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GXO Logistics, Inc. (GXO)

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    $GXO-WI conversation
    What will happen to $XPO once the split is complete? Will it go down by the $GXO price? Help here!
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    $GXO conversation
    I was watching for the point where Schwab had $GXO listed for trade, got 200 shares at $60.0352 early Monday the 2nd. Picked up 200 additional $XPO Tuesday the 3rd at $83.80 and am very happy with 400 shares of each. It was also really interesting to watch how the spinoff worked.
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    $XPO conversation
    This silly little investment thesis I've got going involving ... SHOP $XPO $GXO

    Las year, I began regularly visiting the other exchanges on which Shopify trades, and reporting back to the chat what the foreign volumes looked like (growing). Tonight I did the same for xpo and gxo. Guess what? It doesn't appear that XPO start trading OTC on foreign exchanges until Spring2016. Their second busiest exchange Frankurt, got busier after Tobi said he wanted to "play" in logistics. There isn't a lot of foreign activity, and like Shopify's did, I think it will grow over time. In XPO Munich Mar2021, there was a single block buy of 640 shares. It's easy to keep track of numbers like that, but not if you're trying to make quick trades.

    XPO has about 3% short of float, gxo none, but now the bet has changed, and it will become much riskier for traders and short sellers going forward. IMO.

    GXO hasn't traded on as many exchanges yet, but on Monday, there was a block purchase of 6.94k shares, in Berlin, only 100. As these numbers grow, they will become a great foil to traders and market players, sometimes causing inexplicable price movements in North America. i.e. Dusseldor has a bad day, shares of shopify are sold off. Meanwhile, back on the NYSE, SHOP is having a pretty good day on average volume, and SHOP.TO sellers are in heaven because the US dollar is so strong, and the price moves violently on the small float, sometimes with, but often independently of the market. It makes it difficult to traders to get purchase on the stock as its spheres of influence become larger and more diffuse. I think that because of exchange rate fees, plus the exchange itself, these purchasers are less likely to be traders, Inherently stronger hands. Shopify is very good at shaking off traders, although they perhaps have an edge because of their dual uplisting on they NYSE and TSX. XPO created a similar duality by spinning out GXO I predict that BFCM will be phenomenally again, and maybe they will even work the SFN and logistics into the youtube show.. Last year they initiated the carbon offset program (which I am now registered into as a ShopPay consumer), so maybe we can look forward to somehow linking the two

    Maybe something like call and answer challenges, or linking their distribution into a part of the show.