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    $AUY conversation
    22% of all dollars in the M2 money supply were created since Covid/Wuhan virus started. Another stimulus package is about to be unleashed, and this number will go well over 30%. This is the most inflationary time in the history of humankind on a global basis as well as in the U.S.

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    $AUY conversation
    Value of all gold mined worldwide over all of human history: $12 trillion
    Value of fiat currencies doled out by governments in 2020 as economic response to covid-19: $12 trillion ++

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    $EGO conversation
    $EGO ELDORADO GOLD trading at $11.xx has over 31K Open Interest in options on 3.1 million shares at $14 strike expiring next Friday Oct 16 on imminent positive production and expansion news.
    Try to find another miner with even 2K open interest in Oct 16 options at any strike.

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    $KGC conversation
    The entire gold mining sector is grossly undervalued now that gold has stabilized above $1,925.
    Margins have exploded and the payment of dividends in a negative real rate of return on Treasuries will drive investors in. I'm in KCG, KL and Yamana with Yamana being the company that I see as most undervalued. Watching the Pebble mine progress (or lack thereof) will continue to be of interest. Additionally I would get every dollar out of GLD and put it into physical bullion or mining companies because of all the loopholes in its prospectus...

    #KGC #KL #AUY #GLD
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    $^VIX conversation
    Holy explosive news! What happens if Trump gave Biden Covid 19 during the debates and they both tip over? Lets say the whole of the two teams/parties leadership gets Covid? Since so many of them are exceptionally old they might die during the election? Who takes over? I know there is a process for the transfer of power. But who carries the football while the president is sick? Not exactly the item I want to see this cadre of individuals playing "Hot Potato" with.

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    $SLV conversation
    $SLV JPMorgan is set to pay almost $1 billion to settle charges from US regulators of spoofing in precious metals and Treasury markets. $GLD
    Amr Alfiky/Reuters JPMorgan is set to pay almost $1 billion to settle charges from US regulators of spoofing in precious metals and Treasury m...
    Amr Alfiky/Reuters JPMorgan is set to pay almost $1 billion to settle charges from US regulators of spoofing in precious metals and Treasury m...
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    $ACB conversation
    Cannabis stocks get a big boost after veep-candidate Kamala Harris said Biden administration would decriminalize marijuana $ACB $GLD
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    $AUY conversation
    Re-Hypothication and gold.
    For the better part of three decades, gold has been sitting in vaults in New York and London and leased out to various holders. This has been a highly profitable practice for the vault owners. No one ever wanted to take possession of their gold and bars could potentially be leased to multiple holders at the same time because of lax accounting standards or audit. Now it is 2020 and owners of gold want to take possession and are demanding delivery of their gold.

    For the past two and a half months the spread between London and the U.S. has averaged $10 and gold is clearly flowing to New York for delivery. Gold deliveries are running at 100x normal volumes. The COMEX had to change its "Good Delivery" status suddenly last month and now 262 different vendors are authorized to supply 100 ounce bars to the COMEX. The scramble for physical gold is on!

    Underlying all of this is massive printing by Central Banks who have printed $25.5 trillion dollars into existence in the past six months to support economies around the world. This much money has created a demand for the same CB's to hold more gold and they are buying it with their freshly printed currencies...

    December will be a huge delivery month for gold and oddly September is showing strong demand for delivery. Watch for a cascade of buyers calling for their bullion from London and New York vaults.

    This could get very interesting!

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    $SLV conversation
    $SLV Friday the Commerce Department said that U.S. durable-goods orders rose by 0.4% in August. The data was worse than expected; consensus expectations compiled by various news organizations called for durables to rise 1.1% $NEVDF $GLD
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    $HL conversation
    Gold silver were knocked back by the probably fake stronger than expected ISM report which I knew was coming as every report that is made these days is stronger than expected to prop markets and help slow the inevitable dollar decline. (Plus isn't that great news for SILVER DEMAND lol ?)
    All pullbacks should be bought for miners imo as their profits are going to be very good going forward.
    And Zoom raised guidance huge implying that the stay at home worker is here to stay is is devastating for All large cities and especially COMMERCIAL REAL ESTATE and BANKS who have trillions in mortgages on these buildings.. The Banks are NEVER allowed to Fail Hence the fed and treasury will be printing money forever ensuring a falling dollar and rising gold and silver prices..
    Buy with confidence....
    You will see I know what I'm talking about NYC is a great window into the future !
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    SPDR Gold Shares
    Gold falls 0.20%....
    meanwhile $GLD falls 1.2%
    $GLD mimics gold prices like I mimic Tom Brady during the NFL season. 🤣🤣🤣
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    $HL conversation
    Silver is only .90 cents from 12 year highs.
    That high occurred early last month and hecla hit 6.79 then.
    i believe hecla will see 8 9 10 later this year and possibly much sooner especially if silver can break 30.00/oz and cause massivd short covering..
    Buy low and hold as its guranteed the us dollar 💵 falls due to massive money printing and for sure we will see a huge pop when the stuimulus is announced and it will be soon because the banks who run this casino don’t get their mortgage, car, auto, student etc loans paid unless their is massive stimulus given to the millions of unemployed...
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    $AUY conversation
    Fed changes stance to allow inflation to run well above 2%... Average it out over time. Without raising interest rates... WOW!
    This is highly supportive of the market in general , real estate, gold and the mining stocks. Buffett must have gotten the memo and that is why he bought Barrick. Why he sold the banking stocks if the market is going to be eternally flooded with money is the real question? Are defaults by homeowners and commercial properties going to overwhelm the banks reserves of about $100 billion?
    The world hung in the balance... It still does...

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    $SLV conversation
    $GLD $SLV $SPY That’s what manipulation looks like kids. Positive fundamentals for gold cause a massive rally then an immediate sell off based off nothing. I don’t know what more to say. We have been bullish on gold for the perfect reasons and we have been given unprecedented fundamentals in the past 5 months. We sell off on good news and we sell off on the lack of bad news. This is getting ridiculous. Paper gold is unreliable and until actual gold prices are priced based off supply and demand and natural price discovery instead of one of the most manipulated markets in the world gold might never rally. RIP
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    If it Looks Like a 🐻...
    $HL conversation
    I Encourage all silver investors to reas this detailed article about the big 8 banks still shorting silver as giant JP Morgan who has been accumulating PHYSICAL silver for YEARS including massive amounts of SILVER eagles 🦅 continues to EXIT its short positions in SILVER..
    This article has all the numbers in it a long read but one all Silver investors should read as it supports a massive potential short squeeze from these banks like CTIGROUP. And MORGAN STANLEY whose losses on their short positions comtinue to rise with silver prices.. interestingly the Author of this article, who is not a trader says he bought HECLA stock last week...
    i highly suggest all PM investors read this:
    “The Big 8 Are Still Mega-Short Silver and Gold”
    August 09, 2020

    PS: I see BARRICK gold RAISED their DIVIDEND...

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    $AUY conversation
    What will Yamana's production and revenues look like in Q3?
    Full year guidance is for 890,000 Gold Equivalent Ounces (GEO).
    Q1 they produced 221,746 GEO's without Covid...
    Q2 They produced only 183,582 GEO's because of Covid...
    That is a running first half total of only 405,328 ounces.
    This leaves 484,472 GEO's to be produced in the 2nd half of the year given they have re-iterated the 890,000 GEO production level (and suggested they will beat it).
    An additional consideration is the fact that the 3rd and 4th quarters are always their best quarters.
    Sooooo, 3rd quarter should have about 235,000 GEO's and 4th should bring 245,000 or so GEO's.
    That translates to:
    Q3 revenues of $458,250,000 at todays Price of $1,950 / ounce.
    Q4 revenues of $477,750,000 at todays price of $1,950 / ounce.

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    $MGDPF conversation
    "Contrary Is Smart11 days agoReplied to a reaction
    $GLD conversation
    I have told you repeatedly: I am not selling one ounce of my gold holdings, which, by the way, are in physical gold, stored privately.' except when he sold to buy more SWIR.
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    $SLV conversation
    We will be testing 20.00 Silver Very Very soon finally after a wait of 8 long years..
    The complacent short positions are going to get crushed as Silver is a very tiny market and as a few percent of investors decide to buy undervalued silver it will rise to prices many will not believe.
    If you think about bitcoin going up 100 times and many if not most stocks doubling and tripling in a few months, surely it not unreasonable to see beaten down Silver gain 3 times to over 50 per ounce in the next several months..
    Remember silver was 49 per ounce in 2011 and SIlver is real money with no counter party risk... Poor Mans Gold..
    Many have been waiting for years for this bull market to start. Those that get in now will make the most gains...
    Downside risk is very low with the Fed dropping rates and ready for QE4
    A perfect time to buy Silver now at near 10 year lows when all other assets are in bubble territory !
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    If it Looks Like a 🐻...
    $HL conversation
    See they really wanted in the big money 💰 try to scare you
    Safest place to be when dollar 💵 is being debased, mismanaged and destroyed and rapidly so..
    “Gradually and then suddenly.” The dialogue above is from Ernest Hemingway's 1926 novel, The Sun Also Rises. It's often attributed to Mark Twain or F. Scott Fitzgerald, or misquoted as something like “At first you go bankrupt slowly, then all at once.” But the theme is the same.

    Wait till the first junior miner is bought out soon.. miners will double safer to be in and buy dips than be out..

    $CDE $GDXJ
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    $SLV conversation
    If you like I have waited for 8 years for this rebound then don't sell now when we are on the cusp of a mighty victory.
    I told you a little higher and we will hit a tidal wave of buying by commercial banks short and hedge funds.
    Silver is very undervalued has not gained as everything else had. This is due to the banks shorting.
    A breakout in SIlver is an amazing thing to see and unfortunately many will miss it and say to themselves..
    What was I thinking ? When a pure troy ounce of Silver or Silver Eagle can only buy 1 pizza or 2 glasses of wine or 15 naval oranges or 1 week of Smart phone service or 1 lb of steak or 3 pounds of Hamburger....
    That is a bargain of the century and there is no downside risk here near multi year lows...
    Because everything else is inflated and the market of Silver is tiny it will only take a little more buying that is spurred by Gold gains to cause a massive short squeeze. I saw this with AMD stock which was shorted and at 10 12 14 the shorts were forced to cover and today it is 29.... Buy Physical if you can and hold hold hold for the big breakout over 20.00 per ounce. I think we are very close certainly in the next 9 days we will see 20.00 per ounce imo.. that is only a 25% move from here..
    WHen shorts are really scared and know there is not enough silver for them to buy back and close their positions silver can easily hot 30.00 or even 40.00 per ounce.. The ratio of Silver to gold is now at record highs approaching 100 ounces of silver or a big bar for the price of 1 ounce of gold. This ratio was 10 to 1 in colonial times 20 to 1 in the 1960's and 40 to 1 just a few years ago. In fact when Silver was 49 gold was 1900 about 20 to 1 so an reversion to this ratio back to even 50 to 1 would be 30.00 silver and thats very likely in the next few months...
    Hold hold hold and force a short squeeze ON THE CROOKED COMMERCIAL BANKS !