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    They actually briefly plugged $OIH on Bloomberg today , along with $HAL and $BKR , discussed how all the so called “green” energy push is ultimately just going to cause fewer high dollar “deep water” projects and more land/fracking wells that are ultimately higher turnover and more costly; does anyone on here watch Bloomberg??? Or is it just loser CNBC “Fast Money” Tom Lee chartists/speculators and Jim Cramer lemmings??? 😆 does anyone on here follow the small cap oil services names??? I’m not gonna tell you about any of the good ones , all y’all would jinx me 😆
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    (Bloomberg) -- Gasoline demand surged to a a record high as Americans took to the road for the July 4th holiday weekend.
    Gasoline supplied, a proxy for demand, rose to 10 million barrels a day the week ended July 2, the highest in data going back to 1990, according to the Energy Information Administration.
    Demand has regained its footing as vaccinations and easing economic restrictions propel more Americans to resume their pre-pandemic lifestyles. Oil prices have risen almost 50% this year as U.S. refineries run close to full-bore to keep up with fuel demand. While the U.S. recovery quickens, the world’s largest oil producers can’t agree on how to supply the market with Saudi Arabia advocating for tempered supply increases given the potential headwinds that still exist.
    “Demand is bucking with the price spikes and summer driving, but with high gas prices and inflation, the picture in September may look different,” said Trisha Curtis, co-founder of PetroNerds.
    The moving average for demand also climbed higher, reaching the most since late 2019. But on a seasonal basis the figure was still about 150,000 barrels a day short of July 2019, suggesting the market still has some room to recover.
    U.S. motorists hit the road in large numbers despite contending with the highest gasoline prices since 2014. The average pump price Thursday was $3.14 a gallon, according to auto club AAA.
    © 2021 Bloomberg L.P.

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    Cenovus Energy Inc.
    Demand is coming back faster than supply and we're going to need more supply to meet that demand," said Phil Flynn, senior analyst at Price Futures Group in Chicago.

    The International Energy Agency (IEA) said in its monthly report that the Organization of the Petroleum Exporting Countries and allies, known as OPEC+, would need to boost output to meet demand set to recover to pre-pandemic levels by the end of 2022.

    "OPEC+ needs to open the taps to keep the world oil markets adequately supplied," the Paris-based energy watchdog said.

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    $REI conversation
    I'm reposting Jim's post from the SU conversation. It is extremely interesting to understanding the price movement in oil yesterday:

    $SU conversation
    Short data: March18 ,2021

    Today, Short sellers employed all of their tools in order to bring oil stocks and future contracts down.After failing to create a sell off in oil stocks ,they started to shorting April and May contacts for future oil.They brought WTI to 59$ from 64$.Biggest single drop since April2020.

    As you see in below data, compare to share price drop, the volume was extremely low.
    This volume does not match with share price drop.
    That was just a pure and irresponsible manipulation.

    Most media in the World censored this extraordinary event in capital market.
    We are talking about tens of Billions of $ contracts and options which they are trying to kill them, plus covering their short position with creating fake sell off(scaring shareholders).

    So far, we haven’t had sell off.Low volume.
    They prefer spent and burn few billion dollars and sell stocks at discount, but meanwhile save tens of billions of money in other side.

    Extreme and irresponsible manipulation which will have consequences in future of oil market ,especially in next OPEC+ meeting and their next policy.

    Explanation about below data:
    Vol: The total volume numbers of first hand shares which is coming into market for trading.It is different than total volume that you see in yahoo or elsewhere.Because in total volume one share can change many hands between traders.But original amount of coming shares and shorted shares are constant for day.

    For Canadian Stocks the volume is just for US market.
    SU : (Vol 2.326M shares), (Short 0.769M shares ), (33% of coming shares for trade)SU :
    XOM (Vol 12M ), (Short 5.715M ), (48% )
    CLR (Vol 1.129M ), (Short 0.703M ), (63% )
    CVX (Vol 3.363M ), (Short 1.784M ), (53% )
    OXY (Vol 8.277M ), (Short 5.32M ), (64% )
    CPG (Vol 0.693M ), (Short 0.314M ), (45% )
    CNQ (Vol 0.664M ), (Short 0.217M ), (33% )
    ENB (Vol 0.885M ), (Short 0.57M ), (64% )
    BP (Vol 3.458M ), (Short 1.265M ), (37% )
    CVE (Vol 1.543M ), (Short 0.978M ), (64% )
    CDEV (Vol 7.627M ), (Short 4.025M ), (53% )
    FANG (Vol 1.087M ), (Short 0.505M ), (47% )
    CPE (Vol 1.615M ), (Short 0.697M ), (43% )
    MRO (Vol 10.09M ), (Short 5.662M ), (56% )
    SLB (Vol 4.484M ), (Short 1.632M ), (36% )
    HAL (Vol 2.948M ), (Short 0.971M ), (33% )
    RIG (Vol 12.58M ), (Short 7.285M ), (58% )
    TOT (Vol 0.553M ), (Short 0.378M ), (68% )
    PXD (Vol 0.859M ), (Short 0.51M ), (60% )
    COP (Vol 2.865M ), (Short 0.808M ), (28% )
    BKR (Vol 1.79M ), (Short 0.659M ), (37% )
    LPI (Vol 0.417M ), (Short 0.181M ), (44% )
    PDS (Vol 0.054M ), (Short 0.02M ), (38% )

    #XOM, #CLR , #CVX , #OXY , #CPG , #CNQ , #ENB , #BP , #CVE , #CDEV , #FANG , #CPE, #MRO , #SLB, #HAL, #RIG , #TOT, #PXD , #COP, #BKR , #LPI , #PDS
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    First Majestic Silver Corp.
    So Trump setting up a Venezuela takeover. Might be positive for gold until it's done with, then all that gold will go through Western hands and not Turkey, Russia, Cuba and then that would be negative for gold after a while. Food for thought. Watch #HAL and #SLB if they start going up strong then you know things aren't going Maduro's way.
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    Schlumberger Limited
    Brexit deal is done also. No more hiccups for $SLB $IEZ $ERX $XOM $HAL (except CNBC😁)
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    $HAL conversation
    Upgrades Barclays Overweight USD 21 » USD 29
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    $WFTLF conversation
    $HAL and $SLB won't let this go bankrupt again. It is not to their advantage. All bankruptcy does is let these companies come out stronger.

    They had as 178m in EBITDA last quarter. They have 764 million in cash + 1.2 billion in receivables and another billion of inventor and other currents assets of 402 million. Total current assets is 3.37B!!!

    They have 1.64b in current liabilities people and 2.1 billion in debt so 3.74 billion. Net debt that is like 400,000 million and EBITDA in worst quarter is 178m.

    People do the math. How long will this take to go bankrupt at this rate. Look at the balance sheets of Diamond Offshore or Whiting and what the stock traded at in terms of total market cap. The only reason this is not a $15 stock right is because it is not on the public markets. Bonds have been ticking up since march lows and are now 73c on the dollar. That compares to $hit OFS stocks that trade with a comparable market cap and metrics relatively speaking. Just look at HCR. It trades at 1/2 a cent. Yes, not even a penny and I am talking about their bonds!!! No their stock. When a bond holder sell at 1/2 cent that means they have no hopes of gettting any money back.

    Why does SLB and HAL want them to reorg again and come out stronger. That would be crazy. This is getting bought out by them or Baker Hughes. It has to. I don't know when but it will happen.
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    $HAL conversation
    SADLY this hasn't bottom. If you want to be OIL and want stocks that have bottomed lock to FRAC SAND. Actually improving outlook, 2018 was bad with the switch from NWS to In-Basin. The SAND stocks are already priced for bankruptcy. I like $CVIA who has been selling at nearly 3x sales when the whole company trades at .11x sales. I like $HCR because they are buying back shares. I also like $FTSI for a buyout. $HAL hasn't hit that point this can drop to $10. Diversify your OIL holdings. SAND is all completion!!! The drillers are the worst right, there will be no more drilling. SO many DUCs well anyway, not needed. Diversified oil services ok, but SAND, they need sand and more SAND to finish those wells.
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    $HAL conversation
    $vet $nog $hal more drone strikes in ME. oil gonna FLY!
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    First Majestic Silver Corp.
    @julian, you still in rdsa? Sold everything today, #SLB, #HAL, #VZ too. Crazy rally here, think big boys suckering in retail for next sell-off.
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    $HAL conversation
    Goodbye $HAL, learned my lesson investing in oil, thankfully it was a small position.
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    $FRO conversation
    #HAL, #XOM , #MRO..... , oil companies are up??? give me a break !!!
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    $HAL conversation
    Maintains Morgan Stanley Equal-Weight USD 22 » USD 23
    Maintains Credit Suisse Neutral USD 16 » USD 16.5
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    $HAL conversation
    #HAL has been showing support at 38.81 and resistance at 44.43. Buy rating: 6.5, according to 9trading.
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    Reconnaissance Energy Africa Ltd.
    $1 US soon. Word is getting out this is an opportunity. While $OXY $HAL $XOM $COP struggle to break even, this one has potential 🙂
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    $GTE conversation

    Long on $GTE but $DNR is going over 300% today! $OAS $NOG $RIG $HAL
    The company says it's received an official offer for $1.20 per share, or more than 5x the closing price on Friday of $0.23.The buyer is not revealed, but the offer is expected to be successful.A sale would allow Denbury (NYSE:DNR) to continue to oper
    The company says it's received an official offer for $1.20 per share, or more than 5x the closing price on Friday of $0.23.The buyer is not revealed, but the offer is expected to be successful.A sale would allow Denbury (NYSE:DNR) to continue to oper
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    Right now I’m buying the stocks the got worst hit by the coronavirus drop in the market and so far it’s working (;
    Stocks I’m buying

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    $HAL conversation
    funny watching the libtarded looneys continue their cryfest because the american people #$%$ in the their post toasties on election day.
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    🔥🔥Obamacare 🔥🔥 and democrats can only watch it burn.