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    Wizard Trader
    $SPY conversation
    $FXI heavy holdings in Chinese banks in Hong Kong, which could take a hit on any new sanctions. Can short FXI buy purchasing $FXP to short the Chinese banks
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    The Real Blake
    Alibaba Group Holding Limited
    An update on the trade situation and yuan weakness. Looks like both sides are digging in for a protracted stand-off. $IWM, $EEM, $SPY, $FXI, $CYB, $CNY
    There was big news on the trade front Tuesday, with China tipping new fiscal stimulus measures and the U.S. announcing what amounts to a $12 billion bailout for
    There was big news on the trade front Tuesday, with China tipping new fiscal stimulus measures and the U.S. announcing what amounts to a $12 billion bailout for
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    iShares China Large-Cap ETF
    The United States will not back down from its trade dispute with China, and migh...
    The United States will not back down from its trade dispute with China, and migh...
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    $FXI conversation

    Why must we always criticize, denigrate, or condemn any and everything done by China and/or Russia.
    We question on moral, real and practical grounds virtually every public action of both countries. We never acknowledge any good from either on a timely current basis.
    We sanction everyone else, but never acknowledge our own faults, which are numerous!
    Wealthy individuals and corporations have perverted the US Constitution and US Democracy to gain money and power advantage. We are no longer a global standard of justice and democracy.
    We question the Chinese financial truth about everything, and even when their GDP slips from a 7.0% to a 6.9% our Wall Street Financial wizards bellicosely cry the chicken little retort, “The Wall Street Sky is falling again and again.”
    But when WS sees the USA GDP fall from 2.0% to 1.0% or even to 0.1% Wall Street ignores it with minimally negative comment.
    WS fails to acknowledge the global benefits of CHINA’s great share of the real growth of the world economy over the past 2 to 3 decades.
    Just imagine how much more severe the USA initiated “housing and finance” world depression of 2008 would be if China did not buoy up the economies of the West. China added $14.9 Trillion to the global GDP PPP valuation economy from 2006-2015. USA added only $4.9 Trillion.
    The global depression was precipitated by the USA RICO housing fraud with a ~ $9 Trillion loss and Wall Street’s ~ $10 Trillion loss. If China followed the global pattern with about a $10 Trillion lower productivity, the great recession would have been victim of a triple not just a double economic tragedy.
    A “double” economic disaster recession is the primary cause of this prolonged “recovery” of 8+ years. Imagine! The further recovery time for a triple economic disaster, estimated at from 12-15 years.
    Why must we single out our “enemies” for their nefarious espionage, when all countries do it for their own perceived national security and economies.
    After all we do espionage more comprehensively and sophisticatedly than any other country.
    WS compared the USA housing abuses prior to 2008 as the basis for condemning Chinese housing, which was a literal comparison of a USA mountain to a China ant hill. Ridiculous, in size and reality for China who must have a 50% down payment.
    Commercial espionage importance is Wall Street exaggerated. Apple does not self produce much. China produces quality products for Apple, Nike, Yum etc. including a massive amount of quality low cost US Consumer products for dollar stores to high quality electronics.
    Apple is a great development company that values and seeks the higher to highest quality components and assembly (mostly Chinese) for a superior final product. In actuality, Apple achieves very little inventions and product production.
    Compare China-USA Economies and Wall Street’s demeaning with derogatory interpretation for egocentric greed. WS should well understand the concept of large numbers. WS likes to portray numbers to their story line to maximize their greed objectives to move the markets either up or down.
    For a true sense of comparison of the growth and the future, look at the Annual Growth columns of China and USA.

    Total Annual % GDP Total Annual % GDP
    Economy Growth Economy Growth
    Year $Tril $Tril CHINA $Tril $Tril USA
    1984 .55 .09 15.2 4.04 .40 7.3
    1992 1.46 .21 14.2 6.54 .37 3.6
    2001 4.06 .39 8.3 10.61 .33 1.0
    2006 7.61 1.06 12.7 13.56 .76 2.7
    2014 17.96 1.49 7.3 17.25 .58 2.4
    2015 19.39 1.43 6.9 17.95 .70 2.4
    2020est. 28.45 2.16 21.87 .86

    The Chinese economy has surpassed the USA economy in size in 2014 on current PPP valuations and real GDP.
    China has built 11,000 miles of HSTs (high speed trains). Our best Acela is half as fast and 6-8 times as expensive. Many brand new cities are built, 5 new major airports building, highways galore, manufacturing sites, heavy industries etc. etc.

    Russia is a victim of USA led sanctions over territorial issues. Where have we the USA been on similar issues in Korea, Grenada, Panama, Haiti, Vietnam, Iraq, Afghanistan etc. and the earlier Russian incursion in Afghanistan which we opposed and supplied with weapons, munitions and equipment, later to be used against our US military. Think about it!
    Despite sanctions, Russia took on the US responsibility to restock the international space station a couple of year ago for a space flight the US could not fulfill.
    Russia still provides most of the highly reliable “Russian rocket motors” for the US civilian space programs. We have real common terrorist enemies and cooperate with Russia to eliminate them.
    Why must we look for enemies, there too many that view and hate us as “ugly Americans”.
    Why not make friends, even if they have faults, just as we do. Why cast stones when we live in a glass society?
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    $FXI conversation
    Break out to $60
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    $FXI conversation
    Have you heard anything about PVHO? PVHO just got an endorsement from one of the worlds biggest tech companies, Intel…they also have their 3d advertising units in a bunch of riteaids and are growing rapidly. Check out PVHO today.
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    $SPY conversation
    $SPY $EEM $IWM $QQQ $FXI all show up on the most active etf options report. See what the market professionals are predicting for price moves in the coming exasperation.
    ETF Screener
    Interactive user tool for ETF option investors. Combines options such as volatilities and greeks with ETF and ETN attributes such as expense ratio, asset class, holdings and distributions.
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    $FXI conversation
    Xi Jinping and the Chinese "wannabes" don't deserve to join ANY international club:
    "Speaking at a meeting with European leaders, President Xi Jinping was defiant, reasserting China’s claim to sovereignty over the South China Sea “since ancient times,” the state-run People’s Daily reported. His remarks echoed a statement from the Foreign Ministry. The tribunal’s decision “is invalid and has no binding force,” the ministry said. “China does not accept or recognize it.”

    China should be on the global stage's "ignore" list imho.
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    $FXI conversation
    $40 is critical.
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    $FXI conversation
    PVHO could be the biggest growth opportunity of the year. I know this post looks like junk but do your own research. PVHO already has over 1M in revenue + major contracts with national brands. Intel even got behind this one. Do your research before it’s too late.
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    $FXI conversation
    Break $40. Chinese people selling houses and buying stocks.
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    $FXI conversation
    PVHO could be ready to run again. They have a partnership with riteaid and are in a ton of riteaid stores already. Plus they were recently endorsed by intel (yes that intel). Check out PVHO today.
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    $FXI conversation
    China banks are one of the cheapest bank stocks. People are concerned about housing over heating.

    yet. total mortgage in USA is about 100% of GDP.. China only 20%.

    yes. China property are expensive in big cities. So are a lot of places around the world.