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The Goldman Sachs Group, Inc. (GS)

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    “Goldman Sachs, $GS, says China-Taiwan tensions have risen to the highest in the past decade.”
  • R
    Best part about Citi’s valuation is that a brief (1-2 year) economic downturn won’t hurt all that much. With ~0.5 BV, it can bleed .25 pps and still be undervalued. While $BAC, $JPM, $WFG, and $GS are all at ~ 1 BV meaning any prolonged hit to BV will spell bearish years for their stock price.
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    David ddskof
    UWM Holdings Corporation
    Many pundits say a stock market crash is coming. $GS, $AMZN, $UPS, $BAC, $GOOG, $GE, all at or near 52 week lows. I'd say a stock market crash IS happening.
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    JPMorgan Chase & Co.
    $GS $VENA it’s time for us to regain our former glory !!
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    $SEV conversation
    Financial institutions are accumulating Sono Motors SEV. Solar and EV innovation.

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    William ₿
    $GBTC conversation
    Goldman Sachs CEO: ‘Big Evolution’ Is Coming to Bitcoin Regulation

    “We continue to think about digital currency and the digitization of money in a very proactive way,” said CEO David Solomon.
    David Solomon is the CEO of Goldman Sachs.

    Goldman Sachs CEO David Solomon today said that he expects the digital currency world will experience a “big evolution.” Current regulations prevent the bank from acting as a principle around crypto, he said. Goldman Sachs CEO David Solomon has said that he thinks the Bitcoin and digital currency world will soon experience a “big evolution,” particularly regarding regulations in the United States.

    The head of one of the world’s biggest banks made the comments today during an interview with CNBC. He didn’t reveal much about what Goldman Sachs was doing when it comes to Bitcoin, suggesting that the current regulatory landscape in the US prevents the bank from doing so. But Solomon did make it clear that Goldman is keeping a close eye on crypto—due to growing client demand.

    "There are significant regulatory restrictions around us and us acting as a principle around cryptocurrencies like #bitcoin," says $GS CEO David Solomon. "As our clients have demand to be involved in this space we can continue to find ways to support our clients."

    “We continue to think about digital currency and the digitization of money in a very proactive way,” he said, adding that there are “significant regulatory requirements” concerning a move towards handling cryptocurrencies. Goldman Sachs plans to begin offering Bitcoin investment products to its wealth management clients, and it recently announced the reopening of its cryptocurrency trading desk.

    When asked if he would like to act as a principal with crypto services, and whether lobbyists in D.C. are having any luck getting “the rules changed” that prevent Goldman from doing so, he said: “I think that this is a space that is evolving, this is a space that we’re trying to be responsive to our clients. I think there will be a big evolution with how this evolves in the coming years.”

    He added that the bank was engaged with its clients and paying attention to regulations to see how to move forward.

    Regulations regarding Bitcoin and other cryptocurrencies remain complicated, as different government agencies pursue competing and sometimes contradictory positions on these assets. The SEC, for example, regulates the trading of securities and claims authority over most Ethereum-based tokens that were sold in the US as a way to raise funds for startups. The CFTC oversees the market for Bitcoin derivatives, such as futures and options contracts on exchanges like Bakkt and CME.

    Goldman Sachs will in one way or another expose its clients to Bitcoin. The firm last month filed an SEC application for a new investment product that tracks the ARK Innovation ETF—which is invested in the Grayscale Bitcoin Trust.

    The bank is the latest institution to express an interest, even if still cautious, in digital assets. Major banks have differing opinions on decentralized cryptocurrencies and are careful on how to approach and invest in them.
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    $GS conversation
    I plan to hold $GS, and I am getting used to the daily volatility. I'm down $3 a share as of today, but Stuff happens. I wonder if anyone here has an opinion about $BEN, which I am considering buying. I can't find anything fundamentally wrong with BEN or GS, but maybe you have. By nature and experience, I prefer boring dividends to rolling the dice on low-odds growth plays.
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    $TSLA conversation
    Yep $GS is on the wrong side of the $TSLA trade it appears. They are about to lose big. They are now essentially admitting that Q2 will beat expectations for sure. Now they are projecting the future q by q which was clearly wrong the last q. Of course with new company and disruptive tech, its hard to get to that reliable and stable place quickly. There is brand recognition (the cool factor) and there is demand. tesla is figuring out how to make cars cheaply and meet the demands, and manage the profitability. Mind you they are still increasing their productioncapacity for the foreseeable future
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    $GS conversation
    HA! $GS must have been burned HUGE by the recent short sqeeze of a certain stock...They're crying about it on CNBC "There is the big-cap complex carrying the bulk of the market's value and earnings, and there is a distinct "greed hive" that's buzzing with options speculation, engineered short squeezes and heedless momentum buying of marginal, illiquid stocks. One of the most-shared charts last week showed a Goldman Sachs index of money-losing tech stocks having gone vertical in the past couple of months.

    This is the action that will likely create instability if it continues spiraling at this clip. In 1999, this sort of thing kept rolling until the Nasdaq doubled in less than a year and a few-hundred IPOs hit the market.

    Would a disturbance in the speculative precincts of the market lead to a more inclusive or lasting comeuppance for the major indexes? It's not clear it would have to. The vulnerability of the market right now is probably less the high valuations at the index level and more the price-insensitivity run rampant in the greed hive."
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    $TGODF conversation
    Anyone else heard about this rumor?

    Goldman Sachs $GS to acquire significant stake in
    Green Organic Dutchman $TGODF announcement as early as Tuesday
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    $JPM and $GS just bought almost 15M shares in the offing $AMRN should explode from here as buyout could happen in the next 3 months, knowing the Baker bros could push for a buyout, 10X
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    Commodity analysts from $BAC said in a recent report that they see silver averaging near $30 this year.  They expect a 281 million ounce supply shortage and 9% higher industrial demand.  $GS repeated its bullish view on silver, saying it projects the metal's price to reach $33 per ounce, spurred by increasing green renewable energy. $AG $PSLV
  • j
    This Cramer and $GS downgrade news today confirmed that big Wall Street money is flowing into $hyln. Load up guys if you don’t you will miss the boat big time. Cramer had made me a lot of money over the years by taking his opposite trade. It’s a dog whistle
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    $TBT $C $JPM $GS $AXP $DFS keep an eye on treasury yields. Long end looks to rising while financial stocks diverge. Could make for a good entry.
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    $GS and Cramer works hand in hand. He use to work for them when Cramer says sell its a dog whistle for his money managers friends to start buying. I knew Cramer was going to come out today at some point when the $GS downgrade didn’t achieve it’s desired goal which is to push the price down. I’m loading up tomorrow if it comes down enough. GLTA
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    $BHC conversation
    Fellas just sitting on the beach at 4:37 a.m. in Hawaii. Got my spoon in hand and a 5 gallon pail of ice cream by my side. Feels pretty good.

    $mnkd $aveo $gs
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    Wall St.
    $QD conversation
    $GS -Goldman Sachs, has a position in $QD obviously it sees a Value.
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    $^DJI conversation
    If RA TECH were included in avg. DJI would go to 100,000 overnight.

    $gs $jpm $mnkd $bhc
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    $MNKD conversation

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    $HMSNF conversation
    There's only one thing I like better than travelling around and "picking" (especially sports cards & Memorabilia)... and that's finding stocks like this randomly searching to throw a couple $Gs at. What a no brainer play this is. Good Luck ALL!!!