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    $SPY conversation
    I get that the Fed Funds Rate is going to get raised earlier than anticipated and that explains the indexes dropping. But the Fed is admitting that inflation is running hotter than they anticipated, and they are still printing why did gold/silver go down? And with these higher inflation numbers, why aren't bond yields increasing more significantly? $TLT, $SLV, $GLD
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    $GOLD conversation
    Haha, the good ole Jewish Lightning rug pull. I’ve seen this tactic before. $gld
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    Asia Broadband, Inc.
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    $GLD conversation
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    $NAK conversation
    $NAK According to Zion Market Research, the global rare earth market will grow in value from $8.1 billion in 2018 to more than $14.4 billion by 2025. $MP $UURAF $GLD $SLV $PALL $LIT
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    $NAK conversation
    $nak Wind Energy Looks Set To Boom This Decade $nak Rare earths. Northern Dynasty Minerals The Pebble Mine contains billions of pounds of rare earth elements.

    Two types of metals — palladium and rhenium — are commonly used in the new energy economy.

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    The FED is clearly manipulating $GLD & $SLV amazing right?
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    $TLT conversation
    $GLD up
    Inflation up
    Retail sales up
    Employment up
    Corporate Earnings up

    Why are yields falling.

    The whole mkt is freaking scam
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    $AUY conversation
    "Stand For Delivery" Are the most feared words for the short sellers of futures contracts. With the Federal reserve monetizing $120 billion per month and a fresh $1.9 Trillion stimulus package about to pass, gold and silver are about to take another leap higher. With or without the reddit/Robinhood traders the price is likely to explode. It will be faster with them! ;-)
    I prefer the mining stocks as they are leveraged to the metal and most are trading at depressed levels even though they are immensely profitable. My favorites are: AUY and KL, some of the others in this sector are also great buys. Not at all interested in GLD or SLV as they are paper hangers...

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    $MGDPF conversation
    "Contrary Is Smart11 days agoReplied to a reaction
    $GLD conversation
    I have told you repeatedly: I am not selling one ounce of my gold holdings, which, by the way, are in physical gold, stored privately.' except when he sold to buy more SWIR.
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    $SLV conversation
    The three most feared words at the LMBA and SLV are: "STAND FOR DELIVERY"
    Those words - when spoken by enough strong hands will deplete the COMEX and LMBA quickly. If only 35% of the open contracts stand for delivery this month. and next month, silver will explode in price as will the producers and holders of physical metal.

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    $WPM conversation
    Two trends' gold's price - indicating no inflation; USD strength. With US debt growing over $30T this year, how long can these two trend last? It's amazing to me to see dollar strengthen amid trillions of new debt! Upside down economics?

    $DJI $GLD
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    $SLV conversation
    We will be testing 20.00 Silver Very Very soon finally after a wait of 8 long years..
    The complacent short positions are going to get crushed as Silver is a very tiny market and as a few percent of investors decide to buy undervalued silver it will rise to prices many will not believe.
    If you think about bitcoin going up 100 times and many if not most stocks doubling and tripling in a few months, surely it not unreasonable to see beaten down Silver gain 3 times to over 50 per ounce in the next several months..
    Remember silver was 49 per ounce in 2011 and SIlver is real money with no counter party risk... Poor Mans Gold..
    Many have been waiting for years for this bull market to start. Those that get in now will make the most gains...
    Downside risk is very low with the Fed dropping rates and ready for QE4
    A perfect time to buy Silver now at near 10 year lows when all other assets are in bubble territory !
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    $AUY conversation
    Be ready! If the history of slam down on silver and gold futures and options occurs again, watch for indiscriminate waves of selling at the open of the New York COMEX at or around 8:00 eastern time, for the next three days on expiry and assignment. They also hit the market during other slow times when volume is light to run the stops.

    This month we also have the return of trading from China which just celebrated its lunar New Year and trading was closed. There could be some pent up buying out there...

    Interesting times!

    $PSLV, $PHYS, $SLV, $GLD, $NEM, $KL, $AUY, $PAAS, $AU, $AG
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    $AUY conversation
    With the Federal reserve Injecting at least $120 billion dollars per month into the markets and $1.9 trillion in stimulus printing, it is obvious that the silver and gold markets are going to explode. For gold there are 92 paper ounces for every physical ounce. Silver numbers I have seen are all over the place but probably higher even than gold. GLD and SLV are not the place to put your money as their holdings are often paper contracts. The big silver and gold miners are the ticket to success as money starts to pour into these heavily shorted commodities...

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    $AUY conversation
    Electric cars and currency printing: A Super cycle in precious and industrial metals is starting for the seventh time in the last 227 years according to Saxo Bank. Goldman Sachs has also declared a super cycle is brewing. The metals cited are of course: gold, silver and copper.

    1. Gold - because of the massive injections of liquidity into markets worldwide without regard for financial consequences.

    2. Silver - Because of the electronics and solar energy boom which will result in a huge surge in silver for industrial demand (additionally, silver is a precious metal like gold).

    3. Copper - Grid buildout for the electrification of the worlds automobile fleet. It is estimated that there will be an ongoing shortage in the hundreds of giga-tons starting as early as 2025 but definitely by 2027 and extending through 2035...

    Goldman has stated that copper will appreciate from $7,935 now to $9,500 by the end of the year.

    There are a great number of undervalued mining companies to invest in as well as the metals themselves...

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    $SLV conversation
    If you like I have waited for 8 years for this rebound then don't sell now when we are on the cusp of a mighty victory.
    I told you a little higher and we will hit a tidal wave of buying by commercial banks short and hedge funds.
    Silver is very undervalued has not gained as everything else had. This is due to the banks shorting.
    A breakout in SIlver is an amazing thing to see and unfortunately many will miss it and say to themselves..
    What was I thinking ? When a pure troy ounce of Silver or Silver Eagle can only buy 1 pizza or 2 glasses of wine or 15 naval oranges or 1 week of Smart phone service or 1 lb of steak or 3 pounds of Hamburger....
    That is a bargain of the century and there is no downside risk here near multi year lows...
    Because everything else is inflated and the market of Silver is tiny it will only take a little more buying that is spurred by Gold gains to cause a massive short squeeze. I saw this with AMD stock which was shorted and at 10 12 14 the shorts were forced to cover and today it is 29.... Buy Physical if you can and hold hold hold for the big breakout over 20.00 per ounce. I think we are very close certainly in the next 9 days we will see 20.00 per ounce imo.. that is only a 25% move from here..
    WHen shorts are really scared and know there is not enough silver for them to buy back and close their positions silver can easily hot 30.00 or even 40.00 per ounce.. The ratio of Silver to gold is now at record highs approaching 100 ounces of silver or a big bar for the price of 1 ounce of gold. This ratio was 10 to 1 in colonial times 20 to 1 in the 1960's and 40 to 1 just a few years ago. In fact when Silver was 49 gold was 1900 about 20 to 1 so an reversion to this ratio back to even 50 to 1 would be 30.00 silver and thats very likely in the next few months...
    Hold hold hold and force a short squeeze ON THE CROOKED COMMERCIAL BANKS !
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    $SLV conversation
    Never buy gld slv
    Buy physical eagles Silver is hugely undervalued..
    If you have to buy with 401k or ira money buy entities that are audited and
    That will give you physical gold and silver on demand.
    PSLV PHYS CEF are examples. They really buy the physical unlike gld slv which are not audited and probably don,t own the physical they say they do....
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    $SLV conversation
    Buy the dips....
    Thank the shorters to enable you to get more silver and gold eagles for each paper dollar that is poised to lose massive value in coming weeks and months..
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    $EGO conversation
    $EGO ELDORADO GOLD trading at $11.xx has over 31K Open Interest in options on 3.1 million shares at $14 strike expiring next Friday Oct 16 on imminent positive production and expansion news.
    Try to find another miner with even 2K open interest in Oct 16 options at any strike.