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Alphabet Inc. (GOOGL)

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  • s
    $GOOGL conversation
    Target Raised by Mizuho Securities Buy USD 3000 » 3100
    Initiated by Barclays Equal Weight
  • A
    $AMZN selling off with $GOOGL. Too bad $AMZN doesn’t rally with $GOOGL. $GOOGL’s price has risen more 70% over the past year, while $AMZN is up only 6% during the same timeframe.
  • B
    Big Thinker
    $PYPL conversation
    Paypal is taking advantage of the historically low interest rates, and historically high inflation expectations, to scoop up a quality asset, at a decent valuation. Paypal is in the business of benefiting from ecommerce growth. That is their business. Collecting dollars from ecommerce P&L's. With Pinterest $PINS, they'd be a larger beneficiary of ecommerce growth, as Pinterest is a sizable player in digital advertising. At $40B, there's plenty of room for them to increase market share and add value. The duopoly of digital ads, $GOOGL and $FB are $2T and $1T respectively (rounding to the nearest $T LOL)
  • m
    $VIH conversation
    merger approved ticker will change to Bakkt,
    keep in mind the names on this stock
    $GOOG and the NYSE majorly owned by $ICE
  • O
    $GOOGL conversation
    $GOOGL & $GOOG got dumped by Qannon crazies b/c it stated that it was going to start removing Content which spread FALSE news regarding #COVID19. I have so much more respect for it now. Hope traders loading this dip. I know hedgefunds are. READ new article
  • O
    $SPY conversation
    $SPY bouncing there is NO JUSTIFICATION for $MSFT to have crashed down 3.62% or $GOOGL down 3.72%!!! These 2 will be gobbled up by hedgefunds and savy value investors, Traders are already getting their shopping cart 🛍 ready to load these bloodied giants up. $MSFT was a great...Sign that today's selloff was NOT about the treasury yields at all, just like last week evergrande was not the reason the market crashed either. Traders are going to be LOADING $AAPL $MSFT $GOOG $GOOGL $AMZN $HD $JPM $NVDA down at these levels, even if for just a swing. $SPY $447
  • O
    $SPY conversation
    $SPY here's my question for shorts. U thought $GOOGL $AMZN $FB $MSFT could all close an average of almost 4% & not BOUNCE the very next day?
  • d
    $MRIN conversation
    That was easy $.. profits going to my
    New favorite stock (ABCL) and I was a $GOOGL shareholder since June sold 2850 ...ABCL IS GOING GO to be a multi bagger....happy trading! :)
  • T
    $TSLA conversation
    $FB, $Amzn, $GOOGL, $TWTR and $AAPL all down about -4% only $TSLA down only -1.4% why?
  • d
    $NLST conversation
    ALL THE DOCUMENT TELLS ME IS THAT NETLIST IS BACK PEDDLING CHANGING THEIR STATEMENTS FOR THE COURTS WHILE $googl is not..... that’s how it looks anyway and after so much time??? They must be losing the battle cuz this to me is similar like recanting a statement but instead using the word “amend” if they are only amending something early into the case than this case could
    Longer on for several more years! Have fun holding that bag! Am I wrong change my mind
  • h
    $RWLK conversation
    180 Million shares?????.

    RWLK is acting like ISRG years ago. I think we may see 100$ in 2 years imo. This is bigger than expected imho.
  • M
    Mike Rotti
    $AMZN conversation
    I bet money will run away from Asia to US markets . Expect a record DOW before the EOY.

    $BA $F $GM $GOOGL $AMD
  • l
    WiMi Hologram Cloud Inc.
    WiMi Hologram has approximately 4600+ AR holographic contents, 325 software copyrights and 195 registered patents. WiMi Hologram is committed to using holographic technology to meet the entertainment and business needs of customers and end users.
  • D
    WiMi Hologram Cloud Inc.
    $GOOGL $AXP $WIMI All we literally have to do is hold. Its so simple. Price means nothing at this point!
  • M
    Mike Rotti
    $AMZN conversation
    Every time China stop delivering huge money inflow esp. to US tech .

  • C
    Sonos, Inc.
    I own $GOOGL too. It's not needle moving for them, but it is for Sonos. I don't typically like to take a full position in just 3 iterations, but that's what happened here. I now have a full position. I think you have to move that quick on news like this. This is a game changer for Sonos. Settlements will be large and typically last for 20 years. I'm looooooong!!! gl2a.
  • j
    $HOOD conversation
    I’ve been buying $GOOGL for three months as my primary investment... sure I’ve done the meme stock I’ve done the popular stocks but at the end of the day I look back at at all those 2020 flyers and they are basically all flat or down from their highs.... I LIKE GOOGL ....
  • j
    $QQQ conversation
  • B
    Here’s what one trader on StockTwits recently had to say in regards to GOOGL:
    • $GOOGL Roth Capital analyst Suji Desilva raised the firm's price target on Netlist (NLST) to $1.00 to $2.00
    • This is after patent win against google and inphi, the buy rating is increased by many analysts $1-$4 
After settlement with Google and Inphi, the stock price may shoot up to $10-$12 
NLST shareholder for over 2 years now. All the talk about Google, let's not forget about Inphi. Netlist(NLST) WON 12 year old Patent case against GOOGLE and INPHI for 3 patents. (NLST). Expecting a huge settlement from GOOG and INPHI– around 2B+ in July 😊
  • M
    American Airlines Group Inc.
    $PLTR and $GOOGL keeping market green?