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Harmony Gold Mining Company Limited (HMY)

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  • J
    Harmony Gold Mining Company Limited
    Simply look at future reserves. Gold isn't only metal out there. #AUY has 8 in-pipeline projects, pays dividend and has $50 BILLION copper/gold/silver/moly Agua Rica mine ready to go with recently closed Newmont Alumbrera mine infrastructure just 36km away. Do your own due diligence. Not suggesting you sell #HMY, but if you're looking for new investments in this sector, check out Yamana. gl
  • c
    $EGO conversation
    $EGO #HL #IAG #HMY looks like stimulus is going to pass 💥🔥🤑 load your miner stocks !
  • L
    $CGC conversation
    MJ & Gold miner stocks gonna rock 2020! Finally...GL
  • G
    Harmony Gold Mining Company Limited
    opinions on buying at the 2.38 range? wanting to try a mining stock for an exposure to gold.
  • S
    $AG conversation
  • D
    $HMY conversation
    Well run company, little debt, with huge upside potential from here
  • g
    $IAG conversation
    Mission win, it’s done. Next $ego and $hmy
    gir last month $IAG conversation
    Bought from 2.40 target is $3-3.45 next 6 months
  • A
    AK trader / not available
    $EGO conversation
    @mark I would not invest in hmy. They’re very leveraged and very exposed to gold price m. Their assets in very risky areas. Even they have good revenue streams still market cap very small due the reasons I said above. It’s very volatile and risk investment. Can make your rich or lose everything. Now they dilute share holders to pay $100m short term debt. $hmy = risk
  • m
    Eldorado Gold Corporation
    $hmy $ ego buy buy
  • J
    $HMY conversation
    Outstanding news this morning. HMY about to blast off.
  • j
    From what I see. The technicals look great on this stock. 3% divi. Inc 1950. And it appears we are near a bottom.
  • s
    $HMY conversation
    took a position today/will be adding more next week
  • s
    VelocityShares Daily 2x VIX ST ETN
    great day to get gold on open.Gold.. $usau $ggn $akg $hmy $ggn is a monthly. Those all will gain hard today.
  • D
    $HMY conversation
    Been into HMY for years. Right now, the building POG and the gold futures markets plus the company's fiscals make this a strong hold (if you bought back in the $2.50 or lower range). ~JMO, of course. But am feeling good about this right now.
  • H
    HMY makes watching paint dry a more exciting activity. Will the earnings tomorrow inject some life into it?
  • N
    $HMY conversation
    What happened to the roughly 1.5% dividend that was posed for this stock and which now says 0?
  • G
    $HMY conversation
    Hi, Is anybody a Harmony inverstor? I am looking to talk about Harmony seriusly an every day
  • C
    Casey CJCF
    Harmony Gold Mining Company Limited
    I'm riding this one out for a long time.. $20 a share in 2018 Bring on the Boom!!!
  • K
    Loom at other penny miner stocks like hmy and their runup. It seems these are stocks that are alternately picked up in every gold bull market. Not sure if auy will fly this season like $hmy
  • M
    $HMY conversation
    #HMY in play. MACD, Stochastic oscillator and RSI are turning green, according to stoxline. On watch for clear above 1.75.