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The Goldman Sachs Group, Inc. PFD 1/1000 C (GS-PC)

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  • N
    $GS are criminals and thieves stealing by downgrading the hard earned money of retail investors to buy $NIO shares cheaper. There is no other possible conclusion, when we look to their portfolio, where millions of shares of NIO are contained.

    It is a self declared moral Bankruptcy, my price target for this failing $GS is 7$.
  • N
    Goldman Scks huge blue $NIO balls
  • І
    GOOD day to you is my LUB Millennium
  • N
    @ $NIO caper this Board boys and girls.

    Nobody needs this scam board of $GS (Goldman "we are thieves" Sx Cx.).
  • J
    $GS-PC conversation
    Shame on Goldman. Greedy for blood, buying bonds in a BackOffice deal contrary to the interest of the Venezuelan people. Helping a dictatorship and feeding a terrorist and friend of terrorist enemies of USA