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Alphabet Inc. (GOOGL)

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  • R
    $ROKU conversation

    On Friday $ROKU flexed Their Dominant Streaming Platform Operating System going right to ROKU Customers in a Letter or Better said WARNING to GOOGLE/ALPHABET as follows:

    “ "We cannot accept Google's unfair and anticompetitive requirements that would allow for the manipulation of your search results, impact the usage of your data and ultimately cost you more," (ROKU).

    YouTube itself and Those whom have DOWNLOADED YOUTUBE TV will continue to get Services on THE ROKU O/S PLATFORM. However, as NEW Consumers CUT THE CORD and go to ROKU O/S The Dominant Streaming Media Platform YOUTUBE TV will not be an option and Subscribers which sign up for an Average of 4 Streaming Services Per Household will be Driven To SLING, HULU, & FUBO TV as The CABLE TV ALTERNATIVES of which YOUTUBE TV has Struggled as The Higher Price Service has roughly +1Million Subscribers of The +52Million ROKU OS PLATFORM USERS. YOUTUBE itself will Stay on The ROKU OS however, $GOOG, $GOOGL will Continue to loose This Battle with $ROKU as up until now has Made Deals With All Other Cable TV Alternatives and Premium Content Providers even branching Out into The Streaming Music to Upcoming Streaming Gaming Companies of which several like FUBU TV will be Offering Online Betting from Casino to Sports Book & a Draft Kings & Fan Duel Fantasy Games of Skill in Their Dominant Live TV Sports Offerings Integrated Through ROKU OS on a FUBO Platform...... adding to This $FUBO is now offering Beyond Sports with Family and Alternative Entertainment Offerings which were Heavily Advertised Last Quarter on Loading The $ROKU OS Directly on The Home Page which as I Predicted would Substantially GROW The $FUBO Alternative on The $ROKU OS and as I’ve Stated We Took IMMEDIATE ACTIONS as We Branch Out In NEW and Exciting GROWTH COMPANIES in The $ROKU ECOSYSTEM. ROKU OS is Flexing its Muscles in The Arena Which it Dominates as They WILL NOT be pushed around by GOOGLE’s PRACTICES as They are getting A Dose of Their Own Practices that had Propelled Them in SEARCH and are Loosing by This in STREAMING Which as ALL IN THE DEVELOPMENT COMMUNITIES KNOWN THE ROKU SEARCH can Easily take A Bite into That HUGE PIE $GOOG Dominates not to mention They have laid out a Cookie Cutter Plan for $ROKU to simply follow Which will FURTHER PROPEL GROWTH GOING FORWARD AS INTERNET OF EVERYTHING WILL BE ROLLED OUT BY $ROKU and as Long as $GOOG, $GOOGL Continues Their Practices it’s Only Growing $ROKU into The 1 Stop Shop for The Internet Of All Thing’s. For The Price Action and Market Cap(s) There Are CLEAR Winners RIGHT HERE AND RIGHT NOW AND I FOLLOW THROUGH WITH MY CONVICTIONS THAT ALWAYS END BETTER THEN GREAT OVER THE LONGTERM. This is NOT HARD to See The BIG PICTURE. Should You have Bought Apple or Microsoft in The Early Year’s? BOTH!!!! It doesn’t take a Computer Scientist or MEDIA MOGUL to Tell You how This Show Ends...... This is so EASY A 4th GRADER CAN FIGURE THIS ONE OUT. This was as easy as after The Insider Lockup in $ROKU and the Price Action was $18’s PPS and We ALL SEEN THE TCL BIG SCREEN HDTV’s DOMINATE THE ELECTRONICS DEPARTMENTS EVERYWHERE AND THE ROKU OS STICKS SELLING OUT THAT CHRISTMAS SEASON BY BLACK FRIDAY AND THE CONTINUED BUYING AND BUYING OF ROKU OS AND EVEN THE SPEAKER BAR WITH ROKU OS TOLD YOU NOT JUST THEATER FOR THAT BIG SCREEN....... MUSIC LIKE $SPOT & $SIRI All while ROKU Was Playing NICE AND FAIR AND DEVELOPED A PLATFORM 2nd TO NONE SO I AM TELLING EVERYONE THAT FRIDAYS ROKU LETTER IS THE PIVOT WHERE ROKU USES ITS DOMINANCE AND SUPERIORITY TO ROLL OUT THE FUTURE AS THEY SEE FIT ALREADY DEVELOPED AND PLANNED FOR ANY OCCASION JUST SITTING IN R&D READY TO GO ANYTIME.

    Do I EVEN NEED TO SAY WHAT & WHERE I HAVE GONE TO? It should be obvious. It’s like Buying SAMSUNG when They Sold Boom Boxes in The 80’s..... Same CONCEPT. This is LIMITLESS and I’m back to Vacation. Barring SOME BIG EVENT I WILL BE BACK IN A FEW WEEKS.


  • d
    $ALF works with $NVDA $AMZN $GOOGL
  • D
    David, Inc.
    Amazon Advertising is up 77% since last year... $GOOGL you have been put on notice.
  • T
    $AMZN splits then $GOOGL $GOOG will split
  • s
    $GOOGL conversation
    Target Raised by BMO Capital Markets Outperform USD 2350 » USD 2600
    Target Raised by Credit Suisse Outperform USD 2360 » USD 2500
    Target Raised by Jefferies Positive » Buy USD 2400 » USD 2700
    Initiated by BNP Paribas Outperform
  • b
    Can’t say this enough NOK will soon have a major spike in price all of the partnerships and contracts they are landing with Amazon,google,nasa,T-Mobile,LG,Microsoft etc... will all boost the revenue, no major price increase has happen YET after they announced those deals someone is keeping this low for a reason and it won’t be long until this just spikes up a lot of great news and little action NOK is the leader of 5G and if you think NOK business is still about the phones you’re you’ve been alerted
  • C
    I dont understand why anyone would plow into these here there is zero negatives at all priced in let alone the leverage keeping these bubbles up $aapl $amzn $googl $msft $tsla they are all viacoms waiting to happen except the whole world are long and dependent. In fact one of u should buy viac while your stock is so overvalued
  • M
    iHeartMedia, Inc.
    $GOOGL Since you guys like ads so much.
  • B
    $PSFE conversation
    Believe me shorts now nothing about the coming future. PSFE is so cheap; I see PSFE may easily hit 60-70 before the end of this year but I am afraid all indicator tells me that PSFE possibly will be bought out before 60 imho. Potential buyers may be:
    $SQ $PYPL or even $FB $GOOGL $MSFT etc yu name it.
  • C
    People love
    Buying high they never learn $tsla $googl $w $amzn
  • M
    $NOK inking deals with $GOOGL, Collaborating with the big boys $AMZN and $MSFT. One day, $NOK is going to start going up and keep going up, just like AMD did after sittting at 4 dollars forever, most people gave up on AMD. #potential is worth it.
  • T
    $GOOGL is one of the top trading tickers ... I believe Monday will be 💥
  • R
    $FB conversation
    I see lots of opps. with 3D VR on igaming including even sports betting or gambling. FB should seriously consider investing n this sector. I see huge rev increase with steady business in coming years .
    Well I am also long : #MSFT #GOOGL
    How AR and VR can transform the gaming industry?
  • b
    NOK is way oversold this will soon pop to 7-10 where the lowest should be trading at with all the partnerships and contract they got with Amazon Microsoft google apple, nasa etc. they literally going to the moon to put 4g they are also the leader of 5g after huawei was banned
  • C
    Careful i am a bull but lots of big cap tech soared last week pricing in good jobs be selectively bullish tech only $aapl $googl $spy $qqq
  • s
    $GOOGL conversation
    Upgrades Stifel Nicolaus Buy USD 2025 » USD 2350
  • J
    $NOK conversation
    Nokia has partnerships with Google, Amazon and Microsoft for 5G RAN, OpenRAN and Cloud RAN
  • l
    NOK will be the next to skyrocket next
  • C
    Dow cylicals industrials and oils are overvalued. Select tech and i mean select tech is undervalued. Simple $aapl and $googl $msft overvalued $fb $amzn undervalued for example