machines would allow. The future generation-was already robbed by unprecedented debt (individuals, corporations, and Governement). Now with these packages - the future generation will suffer even more! Why? the money would be worth very little, taxes will be super high, growth will cease, interest will be high to match the inflation. $QQQ $TSLA $SPY $IBB $XBI $SPXL $SVXY $TVIX $DRP $TWTR $ROKU
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    $BHC conversation
    After market up trend
    .NBC @Steve Grasso just picked BHC as a top pick and some others picked
    Seems like money is moving to Health Care
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    $CLDX conversation
    I bought 20,000 shares of $CLDX in two accounts, in addition to 20K I already have (purchased at $0.4, so I already took a loss) . I think its worth a gamble especially since the market cap is lower than the cash they have at hand. I know I know some of you will say that they are burning cash fast without any visibility of ever being profitable, but that's why I called it a gamble. All it will take is some other biotech or pharma to see the pipeline and buy it at fire sale price, and may be worth a $1 or two a share. At least I can say I owned 40,000 shares of CLDX at some point! $EXEL $IBB $XBI $MRK $BMY $QQQ
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    $OMER conversation
    Mar 22nd, 7:25 pm
    $OMER wonder what todays action would have been if $IBB was’nt down 2.3%
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    $^DJI conversation
    his is clearly worse than the TULIP mania. This time it is supported by central banks and the treasury. What happened to the Capitalism and Market forces the conservative GOP used to tout about?? This is not gonna end well....this is bubble of all bubbles in the middle of a global pandemic!! $TSLA $QQQ $SPY $MRK $PFE $IBB $XBI $F
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    $EXEL conversation
    $EXEL $XBI $IBB all the big buyers appear to be pausing before the earnings. Once the trajectory is proved to be excellent, more buying will ensue. Any big Pharma interested in buying will pay a hefty premium as the pps will end up being north of $12 by the year end. It could even reach $15 depending on the sales of next to ERs. $20-$25 will be the buyout price.
  • K
    $INO conversation
    $IBB down big today. $MRNA down big today. $NVAX down big today.

    $INO had a good day!